Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Mystery of Adding a Clasp

Well really not a mystery like a Sherlock Holmes mystery but believe you me if you don't know how to put one of the little things on your work it is indeed a giant mystery.

Now I am not an instructor, if I were to tell you how you would scratch your head and say WHAT did she just say?   Hubby and Grandkids say sometimes I have my own language.   I agree with them totally.   I wonder sometimes if it wasn't a combination of how my Mother talked while I was growing up.  Mother was English and  I didn't realize she said sentences sometimes differently or that she even had an accent at all.  A few years ago and also here while back Hubby said yes she had a very strong accent.  Funny what you don't notice when you are raised with it isn't it? 

My best way to tell about putting on a clasp is just giving links to how and where.   I have had several inquiries about it so here goes my friends.

Pat Winter is where I was first taught the Crazy Quilting, well or addicted to it I guess.   Almost as good as chocolate I would say.  She creates a magazine once a quarter and this is the magazine  article about attaching a clasp.  You can order digital issues or I think the old fashion paper ones so you can take with you and touch the paper.   Sorry trees .

 This is the link to the Winter 2011 magazine that has the tut in it.

This is the magazine that has the instructions for adding a purse clasp.   Pretty magazine cover isn't it and has so much eye candy inside of it.   I do have to admit I have some of my pieces in some of the later articles.     June of 2012 is when I got addicted to this beautiful art and getting to see other people from around the world's creations.

Part of the article in the magazine.  
Pat also has a DVD for sale on her Etsy store about the clasp and the sweetest little purse instructions if you really really want to play.  
There are all kinds and sizes of clasps, some ornate, some antique finishes, some with bling and all shapes.  Whew makes your head spin and of course we have to try them all.   Some with the sweet little beads to attach, some with a plate and you use screws to attach them  ( you gotta be tough to do this or have your Hubby help you  and that is my choice of how to attach them).
Now where do you get the clasps?  Well JoAnn's did carry some plain Jane ones and ours now no longer carry them.  Can you image that?  Don't know why but I think I bought the last one in captivity here in town.   You can order online and I have done that a time or two but there is a shop in Michigan   Tisha's Needle Art Studio   810-678-8191.   She has a treasure of clasps and of course supplies.  She does not have a web site but a very unique way of running her shop.  You call and tell that precious lady what you want or need and she sends a package to you.  You choose or keep it all and what you don't want send it back. and then she runs your credit card.  Eazy Peazy shopping.   Of course I can honestly say I have never sent a thing back.  My stash supply is new so I have to have it grow.  Isn't that what a lady is suppose to do?  
My friend Nelda use to say she who has the most when they die wins.  LOL be it quilting supplies, china painting supplies, beads or whatever strikes your fancy.  We always joked about that but you know as well as I do material things isn't really what you should be collecting but was a fun saying when we went shopping. 
Now this precious clasp is one I am being shellfish with and going to keep for myself.   The clasp is one to sew in and off you go.   Now sometimes my measuring and the clasp don't play well together but usually and most of the time I win.  Most of the time.   It is from Tisha's also.   Don't you love the little shoes?  She also has back issues of Pat's magazine  if you don't want to go to McCloud. 
There you go about the clasps, I hope that answers some questions about them.
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Transformation!!!!!

I just thought I would share the finished piece I teased you with the other day.   I always love making the CQ pieces, they are a lot like life.  You start with the basics and then just keep adding and adding layers and see where they wind up.  You really never know it is finished.  Each and every piece takes on it's own personality.   I don't plan one stitch or embellishment at all. Nope not one.   Even the material I sew on doesn't get planned at all.  Kind of like Hubby and I go thru life. 

A lot of the times when we go on a trip, nothing is planned.  Nothing ----we get in the car and see where our steel stallion takes us.  Which direction and all.  We just know we will wander and site see and then when absolutely tired come home.   That is it.  

  CQ is lots of layers and sometimes it is hard to know when to stop.   Dear Hubby is my guide sometimes, he asks do you have a 1000 pounds of beads on it yet?   You know I don't actually have 1000 pounds on them but close.  

Here is the purse from the other day.   I had already added some trims but it was not finished by my standards ---far from it.   

Here it is transformed Texas style.  Stitches, beads, ribbon work and just some treasures added.  Pieces of jewelry and oh did I mention beads?   I wanted to of course add beads to the faerie also.  

