Friday, August 30, 2013

A different glasses case or the 18 inch Rule

Well lots of things have different names like in this instance glasses aka specs  or eyes or whatever else the names come up with.  Cases, pouches, holders   (the holders is my name for them)  sometimes they are called the little do dads that hold my eyes. 

Now sometimes these "eyes" are on top of my head, beside my end table or on top of some stuff I am sewing.  Right now they are sort of Wally World specs but trust me they have rhinestones and bling on them.  I bought them at a needle work shop and of course had to have them with savorski crystals on them.   A lot of the time they are lost, yes lost.  Laughing their heads off saying " she can't find me yatta yatta yatta".   They could be sticking their tongues out if they had them.    I use the 18 inch rule a lot.  Now what is that you may ask?   Usually what you have lost is within 18 inches from where you are standing or were sitting.  I kid you not.  Or when you walk in a room 18 inches from the doorway.  I don't know if that is as far as they can run but that is usually where they are. 

Ok enough about my eyes today.  

I have been infatuated with the Day of the Dead fabric art.  Or Dia de los Muertos.    It even prompted me to open an Etsy shop.  Yes a cyber shop if you will.  What am I going to do next in this fast moving new fangled world?

  So here is my DoD pretty. 

Part of the embellishment on the front. They eyes, better to see with you my dear. Sorry had to say that. 

Another angle of one of the front skulls.   Love all the beads they just bring the whole piece to life.

The whole front are these not colorful and fun? 

 I had to add a pocket to the back, a girl cannot have to many pockets to hold treasures.
There you go my case, pouch or whatever you want to call it.   
I just wanted to show you and wish you a safe Labor Day , I use to take it to heart.  Labor Day and we would clean out the garage and whatever little projects we had.  Labor-work?  Get it?
Next blog post might be long but it is one that I have felt in my heart to talk about.   It will be about art----TRADITIONAL and DIGITAL.   I think you will find it interesting.  I am thinking it may take me a while to write it.   Remember I am not an author just me.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is happening in my world.

Monday, August 26, 2013

On the way to the Accountant with the clouds and a little CQ

We went to the accountant today and it is never a bad experience, well when we have to write the tax check but that is life isn't it?   He is about an hour away in another town and have used him for over 30 years.  So he can read my handwriting, he does say he has to study it for a while but gets the hang of it.  I am left handed and it slants to the right and sometimes I get carried away with the curly queues in it.   Yes I still write with a pencil and pen.   I do, promise.    He  knows how I think sort of.  That is scary trust  me.   Maybe he and Hubby can figure out how I think.  

The sky was a beautiful blue and full full full of the prettiest clouds so light and fluffy and just a tease of anything wet falling from them. This is West Texas you know and we don't get the wet stuff a lot.   Anyway the clouds were beautiful just beautiful and could see all kinds of shapes in them.   Dogs running, sharks, dolphins, fish with big pretty tails, teddy bears and angels to name a few.  I love watching the clouds we get, they are so fluffy like marshmallow crème or some fluffy frosting you could dig your finger into.   Just floating around changing shapes constantly.  I like to think the angels are changing them constantly but I really think it is Mz. Mother Nature with the winds. 

It is funny you are looking at the clouds and as  we are whizzing down the road they change almost instantly.  I think I even saw Abraham Lincoln pop in there once.   I guess you could see ugly things but I like to think they are angel creations and just a treat for us to see.   Now did you take some pictures Annette?   Of course not, I didn't bring my camera.  I did have the cell phone but didn't have grandson here to help me figure that out, to me it is a phone and a texting thingies.  No one showed me how to do the texting I figured that one out myself but unfortunately my texting  fingers don't always type correctly.   Grandson says I have Nana language.    Could be, you know we Nanas.     I have other things to clutter my mind that to live and breathe with the phone.  I know that probably sounds old fashioned but I am old enough that I can think that way if I want to.  Really!!!!

When we got home of course the clouds  floated mostly away but there were a few out there.  Would love to hear from you of what you see.  

These were not as full of things as the ones driving with us were but still pretty.

Could the bigger one be a dog on it's back waiting to have it's tummy rubbed?
Please excuse the neighbors part dead or part alive tree.  It is hanging in there trying to live.
I have been doing a little CQing and this is the newest DoD clasp purse.   I had to add some fun ribbons on the side, it is a celebration and I knew it just needed them.  

