Friday, March 3, 2017

The 100 Pound Rule

Hello there, March is here and boy have we ever gotten some dandy sand storms.   Like we had to put all the outdoor furniture on the patio rug to keep it flying around like Aladdin's magic rug.    Of course if the rug would really take us on a magical trip that might have been fun also.  The temps have been very warm for us this time of year but you don't hear hubby and I complain at all.   Love warm weather.    The next post or so I will tell you what we are trying to do about that.   An adventure for us and I guess I should have been keeping a little log about it.   Hummmm, might have to conjure that up.  

I am not going to mention February except for it was our beautiful granddaughter's 25th birthday.    Now all I have to say is wow !!!!!!    I cannot believe she has approached that magical age.  Way to go Princess.   Now I know some of y'all might be numerologists or thinking in that line, so please    get this in your noggins.    Hubby will be 75 in April, baby daughter will be 50 and our granddaughter just turned 25.    There has to be something magical going to happen to all three of them this year.  Right?   Can't wait to see if any of you have a thought on that one.

I was thinking ( oh oh Annette was thinking, that could mean trouble) the other day that I should take a few pictures of one of the Crazy Quilt blocks I was doing.  Sort of a step by step of why and what I did.    A received a block from the talented Brenda Sandusky on the theme of Downton Abby.   Now I don't watch  that at all, I know I guess I am the only one in the world who doesn't watch it, it was a fun block to embellish.  

First off I usually don't use the pretty soft colors she uses so that alone was a challenge for the bright colored Texan. 

So here goes----what I did and what it looks like during the process and some of my thoughts.

The block came beautifully sewn together like this.  Brenda had attached the Shibori ribbon at the top.   I added the pale green pleated ribbon and the pretty wired ribbon on the lower left.  I forgot to take a total from scratch pic.   I wanted some more of the darker color of the ribbon at the top somewhere else on the block, to me it just makes it flow better.   Do have to say this couple look pretty serious, I will see if I can jazz them up and maybe the will smile? 

The next thing I did was add some of the pretty purple family lace in the lower left corner.   I just was afraid the darker color of the fabric might draw the attention off of the pretty ribbon and the unsmiling couple.  

Time to start adding stitches and playing with the block.  I really had to use my noggin' on this block, remember I usually don't use such soft pretty colors.   The ribbon on the lower right was first.  I folded it over and  pinned it on.   Rayon thread I love, lots of sheen to it.   I used a Y stitch, the lazy daisy stitch and just a straight stitch on this part.   Sometimes this is my cop out stitch combo.   

I then went to my pearl thread and made a vine sort of,  I never usually sketch it off,  well in my head I do.  Lots of twirls and wiggles and some lazy d. stitches.  I do like this green with the purple fabrics.  I guess you could call it sage? Maybe?

Now it is time for the upper right corner.  I dance around the whole block and don't stick to one section for very long.  I guess a good waltz dance.    I did want the thread to stand out some on the block.   Still looking plain to me.  

I did do a little stitching on the girls hat and the guy's tie, I didn't think I could anything to make them smile so I thought ok will make Brenda smile.    On the Shibori ribbon I did little roses of coordinating silk ribbon.   I really like that stuff and the Fargo roses and french knots just filled in nicely.  I am surprised I had any of these colors.    

On the pleated green ribbon I did a little stitching so it doesn't feel left out.   Then as you see some more vines and french knots on the fabric under neath it.   I used more thread for the flowers and then just could stand it any longer and added some darker silk ribbon Fargo roses and BEADS !!!! Gotta have my beads-whew I was having withdrawals there for a second.   I did have some purple family tiny bugle beads so added them on the lace.  


I did some little rose buds to the left vine with little Lazy D. stitches with silk ribbon.  The upper right flowers grew as did some clear sequins.  I am about to say ENOUGH !!!! I need my beads.   Now I did work on the  Shibori ribbon and fixin to show you up close.  This block still looks so plain.  REALLY PLAIN.    I am fixin' to put my 100 pound rule I give myself.    The block needs to have BEADS !!!!! LOTS of them.  

 A close up of the upper dark colored ribbon.   I had to make myself stop with this, the pink just added pretty and notice I put purple beads to the pretty fabric on the right and around the Downton Abby fabric.   I am losing control here.   

The lace needed bling and a tea pot  so buttons were perfect for this English type embellishing.   

These photographed a weird color but had to show again.  Making sort of a trail with the buttons and then added more BEADS !!!

See the difference the buttons made?   I would have been so plain and look at the green pleated ribbon, it is nude.   No beads.    Well we will fix their little wagon.   Beads to the rescue.

 I bet you sneaked a peek with the other beads---on the green pleated ribbon and on the flowers in the upper right.   I was going to put on more, not quite the 100 pound limit in beads but I knew this was part of a Round Robin and didn't want it to yell    "LOOK AT ME"

So here you go the finished block for Brenda.   I forgot to take more pics but bet you got the idea how my brain works when I play with CQ.   

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.