Saturday, February 14, 2015

A New Life for a CD and Link to Kathy's classes

Hello and you know there is always something we can do with old things or things we just don't use anymore.   Now use to in the OLDEN days it was "making do" but NOWDAYS it is "recycling"  so whatever we will call this wonderful project here it is.

CD's, now I know we all have some of them laying around just being flat as a flitter, saying ok what is my next job?  I have held music, photos and what have you for a long time.  So what is next?

This is what I did with two of mine.  Now this is not my idea, wish I would have thought of it but can follow directions fairly well.   

They say, whoever they is, pictures tell a story so here was my story about my pin cushion.   I stuffed it with something.  Now the reason I say that is I went into the closet and there was a white trash bag full of fluffiness.   I guess I had "gutted" some pillows to use the fabric for CQing but there was all the fluffiness and so I now have a big bag full so will have to make more pin cushions. Eazy peazy and fun to do.  Only thing this being my first one I got the pretties a little to close to the edge so a lesson learned.
So you may be asking how? How? HOW?   Well my dears here is the link, wonderful instructions and a sweetheart of a lady to share with we " how did they do that  ladies".     Thank you Ivory Blush Roses. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my CQ world.  I hope you try this fun project.   I will never look at a CD the same way as I use to.   Hummmm a project waiting to happen.  
The link to Kathy Shaw's free classes.  Well worth the time.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just Stuff !!!

OK y'all it is February already, before we know it is over being a short month .  Now it is funny to me how being two or sometimes one day short of 30 days makes things go by quicker.   Guess a lot of it is in our minds.   Oh I could really go there couldn't I ? I won't go there this time !!!!! Maybe. 

It is the end of winter sort of, where it is in the 30's and 40's one day and then for a few days like today I think suppose to be 80.   Yep you read that correct.   Just like a yo-yo around here BUT  soon it will stay warmer and the wind will clear it's throat and the WEST TEXAS RAIN will flow.   Well that is what I call our sand storms, might as well have fun with it.  It is a gonna happen.   Promise.

We did spray, well I sprayed and hubby trimmed in the front ,the other day.  Yes, gasp and double gasp, we use chemicals on our yard.  There is some nasty, water drinking, ground covering clover , looking stuff that spreads I kid you not like wildfire.   We have been fighting it for over 5 years now and have made some progress.   Well the weed lets us think so anyway.   I sprayed it and hubby had some dye in it so I could see what and where I was going.  The dye was blue, a pretty shade of blue I might add.  The time I finished my fingers were nice and blue also and what did we do?  Went out for lunch to eat, now I did giggle ---what if I needed to go to the emergency room or something like that and there was my blue fingers and finger nails,  Oh what a puzzlement that would be.   What is wrong with this poor lady they would ask?   Ok I am thinking weird today, forgive me.  

Now I have been taking Life Book again an online thingie that some years I don't do much on it and some years I go wild.  Well so far this year has had some fun projects on there.   Just a carefree playing for me, no stress just paint and cut I guess like a first grader.   I think we have like 25 or so teachers and they share their skills and just urge us on to do some of it.   Well here is some of mine that I have done so far.  No not my usual artsy stuff but fun and just getting the fingers messy and other colors to go with my dyed blue fingers and nails.

Here are some I have done in the class.  Now I try to do, sort of, kind of , like the teacher tells us so I can feel and see what she is sharing with us.   Then I go off and do my thing, but to me if they take the time to do these videos why not try to capture their take?  their lesson?  what they want to share with us?   Just my thinking though.  

Tammy taught this little class and was really totally different than anything I have done.  I guess you noticed that though didn't you? 

                                              Another Tammy lesson The Beacon of Light.. Now I love taking off of Tammy she is such a good and no pretentious person  and I always giggle with her at some of the things she says.  I can relate so well with her.

A lettering class of sorts taught by Joanne Sharpe.   I didn't have the supplies she asked for but just used what I had.  I do that a lot, using my on hand supplies.  Why not they will just dry up if you don't use them.  Right?  

 Patti Ballard taught this little class, my face did emerge as one of my sort of faces but was fun.   Loved the nothing of the hands and feet.  Patti's little faces were cute and may do another like hers.  This is so unlike me to do my own thing on their instructions.  Guess I felt rebellious that day?   

Then the Dream Catcher.  Rachael Rice taught this one and I did admit I strayed some but on the whole did what she said.  Sorta.    It was fun to do and might make some more of them.  Just because.
Ok back to my CQing.   Thought to myself,  Annette if you are going to do CQing you need to hone up on some embroidery.   I mean just spelling it is an accomplishment beside doing it.   So Kathy Shaw, the ramrod of the CQJP 2015, was giving a free----yes  a FREE class so I took it.

This was my finished piece, well before the finishing pretties were put on it.  

The finished piece, I don't know if I was suppose to put that many beads on it but you know me and bling----- it probably weighs a hundred pounds now so I think it is finished.  
There you, that is what is going on in my world at the moment.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on.