Thursday, July 22, 2010

A young little heart breaker


I wanted to share this painting of a photograph I did a few years ago.  Don't you know this little boy with that beautiful hair will certainly be a little heart breaker?   I did this photograph in the wrong time of the day according to the rules.   I loved it and the light so aren't rules made to be broken?   I think so.  It is highly recommended to do early in the morning or just before sundown.  This was basically high noon, before this little guys lunch and nap time.   You never know what kind of mood they will wakeup in.   A sweet little person or one that should have slept a little longer.  

I really liked the way the sun was making his hair shine and the way the grass just seemed to glow  around him.  The rim light ( the light hitting his little arms and legs) just made him pop.    I used a little fill flash for some highlights in his eyes and no raccoon eyes either.  You know the little black holes around the eyes if you  don't have some kind of light.  AKA   flash or reflector.  ( Now if you don't have either one, a easy way to make a reflector is foil on some cardboard., that makes a perfect light popper  )   I used textured brushes and smooth pastel brushes for this painting.   I wanted it to look like a painting but still have some photographic quality to it also.  

I posted on my face book but wanted to talk a little about it.   I know this was basically dead center but felt like the image itself was strong enough to handle it.   The beautiful hair and the greens are opposites and I think it worked.   I used some of the hair color in the background to make it all blend. 

Just wanted to share my thinking process on this photo/painting.     

Thanks for looking and seeing what is going on in my world today. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Birthday adventure

Hello there,

I know probably every one has a bucket list,  things that you would like to do either before you die or before you body quits bending like it should.  Our daughter gave us this adventure for our birthdays.  They are so close together that we just share one and after being married for 49 years it is just one big celebration.   I know our daughters will laugh at this, but we are just joined at the hip after all these years.  We even think the same things and often don't even have to finish a thought and we already know what is going to be said.  OK, I am straying off the subject.   LOL

Here is our set of wheels, oh if you could only hear the great sound and rumble it made. 

We love cars and what they do and have wanted to ride in a Nascar.  We are not what you call Nascar people, which is absolutely nothing wrong with that but we just aren't.   Love the speed and the sounds though and certainly admire the young men and women who drive these great machines and all their wonderful fans that support them.  We did use to go to the drag races a lot and just brought Vickie, our daughter, with us.  In fact she went to her first one when she was about 6 weeks old.  Oh my were we ever young parents, but she did survive.   Thanks Vickie.  

We arrived about 8:30 am for our 10 am "lift off" got signed in and of course you have to almost sign your life away that they aren't held responsible for anything, reminded me of when you check into a hospital.   Certainly did understand the reasons for that.  People being sue happy today.   We got our little tags for around our necks to make us looked signed in and like we knew what we were doing.  We then went to the  staging area, lots of helmets and little suits.  I called them costumes but don't think that was the correct word for them.   You know me and my terminology.  I thought how in the world am I going to get my body to twist and turn to get into the car with a jumpsuit and helmet on.  The gentleman helping us was great.  I told him that I did drive a riding lawn mower and he said it you can get into one of those things you can get into the car.  You can't just plop on one of them you have to kind of twist and turn to get into the seat.  Hey, I was seeing a pattern here.   Kind of like Chubby Checker to twist and shout maybe.   I was on a roll now.

Here I am, in my costume, in Dallas at 100 degrees, toasty warm. 

Eldon in his costume, thinking hurry and get the pic made it is hot in here.  He is a good sport though. 

We put on some little pellon type caps to cover our hair from the helmets that other people wore also and our little costumes on and ready to go our turn.  .  (Maybe this is how astronauts do it with the helmets.   I did always want to do that,ride up in a space ship, but don't think I will probably will.  I did work out like crazy one time when they were going to let a civilian ride up and be one, but I guess I am glad I didn't --that was the one lift off that exploded and killed all.  So I wasn't meant to do it and was in really good shape though, for a while that is. )  The helping gentleman helped me with the helmet and made sure everything was fastened correctly.   We found out that Texas is the only state that requires all the safety gear-thank you Texas.   Here comes the car, now you had your choice of driving or riding.  Our reflexes are not what they use to be and we didn't have to impress a soul so riding was our choice.  Please remember we are not spring chickens anymore.  We have driven my little sports car when it I had it 150 MPH so that was no big deal.   ( Our reflexes were a little better then),    

The inside of the car, now you see the little hole we had to climb in and wasn't the luxury of our Escalade but oh what a ride it was. 

