Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mica and Ink

You know I have  been scrapbooking for years, I really don't remember how long now.   I do have 22 or so albums done, many are to large and one day I will trim them down and put less pages in them.   One day I will do this.  I use to be a member of Club Scrap...It is a club, once a month you would receive the most beautiful papers and new "toys" on the market.  I loved it, I had the date circled on the calendar and always was like Christmas when I would get the package.  I had thought about making a perfect place by the mail box so the mail man knew what he was delivering to me.     I finally had to quit the club because I wasn't using any of the precious beautiful papers,  I just couldn't do it.   Well, the other day I did finally use something out of them, this was silly not to use it, was I going to take it with me  when I died ?  I do have a friend who always says whoever has the most when they die wins, maybe I am waiting for that?  So what  wonderful element did I use you say ?   Mica and a stamp.   Now I am not a stamper and usually give them away but this one just really caught my eye.   Mica is, you know I am not sure what it is, a thing pretty translucent type material.  You can stamp on it, write on it or even paint it I suppose.  

I am working on a scrapbook for wonderful grandson.  He got to go to Europe and study international business for the month of June.  He is not a professional photographer and I don't know if he has really take many photographs.  We bought him a very nice camera and off he went.  His photographs were great and the longer he was over there the better they got.    He went to Nice for a day or so and when I got to the water photographs I thought why not  use the Mica that I have.   Of course I had to find it first, remember it has been several years since I have even seen it and we had two moves thrown in there also. 

A little digging and I did find the Mica.  It was patiently waiting for me in it's little package.  I separated it into a few layers and then found the stamp that really caught my eye.   I then used embossing ink on the stamp, stamped the Mica and then sprinkled the embossing powder on it.  You then use a heat gun,  trust me it really heats up and it makes the embossing look great on whatever you use it on.  I used a copper in color.  Well, this led to stamping the paper I was going to use with it.  Just can't stop with one little play toy you know. 

The whole finished page.  The images were just to pretty to put a lot on the page.  I did the whole album in black pages to bring some continuity to the albums.  Yes, I said albums it did take two to capture the trip. 

The Mica is the pretty shiny element with the embossing on it.  It just really adds  just the perfect touch to this page.    I did ink the edges of the torn paper also.  A little extra touch.

There you go, what is going on in my world.  Just trying to get back into the swing of doing my thing.  Whatever that is.   Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The 19th Amendment from Annette's eyes

August 26th 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States constitution became a law and women could vote in the fall election, including the Presidential election.  What a wonderful time this was for ladies to be able to be heard.

This beautiful image is from Dover Publications.   I thought it was perfect for women's right to vote, they have so many to choose from and are so generous with free samples and have lots of books to select and add to your bookshelves. 

Now I certainly remember the first time I voted.  I had turned 21 that year and  knew that I can  now vote.  I just bounced up to the voting place like I knew what was going on.  I don't even remember where we were then, I know in Texas though.   I had absolutely no identification with me at all, I thought you go, you vote that is it.  I had my $2 in hand and that was all I needed.  Yes, we had to pay to vote then.  After lengthy discussions with several people and  they understanding that I was a citizen even though I was not born in the United States and my father was in the United States Army,  a wonderful Judge came in and I remember him so clearly.  He said if she wants to vote take her $2 and let her vote.  I have voted ever since.   Now sometimes Eldon and I cancel each other's vote out but we vote.  Most of the time we do agree on issues and candidates.

The sticker we got when we voted.

We went to absentee voting last Tuesday and was going to comment on it then, but our lightening event got to be first.  It took us a few years to figure out absentee voting was one of the best things in the world and then if you do happen to be going some where-- you have voted.  Voting now days is certainly different that voting when I was 21.  You go thru a short line, they check your ID and where you live and give you a little sheet of paper with your number on it,   BUT------ you get a sticker that says I Voted.  I was very proud of that.   No pencil and paper here, nope, you have the machines  with sort of hoods on them and lots of  electronic pages to look at and can just punch a button and TA DA you a finished. The little sheet of paper is your code number so you may type it in and shows you are the real thing.  After reading and punching buttons  You have voted.   You know you have voted because at the end a wonderful American Flag waves on the screen.  

When I got home I was reminded of a waving flag I have on my refrigerator- it is a button that was made after 9/11.  I will always keep this on the refrigerator.  Just reminds me of how lucky we are to live in our country.  How united we are and a land of freedom.  Also reminds me how everyone stuck together after this tragic assault on our country.

There you go, thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A force of nature visits us again !!!!

You know sometimes Mother Nature visits you and you think what is going on here ?  Is God trying to tell us something ?  Last night our home was hit by lightning again !!! No, not the same house but this is the second time we have been shown how strong Mother Nature is.    It all began by a simple thunderstorm and then turn into a giant hail storm with lots of lightning.  Eldon stepped out on the front porch to check things out and wham, it hit.  He came in and said his face was really tingling and mine was also but I bet his really was being outside with it.   Shook the whole house, knocked pictures off of the wall and then the fun began.  Like I said, this is the second time we have been struck by lightning and so knew what to look for.

The smell was awful- strong sulfur.  Now I try my best to live a good life, be kind to others and follow the golden rules as much as I can.  I thought, if this is how hell smells I certainly want to continue to be a good girl.  It was so strong, Eldon opened one of the wardrobes to check that TV and  the odor was really strong in there.   Some of the electric plugs had the little reset buttons and they were all popped out, the air conditioner/heater blowers were fried, the phones, the Internet and the cable were all toast. One television was toasted and one some of the ports ( whatever they are are toasted) . One light fixture was just blown apart.  Now the washer motor has been added to the list, so got to get a new washer also.   After calling all the repairmen most things are repaired now and I am so glad to get this behind us.  From past experience we will find little surprises for several months, things not working right and oh oh, what happened to this and that ?  We are very fortunate though not to have a fire and we had just unplugged the computer and external hard drive.  I mean just unplugged it.

We are very blessed that nothing worse happened, but it does remind us that something can happen so fast and catch you off guard.  If this all had happened in the summer with the heat we would have gone to the basement, there were just right conditions for a tornado.  The poor furbabies were certainly scared and we did let them in and be house dogs for a while.  They needed loving and to be reassured that all was ok.  I know some farmers probably lost some crops and I do feel for them but there are a lot that it didn't effect and we are thankful for that

I did want to share a beauty of Mother Nature though, she is not all bad but just has to clear her throat every once in a while to remind us that God is in control   Anyway, that is how I look at it. 

Well, thanks for dropping in and seeing what is going on in my world today.