Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When is a Bee Cute?

Hello and here we are in the month of July.   Kind of the middle of the summer in my mind.  When we had children in school it is the month  before that they start band practice and Fall sport practicing.   So if we were going to do anything like a trip better do it in July.  

The pretty birds are out twittering and  chirping and gathering bugs to eat.  Yum, well it is  to them anyway.   Soon the beautiful dragon flys will be out.  I love watching them flit around with their iridescent colors gracefully dancing around like they do.    Now when they are out they come pretty close to me and like they are saying hi Annette, what's up with you?   If the could talk  that is.   When I mow the back yard, whizzing by in the riding lawn mower I do wear goggles in the summer just in case we have a collision.   Not that I go that fast  on the lawn mower mind you, but you know that could hurt being hit by  bug in the eye.  

There is one bug that I want to have no contact with, the bees.  I know they are good for us pollinating the flowers and building their little hives and making honey for us.   Well, not the killer bees which when we lived in Seminole there were instances of those nasty ill tempered things attacking and killing small animals .  I have gotten more and more allergic to them as I get older to the extent that benadryl and I are best of friends.  An exterminator once told me that cold fingernail polish remover poured on the bite, be it mosquito, bee, scorpion  any sting and it will remove the pain and swelling.  Well that is a  bit of news that works 100% guaranteed.   I have used that treatment many times.

In taking my Crazy Quilt class we have learned to make bees.  Cute little things and so habit forming to make.  These bees I don't mind at all and will add a wonderful touch to many things.  I purchased some clear, yellow and black beads and after a few minutes one of these little cuties appear. 

Here are 11 of them that I made last night, their feelers, antennas or I call them antlers are a tad long maybe not sure.  I really haven't look at them that close.

Each little bee is a tad different but they don't seem to mind nor do I.  Looks like they off in flight here.  Well a few are flying against the crowd but guess they don't want to go where the others are.

There you go and thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my world today.   Have a safe and fun 4th of July . xoxoxox