Monday, March 21, 2016


 Hello and good morning,   ok drawing done and will announce the winners.  Now if y'all know me at all you know I can't stand it and had to make one more pretty.  So I have 3 to give away instead of 2.  .   BUT  I am a softy and had Eldon draw 7 more.  Yep 7  more so the second group of ladies will get a little prize.   Not in the same category as the first set of prizes but a little something.   I bet you will like it.

Drum rollllllllll please.     


A little something group ( probably a little lace, a ciggie or a little surprise)

Congratulations ladies so proud for you.  Now I don't think I know some of you so please comment here your mailing address and first and last names.  No one will see the addresses so they will be safe on here.    I will then get them ready to get to you via snail mail.

A little collage of Karen's pouch, ready for cell ( well if not one of those giant things I have seen ) or your sunglasses.  One lady that has one keeps her pill bottles  in it.   This has some Vintage Sari trim at the bottom.  Lots of pretty can't imagine a whole Sari with so many beads, don't you know it is beautiful?   Enjoy it Karen and they are tough, I have carried one for several years and not the worse for wear and even have one on the end table with lip gloss, nail file and the Texas Rangers Baseball schedule in it.   

Renee's Pin Cushion.  The little button is I think a mold depression glass button   and the little bee I made with my very own fingers and beads and wire.   Enjoy it Renee. 

Talking Horse Arts cute cute Pin Cushion, bet you are glad I made a third prize aren't you?   This is so delicate looking but tough as a boot.  Enjoy it Talking Horse.  

Thank you all for peeking in on my blog and will try not to go as long without another give a way.  These are fun and hope it makes your day.     As of this second 65,568 views.   OMG.    


PS   I forgot to say dear ladies that if you want to post go for it and then peps can see your thoughts and feelings.  BUT the winners please just put your address in a different post or Facebook message me.  That way I can delete your address after I write it down and no one will see it.   Hugs and glad to make your day oxoxxo

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Give a Way

Hello and no real bunny trails today just news about the give a way.   Just checked and this very absolute second I have had 65,192 views.   Now I am happy as a lark that this little blog, that tells just stuff , has had that many views.  Can you tell I am grinning like a Cheshire Cat?   Well I am.

I have made two pretties and please tell me if you have a preference if you would rather have one over the other. 

The first one is  ( well the front of it right now) a sun glass/ cell phone/ or whatever pouch.   It is sporting one of the faeries I have drawn and painted and I love these colors.  So much that I am making myself one also.   Kind of like it but not really, have to have all originals.

 Here are some close ups of the front of it .  I have to show the whole front also.   

Now it will be padded and of course a back but I thought it would show up prettier flat as a flitter.  
The next pretty is a little heart pin cushion with a bee I made.  The pincushion will be stuffed but again I thought flat would make a prettier picture for now.  
So there you are, my two pretties for the give away.   Now all you have to do,  and I think most of you are,  is be a followers and just tell me which pretty you had rather have in the comment section here.   If either one just say that also.  Right now don't tell me where to mail your prize right .   On the 21st of March I will do our high tech drawing, names on paper and I throw them on the floor and hubby picks up two for me.  See I told you it is high tech.  Well unless we get tons of comments then I will have to resort to something more high tech .     On the 21st I will have the comments so I approve them and you can give your mailing address then.  No one will see it except me. 
Now dear ones if for some reason this blog home will not let you leave your name to be entered just go to Facebook if you are there and just tell me you are in the running.   Don't have a clue what is happening but some cannot post.  So sorry about this. ox
I just wanted to thank all who have viewed my little blog and just making my day.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Alice, the Knight and The Lady in Red

Hello and happy Saturday.   Now I know it is like a regular day to us, being as Hubby and I are Relaxed Retired, but we still think WEEKEND relaxing.   I suppose WEEKEND  is just ingrained in us.   Work on weekday and relax on weekends.  It is funny isn't it how we get into habits of different little quirks.   
Now when kids and grandkids were in school we went to ball games on weekends also as well as during the week.   One time, I guess this is dedication or nutty or some label, one of our daughters didn't do track.   BUT she worked at the concession stand, so Hubby and I went to the track meets to "support " her.   Sometimes people would ask us why were we there and our answer would be because our daughter was working in the concession stand.  Funny what we do for our kids isn't it?    One daughter was a runner, a true runner.  She ran like the wind and we loved hearing people from other towns that were sitting next to us say watch this one she can run like the wind.   One track meet we went to the field was so foggy we could only see the start line and the finish line but we got to see her start and finish and of course win.  She didn't let the fog slow her down.   
I am not sure why this little story came to mind but it did today.  I guess the wind blowing and the sun shining made me think of track meets. 
Today I am showing the March CQJP and of course it is Alice and the knight.  I do wish you could see the horse better it is blinged up big time.   The horse has lots of sparkles on it.   I painted the designs on the little birds, made the trees go out of the "ciggie"/ silky  and made some polka dot flowers out of ribbon.   This has been a fun project.  A little secret?  Well I have thru June already done and will finish them soon,  6 more to go, because our Texas Rangers will be starting their baseball season soon.  Baseball is great stitching time and the games are several hours long so stitching I do.  

I have started another series like my Faeries I did a couple of years ago and thought you might like to see it develop.  I am thinking of doing "ciggies"/silky out of these also,  Just a little different and may even put on my Etsy site to sell the "ciggies/silky.   
Here is the sketch of the first one, I used a magazine lady for the model.   Magazines are full of the ladies and some have not giant smiles and just perfect for what I do.   I loved this one but she didn't stay looking like this long.    
Here she is after sort of finishing the face and I thought what and where is she going?  I try to let my art speak to me, yes it does speak to me  and I try to listen at this stage in my art.   When I was younger I didn't  listen to my "muse" and was never happy with my art.  I think one thing is I painted for judges and what I thought I should paint and for what a gallery wanted.  Now it is for Annette and I enjoy the easiness of it.
The circle appeared and so did the tree and then I thought well now what?    I added some gold leaf, some butterflies that flew over from England, thank you Juanita, and I even added an earring to her headpiece. 
If you know me by now I like pretties and swirly lines and I had to add more of the lines.  I also added some pretty red fabric on her dress.  A plain red painted dress was not what she needed.  So she is finished and I do believe she will make a perfect ciggies/silky .  

There you go and thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.