Monday, June 4, 2012

It's June !!!

Well here is it June the 4th and I am getting behind here.  Now I have no real deadline in anything, just the ones I put on myself.  I bet none of you ever do that do you?   I think sometimes we are own worst enemies or bosses or whatever title you want to be.  that is the good thing we can be who we want to be anytime we want to be it.  

I have had my first ever give a way and of course the rules changed so it was a win win for everyone.  The prizes are in the mail except for Denice and Melva's.  Need your addresses girls.  It was a fun thing to do and I am approaching my 100th follower, well a few behind so have to be thinking of something good to celebrate that mile stone. 

Last weekend we did go to Dallas and see wonderful grandson and granddaughter.  Such blessings in our lives, I know I am sounding like a Nana but I am.  Addison had called and said he had a weekend that wasn't chock full of activities so off we went.  The Texas Rangers were playing and we went to not one game but two of them.  They won and that is great for us.  One game was a day game and Addison got us seats in the shade of the stadium.   THANK goodness, he know how Nana hates to "glisten" .  That is what Victorian ladies called sweating.  We had a great time and will certainly go again.  Reminds us when he was younger and played Little League.  Yes it was hot sitting outside but loved watching him pitch and being involved.   

Here we are in our "costumes" as I call them. 

Now you may ask is that all we did?   No way Jose, more pics will be coming.  I guess you figured that out by yourselves didn't you?  

I am starting the Artful Gathering on line workshops June 6th and certainly will share what Zinnia's group has to teach us.   I am taking two classes this year, feeling frisky I guess.   One is the beautiful bangle bracelets by Mary Jane Chadbourne and then with Pat Winter  and her crazy quilting class.  Trying to find the needles for that one was a challenge, but hope what I bought will work. 

So you see we have things going on and can't wait to share what is happening June the 17th with me.  Eldon says no way but it is on my bucket list.  One sweet friend this morning said Annette listen to Eldon don't do it and then she signed off that she loved me if she didn't talk to me before then.   It will be the thrill of a lifetime and on my bucket list.  Thanks Addison for thinking of me

That is it for the moment for me  and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.

oxoxoxoxoxox Annette


  1. Oh you all look so good in your 'costumes' and big smiles, too...wonder if it was before or after they won :-))) Must be really something to see the 'live ' ! xoxo
    P.S. Lovely music!

  2. Glad to see you all had a terrific time and loving your costumes. Have a great week, Annette x

  3. Okay Annette-here's my guess--you are doing a tandem jump from an airplane

    1. Yea you guessed it Janet. Eldon says he sees no reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Should be fun but might mess up my hair what do you think? .

  4. What a great pic of u all so clear and sharp glad u got to get together with the grands , hehe u go gurl and im not surprised just think u are so brave , im with Eldon on this one lol

    hugz bev

  5. So happy for you that you had a great time with the grands!Oh My, I can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve for the 17th! Are you skydiving?! That is on my bucket list ; )
    Hey! I'm taking MJ's Metamorphases class too! Can't wait to see ya there!

  6. Annette, you guys look absolutely adorable in your costumes ;-)


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