There you go the transformation and a little guardian angel charm added just for good measure. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Merry Christmas and oh what 2014 will bring to us all.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas Y'all

Can you believe it is already Christmas?   I know when you have smaller children you are reminded nearly hourly but when you are a tad older like we are you still enjoy Christmas and all it stands for.  Well 50% of us do in our duo household.  The furbabies don't care as long as they are loved, petted and fed and give us the "stare" often.  You know the one.

I just wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas and see what we create for 2014.   I know it will be a great and creative year.  Soooooooooo        
    Merry Christmas Y'all and a Happy 2014 !!!!!





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Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Recipe of a Little Yummy Treasure

I was looking for a recipe for some cookies that would ship well.  Not to ship to ourselves, nope I just cook them and they are at our fingertips.  Like we need them to eat.   But this time of year my hips are saying no no no.      Grandaughter moved to Hawaii and  we wanted to send her something yummy, homemade and  that ships well.   Well we sent her some other things also.   Mission accomplished !!!!! 

They are so like the Mexican Wedding cookies we love and  it just amazing though how easy peazy they are to make.  So cute and tiny and not super sweet.   I don't remember who had the recipe on the internet world, I had just typed in cookies that are good shippers.   You know I complain sometime about the internet but it has it's uses doesn't it?   Besides keeping up with old and new friends, learning how to's on most any subject.   You can look like a dog at the computer and it doesn't matter.   They can't see you, well if you have Skype, which I have to get, they will see you.

I have the link here for them:

They are so cute and easy, hummmmm I think I said that but they are !!!!!!  They are just pop able, zip zap one pop into the mouth and no crumbs or evidence that you have one in your mouth.  Just incase the cookie police see you.   You know that is a good thing to know.   

I have a confession I did keep a few for us, we had to taste them and they have a shelf life of------------------- a month.  No eggs in them so that may be why.  
I just had to share these with you.  
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP or mabye a Sow's ear?

Abbreviations,  such funny little things and odd letters but we seem to know what they mean don't we?    Now the abbreviations on the texting world, some of those critters you have to really really really work to figure what they mean.  At least I have to.   Now I could get on my soap box about the texting and living with the phone in your hand but I promise I won't do that. 

WIP,   my work in progress on the crazy quilting.    When I piece a block or purse or whatever I am making together I think this is the homeliest thing in the whole world.    Now a saying is you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear might be wrong on this art.   Because my little sow's ears evolve like crazy.   From a homely piece to a beautiful peacock.  

I am worried though because this piece, not finished, I am liking it.   See what I mean?  Is that a kiss of death for this little sow's ear?   I will let you be the judge of that.

So here it is the sow's ear evolving.   Probably the reason I like it at this point is maybe the bling already on it?   I don't know and I promise you right now it has 100 pounds of bling on it now after working on it last night.    You know looking at the shape, if I pointed it a tad it could look like a piggy's ear.  No that may be stretching it.  
Alright I have rambled enough.   I will post the finished project in a couple of days.   Putting the clasp on is the part I don't like but it is a present so have to get it done.
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Yummy Pecan Tassies

Well it is that time of year when I bake and make and play big time in the kitchen.   Do we need it?  Is it good for us?   Do I really really need to make it?  The answer is NO NO NO  and my hips agree.  BUT this time of year I am totally deaf of the screams the hips make.  I use to be a cooking machine this time of year but have ----believe it or not have toned it down.   Yes you can do it but not as much fun.

These sweet little Pecan Tassies are easy and yummy.  What else could you ask for?   Nothing special to make them except the mini tins and if you want to splurge the odd looking "stick" I am showing.

Here you go the mini tin, well I have 5 of them but right now two are in a drawer holding fancy buttons for my art work.   So 3 are on call for the Tassies.   The little wooden stick thingie is a semi new addition to my arsenical of cooking utencils.  Probably 20 years ago it was acquired.   It is so squash down the dough and make the tassies a little more uniform.  Sometimes.

Have to tempt you first before I share the recipe with a little plate of them.  The Holly plate is one of several I China Painted back in the early 80's.  Had big ideas about them but 12 plates did get painted.   They get to come out and be used during the Holidays. 

