Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pink Socks

 Hello there, I have been tardy can you tell?  What happened you may ask?   My answer is I don't know.   It is not that we have taken a world cruise or flown to the moon or anything like that.   You know how it is time fly's by and them WHAM it is today.  

Now I say that because January 14th hubby and I celebrated our 55th anniversary.  Yes 55 years with the same wonderful hubby, well we have know each other longer than that.  AND  THEY whoever THEY are said "oh honey it will never last y'all are just to young".  Well maybe we didn't know it wasn't suppose to last and we just took what the preacher said to heart for better or worse until death you do part ?  We have been blessed with each other, well I think so and hope he thinks that also.  Now we have learned a lot about life, each other and just everything in general.  I can tell you that for sure.  We grew and learned together. 

I didn't know how to cook, but not an expert now and if they would have had the cooking channel on the television then like they do now, wow I would have cooked even more.  They did have Julia Childs but to me she was just entertaining and I loved her and she didn't cook like Chicken fried steak and home food like that.   I didn't know it didn't take 1 to 1 1/2 cups of flour to make gravy.  I didn't know when you made cinnamon rolls and the rose so pretty and when hubby came in from work he said wonder what happens when you put them further apart.  Well from experience I can tell you they went flatter than a flitter but we still ate them.  We just learned together.  Hubby's mother taught me how to cut up a chicken, oh how disgusting but I did it.   I now buy chicken breasts all cut up.  

I did learn how to make homemade candy and discovered I would rather be a baker than a cook.   Sorry hips that is just life.

Now the pink socks and pink underwear were a mystery to me.  Poor hubby he wore them and never said a word, just "oh pink again".  I had no clue what caused that, I even changed soaps and all.   Sorting laundry is something I didn't have a clue about.   Now I know!!! Or you would think I learned that don't you?   You won't believe what happened about two weeks ago!!!!!  Yep the pink socks came back, after 55 years they just appeared.    Guess it is in the water or something like that.  Ya think so?

I hope all had a wonderful Christmas and 2016 is going to be awesome.    Normally I don't show off what we get for Christmas but please be with me a second.  Grandson got these wonderful Tombow pens for me.   A whole set !!!!!!!   I asked for a couple maybe of the little packs but just have to show them off.  They are awesome little pens and add water and just blend away with them. 

Here they are and I made a little chart of the colors also.  The stand came with them and I glued the "legs" into the base and top and they don't separate or any cute tricks like that.    Can you tell I am in hog heaven?  Towbow pens!!!!!
Now the 26th of December we had a blizzard, they even named it Goliath.  What a name and it was.   Now remember we live in Texas and we don't get things like this tromping thru Texas and delivering 11 inches of snow.   That morning we ran out and got doggie treats, the girls were almost out  so we didn't want them to suffer.   WHEW  they were good to go.  We didn't get out of the house for a week or more, we saw no need to get out.  We are retired, we were blessed to have plenty of food and Sprite Zeros for hubby and the fireplace just felt wonderful.
I did take some pictures and this first one is what it really looked like.  Winds 50-60 miles per hour and could not see across the street.  I realize a lot of the North of the US may get this but it is foreign to us.   

Here are a few pics but I took my Photoshop rights and adjusted them so you could see, we still today, 3weeks now, have snow piled up on the fence.

Now we and I do mean we got out and shoveled so the babies could get out of the main door.  It was frozen shut and they have to get out.     the blob is the foreground is Charlie dog always busy and moving.  He had to attack the snow, I mean it was moving. 

Some of the drifts

We did have to finally shovel the front some.   Not really to get mail just to get out and not fall on our bums.     This storm did keep the mailman away for several days and the trash trucks?  We still have not seen one!!!!!   Our sub division did rent a giant dumpster and I know it has been emptied several times  Thank you Highland Oaks.  We haven't used it, remember with only 2 people we don't have much trash. 

Funny how this stuff drifts isn't it?   When we go on our road trips and go like to Montana and all I love seeing their snow fences and now I know why they have them  

Now you may remember I have finished CQJP   ( crazy quilt journal project)  2015 and these are the blocks I put together in little wall hangings.   They are in my art room right now.   I thought about selling but I know it is hard to sell hand made goodies for what they are semiworth.  So my art room and I get to enjoy them.   A fun fun project.

Now Alice in Wonderland is my theme for the CQJP 2016.  Telling the story of this weird little story book.    I have added buttons and a little wooden bird I painted on and the yellow flowers are silver metal and I painted them also.  Nothing is sacred around here from being painted. 

I hope your eyes are not getting tired, almost finished. 
Now Life Book 2016 has started with Tammy LaPorta , and these next two images are from that project.  It has  like 52 weeks of prompts and assignments.  This is the 5th year I am doing this fun project but I have yet to do very many of the assignments.  Some just appeal to me but some do.  That is the facts !!!!

I used my zentangle or whatever you want to call it for the butterfly.   
This is the first page of my book, the faerie is  holding an envelope for me to put little pieces of paper with my thoughts or what have you in it.   We were suppose to use our spirit animals so I guess today a faerie and this little horse are mine.  
I was fun to do and of course I did  use my Tombow pens   : )
There you go and thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my world.   I have ideas for the next post.   That is scary, I usually never ever know what I am going to write about until I click on here and then it comes to me   bunny trails and all.