Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's not the camera you have ----it is what is behind the camera that counts.

Hello and welcome to April/May 2010.  

I can't believe it is almost into May, where has the year gone by?  They say the older you get the faster time goes by.  Man, I didn't know it would go by this fast.  WHEW!!!!

I wanted to touch base about photography.  I am certainly not a technical person--at all.  I use to have a dear friend, who is now in heaven, and she said I just got by in photography by the seat of my pants.  I guess she was right.  I would create an image and other photographers would say how did I do that? What  f stops or film speed.  Man I didn't know, I just shot what I felt.  I had a very good camera angel that took care of me.    Once when I was around some photographers at a convention I could hear some talking that they could take better photographs if they had a better camera and lights.   I just didn't and still don't understand.  I honestly think it is what is behind the camera that really speaks, not the camera.  Now don't misunderstand me, being a professional I had the best camera and it was  such a workhorse.  Even when I would drop it, just kept on working.  Guess like a Timex watch.  "Keeps on ticking after it takes a lickin".  (Something like that)  I know some will disagree about what kind of camera you need,  but hey----this is my blog.   Right?

Now today everyone has a digital camera and they are "photographers".  I am talking about professional photographers here, not the wonderful moms , dads and  grans that capture time.    There is no depth at all to a lot of their photography. Just flat  little pictures.   Go to seminars and conventions learn what is out there.  So many talented photographers would share what they have learned thru the years  and they have programs for teaching you wonderful steps and their process to become wonderful.  If you want to be a professional do these simple things and you will excel beyond belief.  I pinkie promise you.    Think to your self, would you like what you are shooting to hang on your wall?   I have been a professional photographer for 24 years now and I am now going back to my beloved art.  I feel like I made a lot of people happy with my journey with professional photography and I got to meet some wonderful people, well a few cranks but I won them over.    Ok, enough of my soap box wanderings.   Don't know how I got on this subject.  

The very first camera I had or actually it was Eldon's and I copped it when we  got married.  Remember we were married when we were three.   It was cute and little and a Baby Brownie.  When we could afford the film, yes FILM, we would get film  and I would take a roll of photos almost instantly , I am thinking it only took 12 pictures on a roll.   I think, dont' hold me to that.  Now remember I never held a camera before and had never taken a photograph before.  After looking at a couple of these now, 49 years or more  later I thought hey some look pretty good.  So here goes.  Enjoy the story down the line.  

 The wonderful little Baby Brownie, isn't it just to cute and so little? You had to take the little silver slides off to get into the back of the camera to load the film. This was a true "point and shoot"  didn't have a clue of what you photographed  until the processed photos came back .  It was always so exciting. This was before I knew to WRITE things down that you did and then it wasn't a guessing game.   

 Very first photo I took. Vickie, our oldest had fallen asleep so I ran outside and shot this one thru the window outside.   No flash you know.  If I remember correctly had to climb on a box to be able to see inside the room.  Love this available light.  No light meters or any thing fancy just the little Baby Brownie.   I loved it and is still one of my favorite photos.  Of course she was dressed to the nines, as much as a baby could be back in 1961.  Yes that far back. 

 Here is Miss Vickie a little older and posing for me in the little rocking chair we got with the wonderful S & H Green Stamps.  Just window light with the same little Baby Brownie camera.  
Group shot!!!!! Granted the little camera did deliver a little soft photos but it did capture the time.   Today we could call it SOFT FOCUS.  Wonderful Eldon holding Vickie and his sister's family.  Yes there are twins here, Lynn and Gwyn  and Jan.   Guess Jerry Don just didn't want us to get his face.  Maybe he was looking for  the cookie lady . 

Now times are getting better!!!! I got a Kodak Fiesta camera.   Oh I thought I was uptown it had a FLASH!!!!! Color is almost making an entry to my world but not quite yet.   Color comes when we have our daughter number three.  
 Here it is!!!!!!  The camera of all cameras.  Well at this time in my life anyway.  Look a strap and everything.  I wore this camera out.   The little flash bulb came in  packs and never ever lasted long enough and a lot of the times just wouldn't work and then you messed a shot of film and hoped the next try the flash would go off.  Always wanted to take more pictures and the the flash bulbs just were gone.  
 Well, have advanced to flash,  same little chair and same little girl.  We have added a prop.   A sweet little kitty, not sure if it is as happy as Vickie to be there.  Doesn't look to happy does it?  By the hair I think this is about the same time as her posing with the cookie.    Check out the drapes.  Aren't those doozies?   Would certainly be vintage now.   This probably about 1962ish.  
 This is an easy one,  1965.   I am sure you all have some wonderful pictures like this.  BUT I am using flash.   Oh they were so happy to have an ironing board.  They didn't know what they were asking for did they?   Does anyone iron anymore?  I did and still do.  I use to even iron their t-shirts.  They didn't go out of the house with out hair done, bows in and clothes nicely ironed. 
I think I have worn your eyes out now.  I am going to write some little blogs about photo hints.  I know some of you have requested this and there are some web sites I can give you links to that will help you.  Surely I did professional photography  for all these years for a reason to help someone.   What do you think?  I do have some sweethearts that email me for advise and as you know I can give the advise.  I have even been told I have an opinion.  Can you believe that?   LOL

 Just had to add this one made with the Fiesta.   My how time just goes by to fast.
Check out the wonderful Pontiac.    

Thanks for dropping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  You never know.    See you next time.   Hugs and hugs.