Ok I won't tease you any longer here is the recipe I have had since around 1967.  I have it in the family cookbook I compiled and a cousin had it also and goofy me just put the recipe in the book and thought they are the same.   I didn't reread it or anything.  Then I started to use it and they were sort of different with putting it together so I of course wrote all over my cookbook.  It gets lots of notes like that. The original recipe makes two dozen, now come on that is not enough so I double it and will give you the recipe for the two dozen but I always double it. 
Pecan Tassies
325 degree                                                          25 minutes til golden edges
4 oz. softened cream cheese
1/2 cup softened butter or margarine
1 cup of flour
Mix softened cream cheese and butter together.  Stir in flour as if making pie dough.   Cause you kinda are.  Blend it all together and refrigerate for one hour or if in a hurry stick it in the freeze for a few minutes.
Make walnut size balls and press into the mini tart pans.   I use the "stick" and squash it down first then press it inside good to make sure the dough is up to the top of the tin.  If you don't have a stick, no problemo,  just use your fingers and it works like a charm. 
While the dough is in the cooling process make the filling.
1 egg
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 T. vanilla
2/3 cup chopped pecans
1 T. softened margarine
Stir this all together.  
Layer all together-the creative part:
The dough is in the pan already squashed in it, then put a few pecans in the bottom of the pan, about a teaspoon of the filling or enough to cover the pecans you have in the pan and then a few more pecans on top of the filling.  
Bake and enjoy.  They freeze well and sometimes you will find your family in the freezer eating frozen Tassies.  Yep I have seen it with my own eyes.  
Remember I always double this recipe.   Santa loves them also.
There you go the recipe for Tassies.
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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Recipe of Rosalie's Salad

Do you have pet names for different recipes?  Or not even really really know the name of a recipe and just give it a name?  This recipes has a dear name to me, after a lady with a wonderful and giving heart.  

Years ago when I was in the 8th grade, yes the world was perking along even back then.   Any who,  the  8th grade class use to have a graduation, the walking across the stage and the who nine yards.   There was a dance afterwards at the Gaines County Golf Course party house.   I use to think that building was giant in size but it is not.    I wasn't going to go because all the girls had the pretty "formals" and then layers and layers of tulle in the skirts like bellowing clouds.  So pretty and fluffy looking.   Well this angel  Rosalie  found out via her daughter that I didn't have a dress.   Lo and behold she fitted one of her daughters beautiful dresses for me and I got to go to the party.  It was light blue and I will never forget it and was strapless.  Yikes I had never worn a strapless dress before much less a formal.   Her beautiful daughters were in Rainbows part of the Eastern Star organization so they did were dresses like that several times. 

Now I tell you this story of how this yummy salad got it's name.   Not because of the salad but because of Rosalie Jones.   I think later in life we crossed paths again either when I china painted so some such girlie function as that and she gave me the recipe.  

I use to take it family functions and meanie me didn't' give the recipe, I needed one secret weapon recipe.  Right?  A recipe that they would say yea Aunt Nette is coming and bringing the salad we love.   

 Well I compiled a family recipe book and shared Rosalie's salad in there.   I had thought about doing a recipe book but then just compiled a bunch of recipes from Eldon's family.   I haven't tested them all but what I have tested are pretty darn good.   One of our daughters wanted a book of just mine but I wanted to share with Eldon's family and try to include everyone in it.    Now it has been overhauled, the book, and thinking about redoing it for grandson and granddaughter.  

Enough suspense here is the salad recipe.    I did make it for this Thanksgiving, I asked Hubby which salad he would like and he said the pudding salad and I knew exactly which one it was.   I never knew when I use to cook for our family what salads or dishes they liked so tried changing all the time to see if anyone would ever ask for a certain dish.  Nope, but Hubby has asked.

                                                             Rosalie's Salad

1 small box of instant vanilla pudding
1 large can of pineapple chunks
1 can of apricots
1 can of mandarin oranges
3 sliced bananas
1/2 cup nuts (pecans)

Dissolve instant pudding with juices of fruits.  Mix all fruits together with pudding and add nuts.   You may use strawberries when in season.   Refrigerate and serve.  

I made the whole thing this year and wondering is I can half it being as we are only two.  Will try that and should work.

Here you go the picture of the salad.    After in the refrigerator the pudding thickens up.   Sooooooooooo good and eazy peazy.

There you go the recipe and story. 

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cheesy Chicken Soup and CPFs

My CPF's are on the rampage again.   AKA Creative Pieces of Fabric.   Scraps if you will.  Sometimes I wonder how small does the scrap of fabric need to be before it is trash?  Trash?  Oh I say that softly too.    

