Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Snow

Well Ho Ho Ho to you all.    Christmas day came and went so quickly.  All the preparation  I do believe is half the fun with the baking and decorating and all the excitement in the air.  Sometimes you get an unexpected surprise though.  Something you know might happen but not really really expecting it.      You might even call it a RAK .   I use to know what that meant but now I know it is a Random Act of Kindness.   We try to do this during the whole year just not at Christmas time, making it a way of our lives.  Doing special little things for people even if it is just a tiny something and to total strangers.   I am doing that everytime we go out and one day I will tell you about that.  It is fun and DH just grins when I do it.  

Christmas eve we went to bed and knowing that Santa probably would not come and expect us to help put toys together because he would have a lot more stops along the way.  I know each and everyone of you have probably had to help Santa.   During the night I got up to see if it had snowed.   Nope no snow and I wondered if the weather man missed it, I know they are human and Mother Nature is hard to predict, I guess like a woman.  

Christmas morning came and when I got up DH had just opened the blinds and when I walked in he said Merry Christmas.  What a beautiful site with the Christmas snow.  God and Mother Nature had given us a RAK.   We are here in the panhandle/West Texas part of our world and don't get a lot of snow but here it was several inches.  Nothing to stop this part of the world but the snow was beautiful.   Hearing the crunching on it when you walk on it and the quietness of the fresh cleaned world.  It just seems to clean it all at one time. 

This was the site I saw when I first got up and it was still snowing. 

The site out our front door, now it did snow at Christmas time a few years ago but the news and paper did say it rarely does here.  We have been in this house 4 years now and we have had two white Christmases.  I think that is good odds. 
One of the two concrete little people we have at the front door.  One this cute little boy and  another a little girl. To remind us of the sweet grands we have.  Well and to hold the rug down when the winds get up to their casual 60 plus miles an hour.  Usually it is 15 to 20 miles an hour and we are use to that. 

DH sweeping off the back rug so the fur babies have a dry place to walk on when they first go out.  Now remember they are outside dogs except when it really cold or hot, when the wind blows, when it is snowing or raining or they are just looking cute.  But they are outside dogs, remember that.   They do have their "tropical" hideaway with heaters, baby monitor, smoke alarms and plants and their 6 inch foam beds.   It is really pretty back there. 

Just a pretty view of one of our windows from inside to out.  We do decorate some outside but not like we use to.  
Well the year is coming to an end, seems like yesterday I just said that about 2012.  I have been doing some art work and some Crazy Quilting.  That stuff just gets in your blood and love doing it and collecting the pretties that you can play with when doing CQ.
All of y'all have a safe New Years Eve.  Did you know that the new year comes in even if you are asleep?   Surprising isn't it? 
Hope all have a wonderful 2013 and will be back to posting whatever is happening in my world.  Thanks for stopping by and create something pretty.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

West Texas Rain and Santa

Well ho ho ho, it is getting close to Christmas now.  Can you feel the excitement of it all?   There is an advertisment now on TV that several kids are sitting on the sofa with the little head flashlights on their forheads waiting for Santa.   I love this ad, not sure what they are advertising but then the next scene they are in all positions sound asleep on the same sofa.  I can remember going to big department stores, I think in Washington state and the stores were so decorated like a fairy land.  I will always remember those wonderful sites.   A note about really not knowing where I was, Daddy was in the Army so we did move a time or two and I was like 5 ish when I remember that time in my life.   

At our mall here in Lubbock years and years ago there was a store called Hempell Wells, not sure on the spelling of that one.  They use to have display windows outside of their store, they would decorate them to the hilt, dolls and creations all celebrating Christmas.  Icicles and elves doing little cute things that they do.  A beautiful religious scene was always part of the display also.    Sadly the store is gone now and the windows all bricked up but the memories are still here in my mind though.   I think what we do to make memories is such a wonderful treat for us.

