Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wood with Mary Jane and Beads and Fabric with Pat

What have you been up to now Annette?  Well, y'all are fixin to find out here and now my blogger BFFs.

Zinnia as you know I have spoken of before has this Artful Gathering online Art Retreat this is her second year of it and I know a success.   If you haven't checked it out please do there is a little thingy on my side bar.  I just think this is the greatest way to learn new techniques and easy peazy in your jammies if you want to.  I use to, in my painting days, go to workshops back east in New England and Ruidoso New Mexico to name a couple of places and loved those and would go with fellow artists to learn and would be like a big slumber party.  Now I don't have to with computers and Internet.  I know we love the computers and hate them both together or at least I do.  

This year I am getting adventurous and taking two classes.  Gulp the pressure is on as they are only 6 weeks long but the DVD saves the day in case I get to dilly dally around to much.  I do have a tendency to do that sometimes-dilly dally or some may call it piddle around.    My classes are   Metamorphosis Collage Bracelets with Mary Jane Chadbourne and Crazy Quilting with Pat Winter. 

Love the word Metamorphosis even in movies when something turns into a good alien creature or a caterpillar turns into  a beautiful butterfly.  Now I will be turning wood into a beautiful bracelet and beads into a wonderful piece of crazy quilting. 

Now I am going to show you what I am starting with on both of these projects and kind of tease you as I go on how they develop are grow into something pretty. 

Now what in the world is this you ask?   The basis of my beautiful bracelet.   Mary Jane explains it so well and I just follow along and listen to Merlin the Magician series on the TV as I work.   What does that have to do with the bracelet?   Only my mind knows for sure.  Gotta have my background noise going on here. 

This is the kit I ordered from Pat Winter with the Crazy Quilting class.   Aren't the colors great?   There are a few more treasures in it but have to surprise you with what they are.    I use to embroider when I was----15 years old.  Yep they had needles back then, I remember doing embroidering  for a homemaking project I did  some sweet baby heads and embroidered them and was so proud of it, it was  like a coverlet.  What happened to it?  Only it knows, it probably got trashed but it did give me some good memories when I started practicing stitches for this class.  

Both of these classes are awesome and  I can't wait to show you the finished projects.

Well that is what is going on in my world for the moment, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh Annette two classes at one time, you will get very busy, the start on the bracelet looks interesting, very beautiful kit from Pat W. I love crazy patchwork, enjoy your classes.
    Hugs Anni

  2. Those would be the classes I would have chosen!! Love the kit you got from Pat!!

  3. Thanks so much Annette! I am so glad you are enjoying the classes!! And I am so glad you decided to take my very first online means the world to me...can't wait to see your beautiful creations when done! xoxo

  4. wow u chose well with the classes i remember doing decoupage everything years ago and loved it so cant wait to see the finished for the quilting one, well i dont sew but know u do it well and expect to see some masterpieces , cant wait to see them finished...

    hugz bev

  5. Hi there bloggy friend, I haven't started yet but hopefully tomorrow, but then I only signed up for one class thus far, finishing postcard swap and paper doll swap right now, you will have a head start on me but since this isn't a race I'm ok with that. Yesterday was my 6 yr old Granddaughters graduation from Kindergarten and today is catch up here. Going to go watch the hockey Stanley cup on the tele now, see ya, Hugs xoxo ML

  6. This is a teasing post my dear, a lot of words and showing fabrics ....and no result ! Well , I am sure something absolutely beautiful will come out of all this...looking forward to seeing it finished. Wish you a great Sunday . xoxo


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