Now Hubby always puts anything I might use for the sake of art on the cabinet by the trash drawer in the house.   I love it, he knows I reuse-repurpose-recycle or make do is they word I use to use.  It is not an in word so recycle is the word today.    I even found a nut in a little box I had.   It was hexagon shape and red.  I said what is this?  It is a nut to the International tractor we owned years and years ago.   Yes we had the "GREEN" ones also but the color of International tractors was red.  So I put it on a shelf and remembered I had taken a quick photo of Hubby and his Dad by the tractor and I thought I can put them together in a  treasure box.  I am so glad I keep little things like that.   When I get it put together I will share it with you, probably it was in like 1962 is era.  

Here are 6 of the CPF bookmarks.   One of them chose to be a little smaller than the others but they are hand made.     I didn't use any of my faeries with these little treasures.   I had then in the ciggie drawer and just had to let them shine. 
Close up of my eyeglass case and of course had to use one of my faeries.   She was so cheerful and had to use the butterfly.  The crochet flower is from Little Snippts (Geraldine) and the pretty button from Flights of Fancy.  Love those buttons.
Here is the eyeglass case just hot off the press, I may even keep her she is so happy looking.   Maybe.   Funny how we don't keep very much of our own work.   I say this because I use to China Paint and bet I don't have 10 pieces of it.   My sister in law?  She has tons of it that I painted and she enjoys it.   So that makes it all worth it to share. 

Now it is getting colder weather and I love love to cook when it does.  Hubby and I hate cold weather!!!!!!!  That being said we love the soups that I make when it is cold and the fireplace burning and just being  RELAXED RETIRED.    He came up with that phrase from somewhere and I love it so that is what we are doing. 
I make this soup and it makes a lot !!!! So we eat on it for a couple of meals and freeze the rest and days when I am relaxed retired more than usual the freezer comes to the rescue.     I can't remember where I got this recipe but have changed it up ( of course ) and we love it. 
Cheesy Chicken Soup
1/2 cup celery
1 cup chopped carrots
1 head of broccoli, chopped
4 potatoes ( peel or not) 
Add in a large pot and add 5 T. margarine or butter
1 box of chicken broth
Cook til tender.
Mix 1/2 cup flour with  some of the broth in the pan so it doesn't lump and 2 t. salt. 
Now add 4 cups milk and 3 cans Swanson Chicken (drained).    ( some days I do this and some days I cook my real chicken and chop it up into chunks, just depends if the weather is ugly outside and I have real chicken on hand)
Let all of this simmer a bit til nice and hot then add the CHEESE .     Now lets discuss that a second, you may add 1 1/2 pound of grated American Cheese or we love Velveta so that is the cheese we add.  
After you have added the cheese watch it like a  hawk.  It will stick to the bottom and burn like crazy and ruin your soup.   Trust me, I had first had experience with that.  Just stir often and don't put on high heat.  Just til the cheese melts.  Serve and enjoy !!!!! 

There you go this is what is happening in my world right now.  Well more but I don't want to bore you to death. 
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Beer Roast Recipe

I don't know about y'all but in the Fall/Winter time of the year I get the "cooks".  Wanting to bake, cook and anything that pertains to cooking and creating in the kitchen.   I know I am older and as one person once told my daughter---is she STILL trying new recipes?    Yep I surely am.  As long as I can read and move.   You never know what is around the corner waiting to be tried and maybe even replace a favorite you have had. 

Now years ago I use to use onions in everything like every other cook in the world I suppose.  Onion rings and whatever else you use them in.   When Hubby was in his 30's he became deathly ill, like the flu and then his breathing  IS affected from them.  So  long onions and hello spices.    At first I tried onion powder, nope not that and then dried onions nope not that.  So the onions are gone !!!!!!!  Oh if they are maybe the last ingredient in the line up of ingredients, kind of like a line up of criminals,  he might can eat it with no effects but we usually don't take a chance on it anymore.  

I am fixin to post a recipe with onions but trust me I don't use them.  

Hubby's favorite in the world is Roast with brown gravy ( ham is a tie for first).   He is a meat and potato man and when I say meat I mean BEEF and HAM not pork but just HAM.   Now I figured out it doesn't matter what kind of roast you use if you cook it right it will be tender.  So I don't worry about it much anymore.  Now when I was first starting my cooking adventure when first married at 16 I worried big time but not anymore.  This old grey mare has other things to worry about.   You know like what color is my new faerie I am painting hair will be or some big problem like that. 

