Friday, June 1, 2012

First ever give a way-THE WINNERS ARE---

Hi Y'all,  well as you know this is my first ever give a way from my blog.  I am needing some addresses, sooooooo if you are on Facebook please just private message me and I can get it there.  Some of y'all I have the addresses and if not I maybe can go to your sites and get them.  I know you are thinking OK come on get with it give us the names.  I now have over 10,580 views   Yahoo and thanks you are making me strut like a banty rooster in a chicken yard.  Someone is enjoying my rambles. 

18 of y'all  signed up---------------------- so everyone of y'all are getting a card.  I just couldn't  put your names in a hat and draw six.   Sometimes I change rules in the middle of the stream I know but love each and everyone of you.  The ones signing up on the May 12th post and the May 11th post y'all are it!!!

The names I have are     Jackie, Crafty girl ( Elizabeth), Jane ( in the U S)   Jane (in Italy), Bev, Braleigh, Marie, Marla, Netty, Mary Jane, Denice Metz, Mandi, Darlene, Anne, Melva, Malinda and Nelda. 
So congratulations to you all.  I will be having another one  looks like in the near future, getting close to 100 followers, can't beleive that. I will make it nice and only one thing.  Possibly :  )  NOW IF I LEFT ANYONE OUT BE SURE AND TELL ME.  PLEASE. XOXOXO

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world. xoxoxoxox


  1. Woo hoo! Thank you for sharing your art! Love you, Annette!

  2. Whoot Whoot... Thanks..You know I love all of your art work!!

  3. :) I'm hoping the Mandi in there is me! :P Love checking in on you!

  4. Annette-how did I miss your giveaway??? Must have been while I was on vacation. BOOHOO!

  5. wowee Annette am thrilled to bits with this news. Didn't realise you are on Facebook, perhaps you could let me know what name you go under as would love to follow you. Annette x

  6. Wooooow, what a great surprise! Thank you Annette, what a generous give away, but I just know that this is what you are .... generous ! xox

  7. guess my dears if you are on Facebook my name is --- Ready? Annette Graves. I don't go on much anymore, rather blog here. Hugs xoxox

  8. Cannot find you amongst the tons of Graves. Could you try and find me under Annette Goatley and send me a friend request. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs Annette x

  9. How wonderful Annette, thanks, I cannot find you under your name, many people with the same name, will you send me your email in a comment on my blog - I will of course not publish it.
    Hugs Anni

    1. yea got in contact with you and Netty. They will be in the mail Monday. have a great weekend. ox

  10. Hello Annette, how do I send you my address. I have sent what I thought was an email via your blog??????? Please let me know via my blog. I have no facebook account sorry. Love your work.


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