Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What a Bucket List Trip

I know I have mentioned my bucket list.  The young whipper snappers may think that is old but it is a list of things you want to do.  Even if you want to put mopping a floor on your list, it is your list.   Not that mopping the floor would ever be on mine, I just don't see enough adventure in that do you?

A few weeks ago Grandson said Nana isn't sky diving on your bucket list?  That young man does listen.  You bet it is so the adventure was beginning.   Never in the whole experience was I nervous.  Nope not one bit.  

I won't babble on I will just tell you the trip and the feeling of it all.   Oh what an experience  it was also, I don't know if words will describe it well enough. 

The only thing I was disappointed in is------- I was going to yell Geronimo when I jumped out and forgot until half way down.  Kind of senseless to do it then wasn't it?  Well and we had to get up by  5:30 and get ready and drive out to Skydive Dallas.  I am not an early morning person unless I have to be.  Let me tell you that company handled themselves so professionally and I was impressed how it all was handled. 

We are practicing how it is in the sky, now believe me I thought I was doing like Allex did.  I don't think my body bends like hers anymore, but guess I did OK I am here to tell you about it.   You can giggle, I sure did when I saw the picture.  

We were put into little groups and I was in the group with Grandson, Granddaughter and  ex son in law.    We were issued our costumes and needed to be very snug, so mine was and squashed parts of me a lot.  : )   Then we had the little leather skull caps to wear nice and tight on our heads with some clear goggles. I found out why we wear the cap, it helps keep the wind out of your ears.  It was horrible on the hair do though.   Man I was uptown, ready and with my costume on and my little family there to enjoy the fun.  Hubby was taking the pics and did an excellent job I might say myself.

Here we are in our little costumes ready to go.   Allex, me, Addison and Bobby.

Here I am with my new best friend all ready in my costume, buckled up and harness ready.   I was ready to fly like a bird, well sort of.

We loaded a plane with several others and  off we went to 13,500 feet.   I was getting warm up there but when they opened the side door it cooled things off and I felt just pretty good.   Granddaughter said her feet were cold but when you get my age you hardly ever get cold.  Now I have been up in a small plane at least 25 times when I use to shoot aeriel of farms and spray planes in Tandem.   Usually spray pilots took me up in the planes  and they do like to show what theyl can do with the airplanes.   I know for sure you don't get hot in those things they will make the tummy pretty upset.  The pilot of this plane made it a smooth ride up.   We were sitting on little benches safely and tightly hooked and attached to our Tandem masters as I called them or our very best friend for 20 minutes.     Hats on, goggles on  and it was my turn.  Of our little group  I thought I will go first,  Allex and I were closest to the back of the plane.  

Here we are waiting for the plane, we entered first but were the last to jump.  There were some divers that did competition jumps in there with us, don't think we were in that category.  What do you think?  There is an altitude thingie on the strap, don't think I even looked at it.  In fact I forgot about it. 

Loading the plane with our parachutes  loaded and well packed.  Bobby in the opening, then Addison, Princess and then me.   Well the pros in the back there.  We did kind of blend there for a few minutes.   

I scooted on the bench with my new best friend and we both stood up and he twirled me around told me to cross my arms and head back.    One two three and we were out the door quicker than you could blink and eye, I think we were sucked out but either way out we went.  Addison said I closed my eyes but must have been a second because I saw the new best friends thumbs go up and I knew I had gotten out of the plane and correctly.    They warned us that the two most important things were the getting out and the landing.  WHEW   I had gotten that part right.  Now we whizzed down for 60 to 90 seconds free fall at 120 miles per hour.  That has got to be the best feeling in the world.  I cannot say anymore about that.  I had to do my little arch and hands and arms bent but it was pretty easy with the wind blowing on you as you fall down to earth, oh I should say free fall to earth. 

A couple of views of me in the air, my goodness what form I had .  You know I never looked up to see the canopy the below view was just to pretty.  I did look and see others, my family, coming down though.  I even looked for Eldon on the ground but didn't find him.  In some of the pictures I was a dot, didn't think you wanted to see a dot with a purple chute in the air. 

The above pic is my landing form

We then got to practice what my legs did for  the landing. Then I heard  the words---get ready to land  and it all came to an end way to soon.   Will I do it again? In a New York second.  It was not scared at all and again I was not nervous one bit.  Now what else is on my list?   I even saw on TV where with a new best friend you can jump off of a mountain and glide in the air like that.  I think I need to add that to my list.  

Bobby in the Red, yellow and white, Addison in the blue and black and white and Princess Allex in the orange and see her shoe strings even match. Now that is fashion. 

          Safe and sound and smiles on the ground.   We are all hooked. It was just so good for the soul to feel that way.  

Well thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   xoxox Annette


  1. I had chills reading of your brave adventure. What a wonderful experience.
    I am so proud of you!

  2. What an awesome blog post, Annette!! I am so proud of you too...and so glad you got to experience that....looks like the thrill of a lifetime....kudos to you, my dear friend!! xoxo

  3. Annette, you are just too darn cute in your little outfit! I'm so proud of you! You go girl!!!

  4. Your rock Annette, I would not do that, you are brave, way to go girl, you make me proud. Hugs Marilou

  5. I couldn't wait to see & read this one. You are too much, you little dare devil you!!! Hooray for Annette, CONGRATS on the dive! xxxxoooo, Colleen

  6. Congrats I bow you Annette.

  7. You daredevil you!! For his 72nd birthday, my husband went skydiving! One of the highlights of his life--not sure I am that adventurous!!

  8. I will repeat what the other Jane said O..M..G.. can't believe you did it !!!! I am just totally in admiration, and you didn't even have one moment of fear ! Respect ! But I am really glad you are down again .. and now you want to throw yourself from a mountain ! As the others say..a true little dare devil! Bravo ! XX

  9. wooooohoooo my hero here u did it and i think u rock...

    hugz bev

  10. WOW, WOW, WOW how brave are you!!!!!!! Go girl..... What a great post. We sometimes think what we would like to do in life but never quite get round to it. But, you did and good on you.
    By the way received my wonderful blog hop prize today here in Spain thankyou, it's just wonderful thankyou so much.

  11. Thanks girls for stopping by. I just cannot say again how much fun it was--jumping out of a perfectly good working airplane. Maybe in another life I was a dare devil? xoo

  12. OMG...you are sooo brave i couldnt jump i would have to be pushed out and unconcioues at the same time...with my heart in my mouth i had a good read of your dare devil experience and credit where crdits due you all did fantastically well so brave too hugs sassyxxx


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