Usually I follow a recipe to the teeeee the first time and then watch out recipe if you make the second goings around you will never be the same.   Sometimes I do forget what I change and then just play some more.   Now in earlier years when I tried new recipes and no one would eat them our fur baby Smokey was fed with what I cooked.  Family says that is what killed him but he was like 14 or around there so I like to think it was not my cooking.  

I get recipes wherever they are presented.   This one was on TV and I don't think I will use the original cooks name, he may come and take away my pans and cooking utensils.

Soooooooooo I call it Beer Roast

Serves 6-8                                                                                     325degrees-300 degrees

5 cups Guinness Stout Beer  ( 4 bottles)   guess you can drink the rest while cooking and not to worry if you don't drink.  The Alcohol cooks out and you have the flavor. We had one person say they were afraid of it, don't know if they ever cooked it or not. The wife did buy the ingredients.

1 cup dried cherries

1/3 cup balsamic vinegar ( I use a raspberry balsamic vinegar and sometimes don't use the dried cherries

2 T. vegetable oil or EVOO

1- 5 1/2 lb arm roast  ( the original called for pork but it is not beef)


1/2  t. pepper

 4 Garlic cloves, peeled and minced

1 T. tomato paste

5 whole allspice, crushed ( I use the powdered when I don't have whole)

 2 Bay leaves

1/2 cup molasses

4 T. packed brown sugar

2 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled and rough chopped

Now I did adjust the sweet in this recipe to what it is today, that stout beer is STOUT.

1.  bring stout, Cherries and vinegar to a simmer.  Transfer to a bow and cover tightly with plastic wrap and let sit for 1 hour or refrigerate overnight.

2. Use the center rack of the oven

3. Warm the oil in cast iron pot or Dutch oven over high heat.   Season the roast with salt and pepper.  Sear on all sides until golden brown 12--15 minutes total time.    Transfer roast to platter and remove all but 2 T. of fat in pot.

4. Add onion ( I don't ) pepper to pot and add garlic and cook about 3 minutes.  Remember if you over cook garlic it tastes nasty or bitter.    Stir in tomato paste and cook 2 or 3 minutes longer.  Add roast, then the cherry liquid, allspice, bay leaves, molasses, brown sugar, 1 t. salt and 2 cup water.  Bring mixture to a simmer.

5.  Cover pot and transfer to oven.  Braise for 1-2 hours turning once during cooking ( but it basically covers the roast so I don't turn over ).  Now I cook longer than it says and start with 325 degrees then about 2 hours or more into it I turn down to 300 degrees.  Add the sweet potatoes and cook for 2 more hours. or until the potatoes and roast is done.  If the potatoes get done first just take them out of the pot and save on a platter.   This stuff will be tender and soooooo good.   After done remove roast and potatoes add corn starch to the sauce.  It just thickens it some and then more like a gravy.    Be sure and taste for maybe more sugar.   

6. Slice and serve with sauce over the top .   

A friend just recently tried with a different beer and in the crock pot and said it turned out delicious.

There you go an Annette altered recipe.  

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Essence Faeries

Sometimes you just hunt and hunt for a word and then think well maybe this will work. 

                                                   Essence Faeries. 

 To me that means something that kinda sorta looks like someone.  That has the air of the person but not smack dab  them.   So this is why I have named this series of Faeries -------Essence Faeries.  

I started with a photo of each girl and didn't want it exactly like them but has the air of their personality, their look, their essence if you will.     I wanted it to be arty and not a portrait, that is what photographs are for.   I want to be taking an artist's license with them.  Being as I did photography for over 24 years, I wanted to stray from photos and go back to what I did before photography.   Art in the style of messy hands, paint all over your clothing.  You know the messy kind.  If you forget and wipe your hair out of your eyes and then have paint or pastels all over you or even some glitter on your face.  

Maybe just going back to kindergarten and finger painting and just express yourself with color and design.  Of course when you were that young we just did what we felt natural and didn't worry about the rules or anything else.  We just did it. 

 Now I know I do some life like portraits but then how many of you have really and truly seen a real life Faerie?   I only have in my mind or my muse working overtime and in books.   In some enchanted forest or even in our yard with flowers and toad stools maybe, but so tiny we can't see them. 