When we had our home in Seminole I would try and decorate it to the hilt, garlands and pretties everywhere  with a little manger scene I bought from Sears and Roebuck in 1973 , I still use it by the way.  Baby Jesus does not go out of style in my book.    We had a 14 foot tree in the middle of the room and I used it many times for Christmas sessions and it made me feel good that people wanted their family photographs in front of our tree.  

We have now pared down and down on the tree size, down to an 8 foot tree.  It does look kind of wimpy compared to the larger ones we had but still decorated with love and all the fan fare that goes with it.  I have changed some of the decorations, the Victorian dolls have come out of their box this year and they are still just as pretty as ever.   Our small collection of Santa's have moved everywhere in this house and I think I have finally found a home for them.  

Now this little Santa I treasure most of all.  Grandson sold it to me in one of the school "donations" as I call them.   I can still remember him with his little brief case and pulling the folder out with lots of "prizes" for you to choose for a small donation to help the school.

The little grouping of Santa's with Christmas pictures at their feet and I keep thinking I need to get one more, odd numbers you know, but oh well bet Santa doesn't care at all.   In the back is the old typewriter of Eldon's mothers.   In it at Christmas is a note to Santa to be safe and the our Grands have been very good this year.  
 Now I know I talked about West Texas Rain, well here is some photos of it in all it's glory.  
Now I promise that none of these photos have been retouched or enhanced in any way.   Yesterday morning it was nice, we ran out and did a couple of errands and was safely at home by 10:30.   Then Katy bar the door with wind hit with gusts over 65 MPH and up.   This is out our back door.    Kind of reminds me of the red color in a movie that Arnold  S. did.  

Out our front door.  You can imagine what everything looks like today, a tad dusty.  Oh well, I guess I needed to dust again anyway.  It does filter into the house, not bad but you know it is there.  The fur babies loved it they got to stay inside our home.  Now remember they are outside dogs unless it is cold, hot, wind blowing, raining or snowing.   I think that covers all the elements that bring them in.  
Now these two photos I copped off of Ron Roberts, our weatherman, face book site but had to share them. Not sure who took them but they were pretty awesome.

An aerial of our storm.   I use to go up and do aerial photos but only on calm days. 
Now I am thinking that Santa would have a tough time flying in this wind and dust what do you think?   He does manage to do a lot of magic though and has his reindeer to guide him.    Should I mention Rudolph? 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. In case I don't get back here for a day or so   Have a wonderful Merry Christmas.   Yes I still say Merry Christmas.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eazy Peazy and Yummy

Now it is the time for yummy foods and things our hips don't need at all.  Dear Jane said, I hope I get this right, 5 seconds on the lips and 5 years on the hips.   Cute isn't it and so very true.   At least in my case it is.  

Every year I make goodies and give away and we have to eat them also.   Then after Christmas we put the left overs in the freezer and then about our Anniversary in January, 52 years coming up, we take some out of the freezer to celebrate.   Then every once in a while DH comes grinning like a little boy in a candy shop with some goodies in hand and announces that the goodies were calling his name and he had to rescue it from the frozen tundra of the freezer.   So rest assured the goodies do not fall into the frozen abyss of the freezer never to see daylight again.  

I found a link to a site and went there.   Oh my goodness these girls are going to kill my hips I kid you not.  Six Sisters' Stuff   has not only a cute story but lots of goodies for us to try.   It is our duty to do this I certainly don't want to hurt their feelings, they are all cute as a bug and talented.   I gave you the link for cracker toffee.  I know I thought what?  Cracker toffee?  I have made some yummy somethings with grahm crackers like this and they are to die for but saltine crackers?  Well my trust stove and oven got fired up again and I made them and yep they are an eazy peazy version of toffee and will do major damage to you hips.  

I won't put a pic on today with this post, they have a great one with the recipe and you can print it off and the whole nine yards. 

Well my friends,  thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   Have a good day and create something pretty.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lots of Cutting--LOTS

Back in the olden days my mother in law got me for Christmas some electric scissors.  Man I loved those things, I could just zip thru fabric like Edward Scissor  Hands.  Bits and pieces just flying in the air and my hand wouldn't hurt at all.  You know sometimes you get scissor hand cramps and not with those things.

