Saturday, October 31, 2009

Allex in the Garden

Allex in the Garden is one painting I did from a photograph of her. I took the photograph and then used my artist license and made a painting of it. She hated this dress and told me to take it back to the store. It was cold and she was not the happiest little girl around. I didn't take the dress back, in fact I still have it in the closet. I wonder if she will share this story and her dress with her little girl in years to come? Enjoy looking at the princess.

Greetings and welcome to my world

Hello and welcome.

This is my first attempt at writing and just general visiting. I just wanted to share any wisdom that I have acquired over the years. I guess you could call it wisdom or just what you learn going down life's path.

I will share some recipes with you, some painting hints , traditional and digital. I am and was a professional photographer for 24 years maybe even some hints on that ever changed subject. Film vs digital, oh what a subject. Sometimes just what the weather is doing here in West Texas.

So welcome to my world and thanks for dropping by.