Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Little Bells and some CQ Art

I hope you are having a great August.  The dragonflies are out in force this year and always love to see them dancing in the air while I am mowing the backyard.  Now I do wear goggles just incase one wants to get to close to me while I am flying over the grass at warp speed with the riding lawnmower and bop me in the eye.  Now isn't that a picture?   A riding lawnmower going warp speed?   Don't think that is going to happen with me driving the mower anyway.  Now I know it is a John Deere but still not gonna happen.  Once while in Arizona last year, you might remember the trip when our "Steel Stallion" acted like Christine the possessed car?    Any who, while we were in Arizona we were talking to the salesman at the place where we were having the "Stallion" put back in fine condition after a fuse died in the line of duty.   Somehow Dragonflies came into the conversation, well one came up to me like to say hi and then flitted off.  The salesman really was startled and said they just don't have them around where he was working.  Well I guess the Dragonfly knew better and just wanted to drop in and say hi.
I am on Facebook like a lot of you might be.  Mainly I just partake of the art and CQ pages.   But this little picture showed up on it and I shared and lots of people knew what they were.  The cutest little shoelace holders ever made.  One young mother said she couldn't find them anymore.   After tying your little person's shoes you had leftover shoestrings and you tucked them into the little barrel of this contraption and screwed the lid back on and those shoestrings were tied and wouldn't trip your baby going off to do what they did.   Now back in the olden days we put leather little high-top shoes, usually white in color ( which you used white shoe polish on nearly everyday)  on the toddlers and this was the look we had.   One of our daughters had tiny ankles and these shoes helped with the support of them.   AND you could hear where they were also with the little bells making their little noise.  

I was in a little pincushion swap and this is the pin cushion I made for it.  Not giant in size but just big enough to hold the straight pins while you are working.  It was  fun to make also.    
Here is my block for the CQJP 2015 for the month of August.   Still in the Day of the Dead theme.  
Close up of the little doll my friend Marilyn sent to me.  So I just made the area pretty festive to go with the whole these and hang a skull from her little hand   Loved these little dolls 

The whole finished August block and all the stitching and party time to be had.   Beads also added and the cute skull button with it's fancy headdress AKA a tiny piece of ribbon with threads going thru it.  

I am finishing up a Round Robin and these blocks were created by Juliette from England and this is how I embellished this block for her.  The little birdie is an addition and I added some color to it and of course a teapot for hot tea.  

I did get four of my blocks of the DoD put together as a wall hanging but that will be next post.  How is that for a cliff hanger?    
There ya be---- my doings for the last few day.  Thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today .