Now I say this because I just finished a couple of new stockings for the grands.  I was going to do the Crazy Quilt ones but then I remembered that until 1988 we had similar stockings.  I needed something totally different,  a new start so to speak. 

I was blog hopping, do y'all do that sometimes?  On one blog    Stone Gable I found this delightful stocking and the instructions so off I went.   Cutting lots of little pieces, glueing and playing.  There I go creating like a 1st grader again.   Love that they do the glueing and "playing" with their creations. 

Semi close up of one of my stockings.    Only 210 little petals for the pointsettias on one stocking.  .  Loved doing it though.

A close up of the pretty poinsettia's.  

 I added a red bow for Grandson's stocking, maybe a little less girlie.  I don't think he will mind though.
White bow for the Princess's stocking.  I know it is girlie and she will love it and the bling also.

So I am giving Stone Gable a giant thanks for the tut on her blog.
There you go what is happening in my world today.  Thanks for stopping by.   Hummmmm it is smelling like Christmas around here.  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Bling in the Snow

Ho ho ho, well getting there isn't it?    We have not had snow and yes our part of Texas does get some snow.  Not a lot but usually a little and gone the next day--USUALLY .    I always love looking at it from our nice warm home and seeing the sun hit the snow and looks like little diamonds.   Glistening and sparkles.  That sounds like Mother Nature Bling to me.   Maybe deep down Mother Nature is part Texan and loves her bling.  She could be. 

I have been working on my December journal page for Roses on My Table.   Love that place by the way.   I had some tissue paper with holly on it and just wadded it up and glued it down on my double page.  I always try to make double pages so my art journal will flow better.   After gluing it down I added gesso over it and I saw trees lots of branches so off I ran with that.   Funny how when you start one of these things I never never know where I am going with it.   So added some "snow" aka cotton batting stolen from the mantle piece I did this year and added some glitter and mica flakes and added my Mother Nature bling.  

Now I know there are no rules for art journaling but I just do it my way and no one has kicked me out of the art journal world.   I do try to glue bits and pieced of things on my pages but again thank goodness no rules.  

So here it is and my journal is growing.   Yea that means I am filling it up and doing some art work. 

After adding the charcoal and pan pastels the branches just said here I am.  
I also made a couple of new stockings for the mantel this year.   Eazy Peazy just a lot of cutting.  Hey I could tell you about that one in a day or so.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  Have a great day and create something pretty.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Abby with lines

I was thinking today that y'all might like to see Miz Abby with the lines drawn on her face.  Some points to look at.   Now my printer got carried away as printers are know for at times.  The white lines?   Just pretend they are not there.  I drew some lines with my trusty 6 inch ruler that I got in a little art box many many years ago.  It is green and plastic, not that matters but just wanted to give it a little credit for helping me.   I do not draw lines on my faces like this but just have the reference points.  

Here you go Miz Abby with lines.  Notice the horizontal line from the bottom of her left eye( facing you) and how far down it is under her right eye.   I did the angle lines just to show the tilt of the her head.    The edge of her mouth is close to the outside edge of her eye.  Just little things like this is what I look for.    Just thought this might help also.  The white lines are the computer printers addition, guess it wanted to get into the act also.  
Thanks for coming to my world today and seeing what is going on.  Happy sketching

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Longatude and latitude

I have wondered really what good is longitude and latitude in the everyday life?  I mean I am not a navigator or a sailor and so proud of the ones that are and understand it all.  I  know it is the vertical and horizontal lines that help with navigation but what would a housewife/artist do with these things?   I know a lot of people any more don't use vertical and horizontal as words any more, it is sideways and longways and heard a new one the other day, " a laying down one".  But to me they are still horizontal and vertical.  So where are you going Annette?   Hang loose I getting there.   Promise.