Getting into the car--- now please remember I am vertically challenged, I went around to the passenger side and took a deep breath.  The opening in the window was on me, please excuse the expression--booby high.   Now how am I going to get a leg that high?  Well, I guess my legs wanted to cooperate because I got the ankle hooked in the window and it was down hill after that.   In went one foot and then the other and the rest of my body just followed my feet.  I did a little twisting and turning and ta da I was IN!!!!!  Now the gentlemen helping fastened all kinds of buckles and restraints---I WAS BUCKLED IN!!!!!   I asked, what do I do with my hands?  He said don't stick them outside because the driver gets pretty close to the wall.   How exciting, I am going to get to fly like the wind and bank  on the curving walls and I did and loved every second of it.  Loved it.   After being buckled in I turned to the driver and said hi!!  What's your name?  He turned and looked at me,  I could tell he smiled by his beautiful eyes, couldn't see his face just his eyes and bless his heart he was sweating like crazy and I was only the 5th one to go on a 100  plus Dallas day.  His name was Kenneth and off we went.  What a wonderful birthday present.  

Eldon after his ride, now he couldn't take my picture, the camera was in my pocket.  Oh well, we know I was there. 

Getting out of the car---for some reason my left foot wanted out first, I guess because it was the first one in.  I had it out and trying to lift myself out and the gentleman helping said I think you are getting out backwards.  Well, if you can imagine I had my self in a pickle, he finally said oik you have started  getting out  backwards just go and ahead and get out like you have started,  Well ta da again, out I popped.  Twisting and turning.  I was so glad I loved Chubby Checker's song.

Now Mr. Eldon did the very same adventure, he let me go first. Being the gentleman he is, but I did wonder one thing.  When we sometimes went to Mexico and didn't know what he was eating he would suggest I try it first to see if it was good.  So he had me wondering for a second.

Here we are, a little sweaty and hair not the best after the helmets, but here we are smiles and all. 

Again proof that we survived and standing up straight.  Yea for Texas Speedway.  The company goes to several destinations in the US. 

There you go, our little adventure.  There are lots more bucket lists we want to do, but we just make  up it as we go.  We did see Elvis before he died so hey it is great--anything else we do is just a bonus.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in  Annette's World

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello there,

I have been thinking how happy sunflowers are, always pointing their little faces to the sun.  They are the true sun worshipers.  Really!!!! They follow the sun, go down the road in the morning and they are facing East, at noon they are looking up to the sun and the afternoon----you guessed it, to the west.    It has been raining, which is a good thing, and so dark and dreary and I thought to paint some sunflowers.  I also needed another piece of art for the kitchen, so why not?

Here is the before photo.  I did tromp out in the dirt to take these.  Now the composition probably isn't the best but fighting the insects is not my form of pleasure.   So these little dancing dolls are lucky to get their photo taken.  I am allergic to bees so I do this quick.  Choosing which way to paint them and where to crop was a question.  I didn't want to hurt any of their feelings, they were just looking at me and saying take me, take me please.

This is one that I came up with.   I don't think you can ever go wrong painting these beauties.   I have it printed on canvas and am fixin' (Texas word for going to do this) to paint some more pretties on it with acrylic paint and then on my wall it will go. 

There you go.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.   I did do this digitally with Painter.  Not a run a filter program but a stroke by stroke painting program.  You still have to use your brain and think about what you are doing with it.   Enjoy and see you next time and enjoy the sun as these little dolls do.