Monday, June 25, 2012

Silk Ribbon and Beads

Do you ever just stumble onto something and think where has this been all my life? This is just up my alley and here I am semi ancient and just learning it and playing with it.  What is it you ask?  Crazy Quilting with Pat Winter at Artful Gathering and Mary Jane Chadbourne with her beautiful bangle bracelets.  That is another post coming soon, I am so impressed by both classes.  Anyone really knowing me knows I am not impressed easily.   Session two is fixin to start soon and has lots of art forms that might attract one of your fancies.   Or you may make a great discovery as I did.    I beleive I have mentioned how good of a teacher Pat  and Mary Jane are?   After several weeks of their tutorials I am invinceable-almost- in both of these forms of art.  Well, invinceable may be a stretch, but grandson did give me permission to run with sissors after he said Nana you just jumped out of a plane.  So maybe that is a good word to use.

I have two friends Anni P and Janet G that do fabric art and embroidering and I know they would love this also.

I showed you the kit I purchased from Pat, she didn't know me at all or even from Adam but choose colors with the tealish blue that I would have picked.   Is that lady looking into my brain, oh that is scarey for her I do beleive.

I do highly reccomend taking on line classes, they are great and you can do at your own pace.  No races, no who can get finished first or who can jump the highest or run the fastest.  Just piddle along all you want.

For those who might have forgotten what the kit looked like------here it is.  

Here is the journey my little project consisted of.   Now I was suppose to make a purse but chose to make a wall hanging so I could enjoy it everyday.   Pat taught us so many stitches and of course the bling is perfect for this Texas girl.    I whipped out my handy dandy sewing machine and went to tow sewing little pieces of fabric together. 

The little butterfly was already done but what  a perfect touch and just look at the beads and stitching. 

The little fargo roses, even after practicing these little critters came out differently every time, I guess like mother nature roses.  

More pearls and beads.   Can't get enough of the bling I do beleive. 

I don't know about you but this is the only type of spider I will allow anywhere around me.  Just a cute little beaded one with gold web.  The rest of them can be squashed flatter than a flitter.  Gone, dead, off with their heads.  They are food for someone like flies and scorpions but go away little spiders. 

I hope you are not getting bored, I just wanted to show you all of it up close and personal.  I did most of this at night while watching the Texas Rangers win and lose.  Boooo on the losing the games they did though.   This is perfect TV creating, well unless you drop a bead and Jewel the furbaby sees it and thinks it is food and you have to beat her to it to pick it up.  Just a little Jewel note there.

One more pretty corner, I did later add some more to this corner but you will see it in the finished piece. 

Now this corner I think I got carried away and just encrusted it forget the emblishing with this stitch, the more the better. 

The center of the art piece, a tad dark to bad I don't know a good photographer.  I might have to fire myself.   Sorry a little jockularity there. 

Here it is the finished piece, I was going to hang it in our bedroom but I couldn't enjoy it as much as when I hung in our bath room.  On the girl side, Eldon did enjoy seeing it and looking as I progressed with it but don't think it goes with the deep sea fishing photos on his side of the bathroom. 

So there you go, Crazy Quilting and I have figured out how to combine it with my journal making .   Grandaughter even wants some of these pieces.  

Well, thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  


  1. Beautiful work as always Annette :)

  2. oh wow its totally stunning Annette, x

  3. Annette, you made me proud! Your wall hanging is gorgeous and I wish you years and years of crazy quilting bliss!

  4. OMG--this is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!

  5. well another feather lol devine anybody would love this its just stunning , looks like u are hooked into sewing again and thats good seeing as u do it so well....

    hugzx bev

  6. Dear Annette,love your wonderful CQ wall hanger with all the different embroideries, yes it would be fun to visit you and get some sun, here it rains every day, I long for warm weather and sun.
    Hugs Anni

  7. Oh could I ever get into this. I even have lots of beads and ribbons as well as fabrics stored away. Love the wonderful directions your creativity takes you. These are just beautiful Annette.

  8. Wow this is so beautiful!
    All those gorgeous details:)
    Lovely work.
    Hugs, Heidi:)

  9. Total fabulosity, I just can't keep looking at those gorgeous stiches and pearls and wonderful fabrics, you really set yourself loose here, written Annette all over it, LOVE it ! xox

  10. what a fabulous wall hanging thingy..its awesome and just so beautiful and also to combine your vintage is a real treat too see fabulous..clever ..talented it hugs sassyxxxxx


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