Friday, June 29, 2012

The Saving of the Cardboard Tube

Good morning/afternoon to you.   Here it is the almost last day of June 2012.   Remember I said time flies when you are having fun or getting older?   Now where does that put me?   I am getting older and having fun so time is blowing my hair back.  You have seen the advertisement when the lady is running in a field of beautiful flowers and the sun is shining down with a beautiful glow on her and her beautiful hair is flowing behind her haven't you?  Well, trust me that is not me but time will blow your hair back.  

OK back to reality here my friends,  I have been taking the classes of Zinnia's Artful Gathering.  Now their second sessions are fixin to start and if you are so inclined please go there, a little clickie thing is on my side bar, and sign up for a class.  I have finished my wall hanging with Pat Winter's Crazy Quilt 101 and I have just finished up my last two bracelets with Mary Jane Chadbourne.    Remember we morphed from wood to a beautiful bracelet.

Mary Jane is also a wonderful teacher, I love her method of teaching, she explains it wonderfully and then you go to town creating and cutting and glueing to your hearts content.   I think collaging like this is like when we were in kindergarden, we were not inhibited and just did what we felt like doing.   This to me is, what Mary Jane is helping us do, just create and let our muses flow.    I even found a wonderful cardboard tube to put my bracelets on to do some of the finishing sprays on.   Now that discarded tube has a new lease on life and has cheated the deadly dumpster one more time.   No trash bin for the tube.   Sorry got a little carried away there.

So on with the showing of the last 5 bracelets. 

The domed bracelets with some bling also or as grandaughtere use to say lights on them.  The whole process was fun. 

The flat bracelets with also semi bling and some hand drawing.   On both I did some squiggles and even a couple of my original drawings.   I just played.

Now I have to admit when I first started making the bracelets I thought my goodness Mary Jane this is a lot of work to make these.  At the end of creating them  I thought Mary Jane this is nothing but pure creating fun.    See I even talk to my teachers when they aren't around.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  Have a safe weekend and see you in the next post here in blogland.



  1. Absolutely beautiful! Is the base bracelet metal or wood. Isn't wonderful to still be able to create?????

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Is the base bracelet metal or wood. Isn't wonderful to still be able to create?????

  3. Oh Annette love everything about your bracelets they are so beautifully made, wish you a lovely weekrnd dear.
    Hugs Anni

  4. These are wonderful gurlfren love em and u are having such fun in your classes , im delighted u are so good and clever to use your own artwork , good for u ...
    hugz bev

  5. I am thinking just what you were thinking, must be a lot of work doing these...and I still think so ! You made some amazing stuff here, absolutely love them. You should open a store my friend , I am sure that with all your creative talents you will make a HIT ! XX


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