Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome Fall

Hello and happy Fall,

You know this is always the best time of the year, not to hot or to cold.  The plants are still good looking-not at their prime but not the dead brown stuff that is to come in winter.

This is a collage I did and as a size of Artists Trading Cards.   ATC are the official letters of it.   They are small in size but pack a powerful little message or not just whatever you want to do for the time.   I did this for Karen Bonaker's forum challenge.    Around this part of the world fall colors have not blessed us yet so I have a fall wreath outside and it gets to be my star for fall this year.  

What I did :   this is a combination of so many layers.  The photograph was used as a base, sort of and painted and played with in Painter.  Then texture layers over this-several to be exact.  Then painted again, not an auto paint but a real stroke by stroke with my little fingers and brain working.   Then the cute little fairies added, they do have to fly around with their fairy dust and make things magical you know.    I then added the girl, see her ?  Just a few stokes of selected color-fall of course and there you go.  I think I used the gel setting for her and  I did also add the little  snippet of words that Karen gave us to inspire us.  

I do hope you enjoy looking at a fall painting.  Yes, it is a painting and a collage of pretty things.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.