Sunday, June 7, 2015

June tour of the Faerie Garden

Ok June you area finally here.  Getting warm and grass is green and flowers blooming.   I didn't think you would ever come and spread your warmth.   

We were very fortunate to get some great wet stuff, RAIN.  Not the West Texas rain, sand in the air, but the real wet stuff.  Lots of Texas did get flooded and I am so sorry and feel for all the fellow Texans that got a tad bit to much rain.  Well more than a tad  bit of to much rain.  I hope by now things are getting back to normal for all.   I told hubby that this year I think we will get rain and not as hot as usual so we will see.   I hit the nail on the head about the winter this past year.   I fear this winter may be a repeat but I hope I am wrong.

Now when we moved into this house nearly 7 years ago, can't believe it has been that long and still haven't done to it what I want to, we had a raised type flower bed that just won't really really grow anything.   There were some shrubs in there and of course they promptly died, guess the old owners just planted to sell.  I know they do that.   I dilly dallied around and tried different things in it.  I even planted my wonderful Holly Ferns so pretty and hardy for the weather and just keeps pretty and green.  Well I had this idea just to make a Faerie Garden out of it.   Two of the Holly Ferns lived and I moved them to the back of the  "garden" and did plant some pretty ground cover.   It died deader than a doornail.   So I used pea gravel as my friend Pat Winter called it Faerie Pebbles and covered the bare dirt and did plant a few little begonias.  If they live they live and if they die they die.   I did want to share the garden with you though.   I could write lots of words with the pics but just a few will work with them.

Lets start at the fun beach hang out.  As you can see the Faeries have found it to just hang around.
Close by the beach hang out is a little trio of beach bungalows, high priced of course.  They are close to the beach.  Well a pretend beach. 

The first little cottage on the south side of the Faerie world.  
We have next to us a cute little cottage that perhaps the little mushroom growers live. 
Still on the South side of the world is a Faerie just hanging out on the swing. 

Now on the West end we have two giant mushrooms that I made into houses.  I found the doors at JoAnn's and of course painted them.   Loved the little gazing ball.

Beside the other mushroom is the red top one.  If you notice on top there is a little owl.  This little guy is tough, he stays on top during the storms, the driving rain and the wind.  He is not glued on at all, I guess he knows he is the look out for the Faeries. 

Now coming around on the North side  we have little acorn girl resting and watching the critters here.

Humm, acorn girl is beside the lily pad hang out for you know who.  She will walk across her little path to get a closer look at these guys.   This will lead you back to the beach houses.   I hope you enjoyed the tour. I hope the flowers will grow some and if they do I will take a pic of the whole village being as you know the layout now. 
I have not been idle in the painting and sewing world either.   Here is a block I did of one of my hand drawn Faeries and of course I had to do a little tree and found the little Faerie door on line with Thearica  Burroughs online site on Face Book.  Are they not the cutest little things?

A close up of the tree and oh I got the little turtle from Thearica also. 
I have been painting and have a couple of other blocks to show you but don't want you to get tired eyes looking at all the pretties here.  So I will promise to have another post soon.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.