Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lots Going On

Hello,   Well, so much for me writing more for September and here it is October.  I hope all are well and ready to get eye strain here.  I have a load of pictures for you.  NOT KIDDING !!!!!!

We are fixin' to get plants ready to either go in the back garage  AKA the old topical hide a way for the fur babies  or in the "DOG HOUSE" the new home for the fur babies.  AKA the Sun Room.  Course it is not new anymore but we still call it the DOG HOUSE.   The babies have their own plush beds and heated and cooled like special babies need and sort of a Jungle theme.  They have a door to go in and out of when they want.  BUT if we have the door down one of the babies,  our newest one will not go in without an invitation.   Not a written one, they can't read, but one from us saying come on Charlie.  So we have this "beautiful contraption" fixed.   It is beautiful silver duct tape and towels with weights on it to help keep the towels from flopping around.    We have tried everything in the world to train him to come in.  Who ever had this baby before us trained him well is all I have to say.   Now when it is snowy and really bad at night we tape the fancy smancy towel up all around the edges and says nice and 71 to 72 ish.   Once it did get down to I think 67 but man alive it was cold outside.    It is funny how "things" get their little names isn't it?   Like Dog House for your sun room.  No one in the world may get it but you and hubby or family but the name is there to stay.  Like one daughter use to call candy num num, well it is still num num.  That has been what 46 or so years ago. 

I guess I better quit going down my " Bunny Trails" and get on with the stories at hand and what in the world I have been doing with my art.   Well we did mow again, counting down on those little adventures-mowing.   It is funny we are so anxious when spring is here and we get to mow and piddle in the yard but his time of year we are saying HURRY and freeze.    Then when it freezes we think oh  they yard was so pretty.  Never can please us I guess.

Soooooo, at the Bernina Sewing Center, here in Lubbock they were offering a Sue Spargo class.  Now I thought who in the world is Sue Spargo?   It is for a wall hanging, which I will just make into a book.  Our walls can only hold so much art and running out of room. Well to give you an idea, I have 4  30x40 inch canvases in my bath tub here in my art room.  Not painted of course but this room is getting full.   I could move everything to the basement and make the best art room in the world but that means going up and down stairs.  If I got a wild thought and to tell Eldon the thought I would have to go up the stairs.  As it is I can take about 4 steps, see if his eyes are open and tell the thought and then back to my art room.  At my age, if I don't tell the thought, it is gone forever.  I am sure the ones I forget are not earth shattering but still it is my duty to share with Eldon.   

Back to Sue Spargo, it is I call it a folk art of sorts I think.   So after doing the block I did have to bling it up, of course.  I am thinking I need more bling and things going on with this but here she be.

This block is wool and the things are wool except for the little printed fabric at the bottom.   So I will keep you posted on this little project.  We are doing one a month and I have another one to the "middle" stage and will show next month.  

Now after doing this project I thought oh my this would be perfect embellishing for my DoDo bird a sweet lady made for me.  Steam Punk it is ---thank you Kathleen.  She is going to be the cover of my Alice in Wonderland book.  Perfect don't you think?   When I got it I wasn't sure what I was going o fancy her up with but I think it suits her.  The Sue Spargo look.  The flowers are hearts, get it?    Nothing is real looking so perfect for Alice .

I did use the wool felt and some gauze I had dyed for a journaling project and I was good to go.  Only weighs 100 pounds but that is my weight limit for a CQ piece so fits right in. 
A couple of close ups of what I have done.   Of course I may or may not add more 

Now you may be wondering what my October Day of the Dead block looks like so here it is.   I am semi on the ball with some things, I have 3 wall hangings with 4 blocks each on them already done.  But if I show them to you now the surprise for November and December will be ruined.   So no no ya can't see yet. 
Can you feel the festivities?  
I am in a Round Robin of Under the Sea theme and this in my embellishing of one of the ladies  Renee.   I am using my mermaids, cutting them out and then adding to their blocks.   This is number 3 in the series.   I added a few Seagulls in the sky and had the dolphins jumping out of the water,  I couldn't have an empty sky now could I? 
Almost finished with the marathon post here.  You may go get a glass of tea or coffee if you are getting tired.  I will wait for you. 
OK, I am doing a little swap with needle books.   A friend in Australia  Betty sent me a needle books several years ago.   I need to take it's pic, I am using it like crazy and now I don't know how I kept my needles together with any semi order.   THANK YOU BETTY !!!!!   I do have the needles in the book and keep count of them in case one jumps out on the floor and we have to get the flash light to hunt for it.   They do hide you know.
Here is the front of the needle book.  Now a couple or so years ago went went to an Estate sale,  really was a garage sale but then if it say Estate they can charge more.   I was looking for any treasures and Eldon said Annette.  I turned and looked and there was this beautiful beaded wedding dress for $5.  Wow did he make a find, it was a lady's second wedding and my first treasure of a find.   So the body and the pretty pearled bottom of this needle book  is part of the dress.   I had to add some more bling and a pretty crystal button I had.  Of course. 
The first part of the inside.   I added some fabric to the inside of the front pocket, thanks Ann for that suggestion.   Mainly so scissors would not poke thru the lace.  Then some pretty added to the front of the wool part for the needles.

Inside of the needle  part  
The back side of the needle part with another little pocket
Now the back of the book.  
There you go the needle book.   Now I have another Alice page and painting to show you but I thought y'all would have to go get new glasses if I put any more pictures-photographs- on here. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.