Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tatonka and the Faerie

You know every once in a while you get sweet surprises in your life.  They might be in different forms or even subject matter but a surprise they are.   Even something as a little flower you forget about in your garden and it blooms and you think where did you come from?   I usually say it out loud the only one to hear me is the flower and the faeries.   The flower is so perfectly formed and the colors so perfect. 
I was working on a painting and you know when you feel like something is gelling?  Going together and it is just suppose to be what is developing?  Well this big guy and they are so big in real life went together like he was in command.   When I draw and paint my faeries that is how they guide me also but this big guy he led the way the whole time.  
I use to paint pretty realistic subject matter  in my younger days.   The time in my life when I thought I had to enter art shows and all the fluff, sorry it is true, that goes with it. I was in galleries and the whole nine yards.   I had fun at that stage of my life but there was always a void in what I was feeling about my art.   So now over 33 years have past since I did my last painting of any size.   Now my sweet little faeries they are certainly in a separate category to me.  A whimsical, fun and colorful little creature that when watching TV just calls me to paint them.  They are indeed a different category.   This big guy named the painting "Tatonka" which is Indian for Buffalo.   Well at least in the movie "Dancing with Wolves" it is.    I could imagine the Buffalo running the ranges and how it would thunder with all the noise of the hooves hitting the ground. 
I so enjoyed painting him and he went to a good home.   Well I have had two homes wanting him to come live with them.  So two 30 x 40 prints are going to two different states.  After all of these years I feel like maybe I am doing the type of painting, besides my sweet faeries, maybe I just wanted to create.   I took an online class with Tracy Verdugo in Australia and she sent me off on a fun journey.  Painting what is inside my heart, the little faeries do that to me a lot.
A young lady I know said Annette you need Etsy, so I am going to venture off and put him on Etsy just to see what he does.  He will be with my faeries and they are mischievous enough to tease and taunt him.  We will see where this adventure leads us. 
The second surprise is this priceless little twig house that Brayleigh, a dear friend's granddaughter made for me out of twigs from the yard.  She is 12 years old and such a talented young lady.  She has also been a model for some of my faeries.  I received  this package in the mail and she knew I had a Faerie village but this is so special I could not put it outside in the elements of rain, yes rain we are having, winds and general sand storms.  The faerie was also in the package so I pranced myself down and bought some little plants, put them in a bowl with the faerie and the house and they are in our semi finished sun room.   That really touched my heart that a 12 years old, so busy took the time to gather the twigs and make this house for me.    Thank you Brayleigh.

You just never know what will come to you via thoughts and ideas or in the mail.    It is always a surprise what the start of the day will bring you and I think we just need to be open and see what unfolds. 
Well that is all that is going on in my bunny trail world today and thanks for stopping by.