So here ya go my Essence Faeries.    I do measure and measure and want some facial features that make them - them , something that says who they are pop out.  

Please excuse the watermarks, seems like we have some image bandits out there in the cyber world.  Now if you are like me, I just don't care for someone else to sell my work and get the dollars .   I am narrow minded that way.  

Now this little sweetie just wanted to be older than she is---so I let her be what she wanted to be.   She is a twin and I figure she is very strong willed and just wanted to show her here. 
Oh it was hard to do this Faerie, I have known her since she was maybe four years old and watched her grow up to be a fine young woman. 

Same young lady but totally different feel and pose and just air about her.  She is very talented and somehow I just wanted to show that maybe with her headpiece and the little bird bringing love to her.  

The softness and gentleness of this faerie, I feel like I captured her totally.   She has always been a kind and sweet little girl.  
There you go my Essence Faeries.   They will go to their new homes soon, become Note cards and ciggies alsowill be printed.   I have four more for this series coming.   Just starting on them this week, well the first one anyway.  Photos coming of the new faeries. 
I am thinking very very serious to doing Essence Faeries for other Mothers wanting these of their daughters.   Of course a fee would be charged.
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November is Here My Friends

It is here-----NOVEMBER------.  The year is getting close to ending,  really !!!! I am not pulling your leg or anything.   We have one more month the enjoy the Fall colors or oranges, yellows and golds.  Oh and how could I forget RED?  I mean that is one powerful color isn't it?   

Now I am not saying that RED is my favorite, but our automobile is red and we have had a Red one for years.   One time we had traded cars and only person who realized it was our Granddaughter.  We had a bench back seat and then the new one had captains chairs.  There she was maybe 9 and she is the only one who knew our steel stallion was new. 

I could say we have a LOT of Red in our house and would not be stretching it at all.  Several large rugs, some walls and assorted things.   So maybe Red is my favorite color, but really how can you choose one color?  They all have their charm and are just  everyone so pretty.   I know that is a strange thing to get to chatting about but it just popped in here and said I want to be talked about.  

Kathy Shaw gives wonderful tutorials,  here  is where you can find them.  She does beautiful needlework besides tutorials.    Now I was blog prowling and found one on her site for trees.  I thought TA DAAAAA, what better for Fall on my block of the month than a tree?    A Fall tree with beautiful orange  leaves gently falling to the ground and giving a special look.    I also get to use the Fall colors that I love to see.

Here you go my Fall block.   The leaves were some plastic ones I had but they just didn't show up well.  Sooooooo I put gesso on the backside of them and of course so faerie glitter on the front.  After all one of my faeries is the center of attention on this block.   The silk ribbon work, buttons and lots of beads and sequins.  Right up a Texan's alley ----bling.   It is hard for me to stop on these sometimes but it is just so much fun.  To combine my paintings, printed on fabric and the new needlework I have learned last year.  
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

THE WINNERS ARE................................

Good morning my dears, well it is the 30th and  as I promised the drawing.   You notice it said winners, you know I can't stand just giving one.   Sooooooooooo    I made another one the same colors so I could give two.

CONGRATULATIONS TO        SUZY PAL POWELL AND ELAINA          now just send me your mailing addresses and your prize will be on it's way to you.   Remember no one will see your address but me. 

BUT  you  other dear ladies, send my your address and I will send you a couple of my faerie cards.   Now Nancy, Jane, Lesly  UK , Marilyn Art, Michelle Grey and Geraldine I have y'alls address.   Thanks to all of you for playing with me.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Better Late than Never Give a way !!

Well Fall winds and chills are upon us.   A friend up in Michigan just called and said so far they have had 20, yes 20 pickup loads of leaves to dispose up.  Now I do have to be thankful we don't have hardly any trees.  See there is always an upside to everything.   I think !!!

Ok I am tardy in my give a way, I wanted to do something for the 25,ooo views.  That didn't happen, then for 30,000 views,   still tardy so I finally finished what I was working on for you.  

Please just comment on here and when I draw your name please please please let me know you address.  A deal?    Remember we have a high tech method of choosing.  I write the names on a piece of paper and then throw the names on the floor and Eldon  -DH-picks one.    Now when you do let me know your address I have to view and approve messages, those darn spammers,  so I will not show it to the world.  