Here is the back of the clasp with a little pocket on the back and has one inside also.  My fancy smancy  dime store glasses are in the pocket.  I have to admit I have to were them at the end of the day when doing my beading. 
There you go my Monday doings.   1/2 half of our work week is over.  Bank and accountant  the first half and tomorrow mowing the second half.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friday Night Lights and CQ Art

The school bells will be ringing soon.  It will be the time when the kids and teachers are fresh for the school year.  Fall sports will be going on and in Texas, the Friday Night Lights will shine proudly in every little town around.  Friday night High School Football is a strong tradition here in Texas and I am sure other places.  I am only familiar with the Texas tradition though, but would love to hear about y'alls  Friday night school functions.   You could always find where the football field was in any town but the giant lights.  They would light up the whole area.  Saying here we are come on over.     We don't go to these any more, we did go a few years after our daughters graduated but just wasn't the same.  Not that we didn't enjoy seeing all the young kids in the activities but just wasn't the same. 

Our daughters were in the band and that is the half time show of the football games.   Such excitement and we always looked forward to the tunes they played and the formations they formed with their straight lines .  Always with precision.   The French Horn and Clarinet were the instruments that we were familiar with that our daughters played.   I was always amazed at how one band director could teach all those students to play the horns, teach them to march and all at the same time.   

Now I don't have a clue where this post came from it was not where I was going this morning but here it is.  

I have been doing some of the Day of the Dead fabric art and have sold my first one.   Crazy Quilt style with the DoD style.  The bright colors and just the fun of the whole pieces.   Now my faeries are just taking a week's break but  I will be back in the saddle with them soon.  I mean I even have new pastel pencils to break in and they are calling my name.   "Annette come play with us and see what you create".   New art supplies are like new shoes, you have to wear them and see how you feel wearing them.   Running faster if you have new tennis shoes and jumping higher.  I am sure my new pencils will have the same effect on me. Don't you?

So here is my DoD purse, I have just almost sort of finished two.  
Front of the purse, it is like 8 inches long and 6 1/2 inches wide at the bottom a fun size to hold things ladies carry and has a pocket inside and on the back.  Hey it is ready for most anything. 

Close up of some of the bead work.  I do love doing the bead work on any Crazy Quilting.  I piece it together and put the pretties on it and then it seems to come to life when the beads come into the picture.  I have a drawer full of the beads.  I think I need a hoist to lift it at times.   I have been truly blessed because the majority of the beads have been gifts.   Oh I have bought a few odds and ends of the weird colors I use sometimes.  

The back of the purse.

There you go  what I have been up to lately.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Faerie Eggs and Fabric Books

Hello and hi there, well here it is August!!!! I mean already August.   Man alive time if truly flying by.  Can you see Father Time floating by with his banner across his chest and his staff?  Well I know they show him as a baby January 1 with a banner across his chest and at the end of the year a very elderly gentleman with long beard and all.   I can truly see why he looks that just keeping up with us for a whole year has got to be exhausting. 

The other day I received some happy mail as I call it.  When I get an unexpected package with treasures in it.   I guess that is why I like to send them out because I know how they make me feel.  HAPPY !!!!   One of the things - treasures in it was a little tin of Fairy Eggs. Yep you read correct.  Now what do they look like you may ask?  Well here they are.

Is this not the cutest tin?  I love it and Fairy Eggs?

The back of the tin is just as cute.   Had to show it also.

Here you go the Fairy Eggs in all their full glory.  This is just the cutest idea and the sweet lady that sent them said she just couldn't resist being as I have been creating faeries like crazy.   I have sold one of them and some of the ciggies and cards. Those little gals have been good to me I have to say.

Now this has nothing to do with Faerie Eggs or Fabric books but just had to share this Bougainvillea with you.  I do think it is outdoing it's self this year.  Such a breath taker isn't it?

I have been busy making some fabric books and wanted to share with you what I am doing.  Remember I have this beautiful lace and this one is for a gift so I did block out some of the pics until she gets it.   I hope she likes it. 

I did use some of my Faerie ciggies that I printed up from my art work.

Here is one more fabric book, it is small and I made it for my lace angel that gave me the lace from Taco Tuesday.  I don't know her at all so I hope she likes the book.  I didn't make a giant one for her so fingers crossed

Now I have one more fabric book done and will share it in a few days, I don't want you to have lace overload.  Of flower overload from some pics I took of our patio.   Granted we only have trees we have planted since we have been here but a tree is a tree in our flat land of the Texas Panhandle.
I guess the most challenging thing I am fixin to do is possibly open an Etsy shop.  My friend Geraldine and Mary Jane have urged me to so I will make a stab at it.   Yikes. 
There you go for today and thanks  for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.