Now as you noticed I have been doing sketching and someone asked if I would teach, don't laugh  can you imagine me telling something to teach the way I wander on stories?   Well that got me to thinking of vertical and horizontal lines and how I use them.  It was sweet of her to even think I could teach something.   Thanks my friend.   xo

Doing portraits like I am doing requires a lot of measuring and erasing and measuring again.  Sometimes you even rip the piece of paper out of the book and tear it up into a million pieces, that does make one feel good also. I love digital painting but there is something about getting the fingers into the drawing and using a kneaded eraser and paper stump.   Just can't explain it. 

So I am going to put a pic up and then my sketch and tell you how I go about it.  Not to wordy or I will stray to other subjects and my anyway but I will try.   

Now after putting the two on here side by side oh my goodness I can see more work to be done but that is another time.  I did get a likeness and will do better next time.   Right now I am consoling myself, my external hard drive crashed so boo hoo and onward and upward and supposedly it will cost over $500 to retrieve it so I am trying my best to think of what is on it and since I have the new computer I have not backed up in a while.   BUT thank goodness I blog.  That will save some pics for me.   

OK,  I measure first how far the eyes are apart, some have closer eyes that others that is a start.   Usually your head is 5 eyes wide and usually never over or pretty darn close to being a hand long.  Just put your hand over your face and see what I mean.  Pretty close isn't it?  If you get a face over 6 inches long it usually poses different problems.  Everyone and I mean everyone has a big eye and a little eye.  Being a photographer for years, a million, you can know how to tilt the head and camera angles how to make it less noticeable.  It is done.   I draw a line usually with a ruler and if you want with a pencil also like how wide the nose is in comparison to the eyes.  A lot of times the edges of the mouth will  have a line ( invisible) to the center of the eye, just depends on the tilt of the head.  Measure from the base of the nose to the center of the lips and center of the lips to the bottom of the chin.    These are just starting points for you . Then start fine tuning the measurements and keep refining them.

I draw an invisible line like to the bottom of this left eye to see where it lines up to the right eye.  Sometimes you will draw a straight line and it might need to be a bit curved and that changes the looks a LOT.  Are the eyes deep set, you can make that appear with some shading.  Remember we are just  using paper and pencil. 

The face has many under planes on it and those can be shaded to make it have shape.  Like at the bridge of the nose, the under part of the nose, the top lip is an under plane, under the bottom lip is an under plane.   The bottom part of the eye the "bags" we hate but have to have to hold our eyeballs in.  I know they are attached but to me it reminds me that it holds them in. 

Yep looking at this cutie I see lots to be repaired but as DH says I did get a good likeness and that is what I am trying to brush up on.  But if I see her I could give her a Cow Pow and she would be happy as a lark.  Love love her personality.   Now I have to go do another sketch of her. 

 I darkened the side of her face to make it curve back and on the side of the nose so it has some shape.  Some people have very pronounced "balls" on their nose and some do not.  It is the tiny differences that make us   US.   soem have ski jump noses, some have had maybe their nose broken at some time and have a little bump in them.   That is their nose and makes it them. 

Remember the chin is sort of a ball also and the eyes really are.  Some are bigger than others but a good ruler and lots of measuring will help.  
There you go a quick convo about the sketching.   I hope this helped one person.  I can go deeper but thought just a hint or two might help, if you want to go this route.  There are many many ways of doing anything and this is my way.  Right or wrong, it is how I do it.  These sketches take a while, a long while they are not done in like 10 minutes trust me on that.   First I just kind of sketch where their features are and then start refining and remeasuring and erasing .   I do use a mechanical pencil and that helps also.  I have the pencils for sketching the hard and soft ones but a mechanical pencil is great and after 68 years I have finally learned how to reload the things and not go buy new ones everytime they run out of lead.   I kept thinking ok this is a little pencil surely I can reload it.    WHEW !!!!!  Such pressure in life.    
So thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world and thanks Abby for being so sweet on NCIS.