Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Second round of Artful Gathering

So you are asking,  how are your projects coming Annette in Artful Gathering?   I am loving it and just get to play just like a little kid in a candy shop.  Remember when you would go to the store and just stand and look and look at all those wonderful candies?  They would be in a jar or wrapped up so you just look to your hearts content.   Thinking what would my 5 cents buy me and can I get it eaten before my brothers and sister would see it and want some.  Not that I was selfish but I wanted that goodie all to my self.   This is how I am feeling with the two classes I am taking. 

Now remember the first picture I posted with the strange little papers flying out the edges and trying to escape?  Well here is the bracelet finished, well except for the protective spray.  This is all one bracelet just different views.  It truly evolved it's self, I kid you not.   I started with the flowers and goodies in the paper and the bracelet just grew to be this pretty little thing.  So today will start some more of them and see what journey they take me on.   Mary Jane is a great and patient teacher and holds back nothing in teaching this method.  Way to go MJ.   I have taken art classes, years ago, and the teachers were wonderful artists and shared nothing.  I am sure you have taken from some like that also.  

Next is the Crazy Quilt class by Pat Winter.  Oh I  love this class also. It entails bling and you know how I love bling, even my purse is full of  bling.   Guess that is where grand daughter gets the love of bling when she was little, she called them lights.  Works for me.

I feel like Pat is leading us by the hand and also sharing everything and  not trying to impress us at all just the pure joy of teaching.  I feel like I hit a home run on teachers here.  Now don't get me wrong I am sure all of Zinnia's teacher/ artists are great from the art that I have seen produced in the classes.

You remember the kit I showed you, well here is the fabric pieced and the stitching done. Next I get to do the ribbon stitching and then THE BLING!!!!!!!  Pat showed us how to do all these stitches and I now remember how I use to do embroidery.

Well thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   Can't wait to share more of the CQ and bracelets with you.  A true Metamorphosis.


  1. Hi Is Evelyne . the colors are amazing .
    good job... kisses .

  2. These look great Annette!! Can't wait to see the finished square!!

  3. How wonderful to go to classes where you just get so enthusiastic , and the kind of teachers you are talking about, the generous ones, are gold ! I am so glad for you , your joy is so contagious, and your bracelets are awesome ! But I do envy you the quilt class, I love quilts, and always admired them , this one has written Annette all over it, gorgeous how you put your personal style into it. xoxo

  4. yes yes everything that Jane said lol just beautiful my friend , more strings to add to your already beautiful bow....

    hugz bev

  5. Thanks so much Annette...your words mean more to me than you will ever know! I am so thrilled you are enjoying my class, the pleasure is all mine, truly!! xoxo

  6. Loving your fabulous bangles Annette and your gorgeous quilt. Hugs Annette x

  7. Absolutely love those bracelets! You are a busy little beaver!

    1. Hi Jane, yep I have lots to do before I die. Gotta find out what I want to do for the next at least 24 years like I did with the photography. Didn't start it until I was 42 so had to learn and work fast. xoxoxoxox


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