Friday, November 13, 2015

Busy as a Bee and then some

Well look what time of year it is now.   Whew it is indeed staggering how fast time is flying by.  November dear readers------NOVEMBER !!!!!  In this part of the world that mean cold and snow and some rain so buckle up readers it is going to be a cold one I do believe. 
I can remember in olden days when we lived in Washington state, Daddy was in the Army, back in the late 40's probably like1949 and 1950 yep things did happen back then.   I was  like 5 or 6 but I remember when it snowed and we loved it.  I was bundled up like a mummy and would play until my fingers and toes were not happy campers.   When I was grown and had children I remember the snow days, oh all the wet clothes and everything that goes with snow play, what a mess my Mother had to deal with.  We did not have dryers back then and clothes were draped all over every where.  Looked like now that I think back, like a wild rummage sale.  Funny isn't it,  how you think of things differently as you get older?  We are not cold weather lovers at all here  to date and they care calling for more snow more than normal for we Texans.   Love to see it and the feel of the air is so clean and it is quiet  also.  I guess the snow muffles the sounds of busy life and just makes it peaceful sounding.  Thank goodness for stitching and painting and cooking to keep me busy.   Soup and baking in the horizon I do believe.
Now I have always cut out recipes in magazines, always and tried some of them and after some adjusting to our taste some are pretty darn good.   Eldon says he can remember some of them were pretty bad and they would give our sweet dog Smokey the remains of the dish I had cooked.   He did say he probably would have lived to be 100 in our years if we had not have fed him the remains of the dishes.   I find that hard to believe but he might have been right though.  Now for those who worry about Eldon, he did live after saying that little comment.  He did grin when he said it.  
I found a Chicken Spaghetti recipe and I did overhaul and he loves it.   It has two things wrong with it.  Chicken and Spaghetti were part of the ingredients but my rearranging the recipe he now even asks for it. He does not like Chicken or spaghetti .     If I can figure out how to make a tab you can click on and there are the recipes I will share.  It does have Rotel tomatoes and wakes your mouth up a little, but that is Texas.  

I have been doing some Cqing, some Sue Spargo class work and some painting.  It is keeping me busy and off the streets.   So here goes the adventure:

Remember granddaughter lives in Hawaii and I had created a mixed media painting of her with her pretty little face so I made her a little pouch and sent it to her. 

Little glass fish and some shells and just pretties.  She loved it.
I created a purse for a friend and just wanted to share some close ups of it also. 

A close up of some Antique Sari trim and some beautiful leaves my friend Kathleen made.  She is the one who made the dodo bird for me.   Pretty talented lady  and I am lucky to have her as a friend.  

The Faerie in the middle had to have some bling and I love bringing the hair out of the ciggie confines.  

Here is the front of the purse and the tiny spider at the top right is just to cute.  Every garden has spiders of some sort.  We brought all the plants either in the "dog house" aka Sun room or the back garage aka the old "tropical hideaway" .  We did find a few spiders thinking they wanted to live in their but we had other thoughts.  

Close up of my November CQJP block.   I have one more month done and then will share what I did with all 12 of them.  This was more fun and colorful to do these blocks.  Each block I just kept doing different things and playing with them. 

The finished November block,   I think it looks like a party for sure.   

 I was in a Round Robin in Crazy Quilt world, meaning you make so many block un embellished and other ladies embellishes it how they choose.   I had one extra and this is my block with my pretties on it.   I had fun with this and you notice it is pastel in color.  Not an Annette trademark.  I showed a friend on line and she said she fell out of her chair and hurt her back she was so shocked that I did in pastels. I hope she was kidding about hurting her back. Kathy S. were you?

Now remember I am taking a little Sue Spargo class and this is my take of the block that we did for October.  I like taking the class, I get to visit with mind like ladies, we bring snacks and oh did I mention we do a little stitching thrown in there?  Lots of French Knots for the hair, I think the book showed 4 of them but I added a few more and lots of beads. Oh can you tell it has beads?  
Ok enough on stitching,    My lifebook 2015 assignment was kind of sorta like this----sort of maybe?   Anyway I had to put a few flowers and faerie and just some pretties in it.  A fun two page spread and just another thing to paint and put in a stack.  Tamera LaPorte is just the best instructor  and all the others on the lifebook squad.  I don't do all of the assignments but not because I don't like them I just have sometimes to many irons in the fire.   My stack growth, fast!
Ok nearly finished here, hang with me.   Last but not least is a painting  Tracy Verdigo influenced is the little Faerie and a Unicorn.  Now for you non believers of Unicorns and Faeries there is little pretties floating around, something for everyone.   Of course I added lots of glitter

There you go what I have been up to for the last couple of three weeks.   Now we have been getting the yard ready for Winter and I think, I thing we mowed for the last time yesterday.   Last year we didn't mow the front grass down as low as we usually do for Winter and oh my goodness it caught ever Tom, Dick and Harry's leaves in the neighborhood.  Sooooooo I wrote on the calendar to remember to mow it low.   Will keep you posted on that little program if it works.  

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  Well kind of anyway.