Sunday, December 14, 2014


It is funny how something you see or do makes you think of an adventure or episode of your life of younger years.   Be it a flutter of a leaf, a dog barking, some little something of a glimpse of something on television.   Just like a little alarm clock so to speak.  There it is stuck in your mind until you either write about it or write about it. 

The other evening I thought yikes I have not written on my blog and y'all are going to tar and feather me.   Oh just kidding on the tar and feathering.   While thinking that I thought of Ivanhoe the movie I almost got to see in 1952.   Yep the world was perking along even then.   I had always thought that Robert Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor were brother and sister.  Well, you have to remember I was only 8 years old then also.  When that movie came out I was so excited and thought I had to go see it.   The movie came out in an interesting time in my life so a lot was happening besides Ivanhoe.    I was 8 and my brother and sister that went to the movie with me was 7 and 6.   We stood inline like all the dressed to the nines adults in line.  We had our 25 cents in our hands so excited.  It was enough to get in the movie and get a popcorn.   We got closer and closer to the office box and while waiting looking at the movie poster and chattering about it.   Yea our turn at the box office.  The person, I can't remember if a guy or girl, calmly said it is 60 cents each please.   60 cents?   Oh my that was a giant sum for us and I remember asking why and it is because it is a special movie.   So we all three held hands and off to walk back home.  It was dark dark by then but we made it home safely but no Ivanhoe.   Never did see that movie but oh love movies still.   I remember later that year that we could go to a movie, have our popcorn and stay all day to see our Westerns and the cartoons and newsreels.  

Now I know some don't remember that is how we got news.  The newsreels at the movies.   At least that is how I remember it and along with the previews of the upcoming movies and the wonderful cartoons.  Such a delightful Saturday afternoon.  I have loved movies always and a good place to take you away and be in a fantasy world for a while.  I am always not watching the movie for it's self but seeing the lighting, the decoration of the rooms and props and the make up and costumes.  Man there is a big job to go to a movie for me.  

This is some images of the Alien can you imagine how my mind checks out these costumes and  the backgrounds.   I can't tell you how many times I have seen this movie and A vs P.   Many many times and my friend Ginger even bought me the DVD of A vs P  .  

Now days our Sunday afternoons is watching the Dallas Cowboys play football and in the spring and summer the Texas Rangers play baseball.  Well I usually do stitching and sketching during all of this time and when we go to the movies during the week it is an early movie so we won't have lots of people talking and sharing the movie on their cell phones.   A lot has changed since 1952 I do believe.  

My art has changed a lot also from my stick people scenes I use to draw to what I am doing now.   I don't believe I ever shared the last couple of pieces I did with Tracy Verdugo.   Years ago I tried to get as lifelike and totally controlled what I drew and painted, then into photography and now back into traditional art.   Wow during all that time my muse really has grown or she has been there all the time and I am just now listening.    I can thank Tracy for letting my muse just come out and play.

One of the pieces I did, but recycling me gessoed on the back of an old display photograph and tada a new painting surface.

This is how my muse led me to do this 34 inch by 34 inch piece.  Yep it is big but was fun and no telling how many layers are on this sort of canvas.   Of course the photo does not do it justice with all the textures and colors and what is peeking thru for the eyes to see.    I like to think my muse and all my movie going all played together and this is what came out.   I can see an alien in a spaceship, underwater that is ( Jules Vern? ) and so many other little images in it. I am thinking the movies just helped my muse grow.   
There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.