Sunday, November 21, 2010

A second chance

You know some things deserve another chance to be useful and loved.  There is a saying one man's trash is another man's treasure, so before trashing this little love seat I wanted to recycle it or make it loved again.  When this little guy was first purchased with it's partner the hide a bed it was proudly presented to the world and sat proudly.   After two moves it had almost run out of places to be.  The hide a bed was donated to college students and now has, I am sure, a good time and has lots of stories to tell. 

We have the love seat in our bedroom and sit daily on it looking out the doors to our backyard.  Not that the yard is as lush as our old yard was but still quiet and comforting.  I got a wild hair one day and thought OK I can do something with it.  So on the Internet I got and found  IKEA and lots of slipcovers were to be found.   A neutral color would fit the ticket.  I found one that had separate cushion covers and thought this is the slipcover.  I ordered it and when it came I thought great.  Well, semi great when I opened it.  The slip cover and the love seat did not want to meld well together.   I got my trusty scissors and sewing machine out and got to cutting and rearranging things and TA DA .  A slip covered love seat.  I did have to go to the fabric store for some material to make a gusset and bought some fringe to jazz it up some. 

Here is the love seat before, I had to cut the back cushions off because they were the sewn on type and the slipcover wasn't made for that one.  At first I was going to send the slip cover back  but then thought that I could cut and sew and make them work together.  

Here it is after a little tugging and sewing it fits   I did rip off the pleated skirt the loveseat had on it also so now we are all happy.  This color is really really not one of my colors that I love but I thought it fits in here and will be happy.  

Now I have to add that I ordered a rug for the bathroom and when it came I loved it but the rug was to small for the place I wanted it.  I hate taking and sending articles of anything back and will almost take a beating before I will do that.  I will cut and sew and flat work to find a place for it.   Soooooo this little rug found a home and I like it so much have ordered another one for Eldon.  

I thought the rug just blends well with what I am doing here so a home it has. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  I do have some painty things and Christmas goodies coming.