So here you go, my give a way.  It is an 8x8 inch block and you may use it for a journal cover, throw darts at it or whatever you choose.  I just wanted to say thank you for popping onto my blog and seeing and reading my Nana words and art.  
Let's do this until  October the 30th.   I tried using colors that are softer and would go with most anyone's taste.
Good luck to you all and thanks for seeing what is going on in my world today. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pay Backs and the Faerie

Well my Faeries are still being created.  So far I have 5 more Faeries now in the works.   It is funny sometimes I do better when I have several things going.   Right now we have the Fall clean up going outside.   Not much raking of the leaves yet, ours are still green. BUT we are lucky, when the wind blows from the North the leaves just wander down the street and lands where they choose.   I am feeling  they land in an empty field not to far from us.  It is probably where all the tumble weeds come to see us in the Spring so I guess it is a pay back.  Our leaves for the empty fields tumbleweeds.  
This afternoon we trimmed all of the Bougainvillea, which we hate because they are blooming so beautiful right now.  But so far twice we have had to cover everything with sheets to protect from the frost.   Which is a kiss of death to our tender outside plants.   I cut and trimmed and Eldon hauled it all to the dumpster in the alley.  A team mission.  
BUT  the most interesting happening right now is we are having the most giant "DOG HOUSE" built.   Well, really really not a dog house or a green house but Eldon calls it a green house and I call it a dog house.   We have a covered patio ( enclosed already on 3 sides and has a roof ) and are enclosing it in all glass with a doggie door and a unit for right now that heats and cools.  Gotta keep the furbabies comfy.   They don't know they are outside babies.  so we don't tell them.   We bought new beds for the occasion and I bought some animal print to cover them with.   In the morning they are coming to finish up that project.  So then we can mark off one more thing on our list.   When it is finished I promise to show you.   Probably in the Spring we will decorate it to something light and airy.   It is not giant but will work for us. the furbabies and the plants.  
I had big thought to do this faerie step by step, but during all this I forgot.   I did remember though when about half way through.  
I was proud that I thought of making a sample card of the colors of my twinkling H2O's.    Perfect for my faeries.   With the minerals in them and the twinkles in them.   
Here she is with part of the background done.    They just develop as they want.   I don't really plan them at all, just go with the flow.

Here she is all finished and ready to be made into cards and ciggies with the next batch of faeries.   I did have to laugh at the little Love Bird, it just kind of plumped up nicely or had it's fluffy feather suit on.   This one was a fun painting to do.  
There you go for today.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Just keeping on keeping on

Just keeping on keeping on, love that saying.   I know the months of the year do that.   They just float into our lives and float out.  You think yikes where in the world did that month go?   The changing of the seasons  is Mother Natures way of reminding us that they just keep on keeping on.
 You know I love the changing of the seasons, each one has it's own little personality. You  look forward to each and every one but then glad when they are over and looking to the next season to float into our lives.   So welcome Fall and all of your beautiful colors you share        with us.                                                                                                                                                         
Sometimes in my art I feel the same way, I don't know about y'all.   When I start a new art    piece I love the blankness of the canvas or page.  Here is like a new beginning and just love  seeing what will develop.     What story is waiting to be unveiled and what colors will emerge on it.   Even when I do my crazy quilting I never plan what I am going to do.   Oh I start with an image but then off it goes to develop how it wants to be.   The same way with my faeries     when I create them.                                                                                                                                   
I start with the eyes and then start playing with them and seeing what colors they want to     be.  Yes I talk about them like they are real and have their own personalities.                               
This sweetie was taken from a photograph of a dear friends granddaughter.  I did another    one of her but think she is hiding on the computer somewhere.   You know how the                computers do-hide things from us.    She normally doesn't wear bangs but this one wanted   bangs so bangs she got.   I do their faces in pastels and seems to make their faces so smooth and delicate. Then "Katie bar the door" on whatever else I use on the background and            sometimes the hair.   Lots of drips and splats and fancy curly queues and whatever else         develops.                                                                                                                                                                   
Now case in point , this little faerie didn't want to be painted.   You know how it goes sometimes when you start drawing  an art piece, nothing goes right about it.   So I erased her face and  so the bottom of the stack she went.   Well the other day I pulled her out and she just went together so well and colors just danced on the page.  Some of the colors I haven't used before but she went together like she was suppose to.
Now if I hadn't of done the keeping on keeping on she would not have been created.   So that is my story and I am sticking to it.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.
Happy Fall Y'all