Sunday, October 19, 2014

One more Acrylic Ink painted

Hello on this start of a new week in OCTOBER !!!!!! OCTOBER !   We have been lucky and have not had to bring in the plants from outside yet.   According to our weatherman we will have at least until the end of the week.  We haven't seen the weather for past then but the plants are loving it.  We will then snip snip and make the plants look like they have had a "Little Boy Regular" hair cut.  Not the prettiest cut in the world but manageable in the sun room.   

I am so enjoying the class with Paint Mojo with Tracy Verdugo.   I can't think of what else I have painted, well except on my giant canvas.  Remember it is coming when finished.   I did use the Acrylic Inks for this pretty guy.   Now I do wish I had done it on Watercolor paper but didn't.  I only use the mixed media paper.  It does ok but kind of curls and twirls like a dancer I guess.   Who knows maybe it is happy that it is getting to play with the big boys---the canvases and watercolor papers.  

When I finished this little gem it reminded me of some of the Mexico art we have seen.  I love it and it is so cheerful.   Maybe that is why this little guy came to the party wearing this set of wings.   Who knows?

I have several other little class doings to do for this week, but you know sometimes I stray a little.  
I was thinking this might made an awesome piece of CQ with this as the center?   Just an out of the box thought there.    One sweet friend told me that I think out of the box and I jokingly replied that when we grew up we didn't even know there were sides in a box.   You know me and my sense of humor. 
There you go what I have been up to in the art world this week.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Playing with Acrylic Inks

Sometimes you just have to try new things don't you?   Be it a new recipe, which I do often, a new route to a place or how about a new spin on art?  WITH a new art supply.   There is nothing better I don't think, well besides Chocolate, than getting to go shopping for ART SUPPLIES...No not clothes or a new car or furniture.   BUT ART SUPPLIES.

Now after I "retired"  I did drag out all my old art supplies, they have been patiently waiting in boxes for me to come and play with them.   Shockingly there are some new things out there.  Yes, I couldn't believe it, I figured that everything had already been invented in the art world.  Like years ago with Michael Angelo and artists of that talent range.  

I am taking an E-course, love  internet courses by the way, with Tracy Verdugo.    A Mojo Journey.   What  is new to me is she introduced Acrylic Inks.    I bought a few colors and had to order some more of them last week, I just didn't have enough Annette colors.   The colors are beautiful and just the cutest little bottles with droppers in them.    Cuteness is the key isn't it in art?    Now Tracy teaches all over the world and I bet will do the e-course again next year.  It is well worth the money and each week comes with lots of videos.  Good videos. 

Back to Tracy, she has introduced us to a 6 week class and for the last 3 weeks I have been glued to my art room.  Funny though sometimes life gets in the way but I fixed that---- I have a giant magnet in there that draws me in.  Oh it is a computer but almost as good as a magnet.   

Acrylic Inks is one of my weapons of art, I love that---weapons of art.   You can probably tell it is one of Annette sayings can't you?    I get to drip and drop and use water and my fingers and make the biggest mess.  I am in Hog Heaven as the saying goes.  

So I have to show some of what I am doing, can't wait for you to see the BIG canvas I am doing.   Gotta hold your horses though, that reveal is coming when finished.    It is 30 x 30..

This class was a present to myself.   Hubby and I for years now don't buy each other presents.   We have gotten so when we want it we get it.  Well within reason that is.   Our trips we take are our presents, we must not have been good lately we haven't taken may trips.  One day we will crank up and do that gift to ourselves.   

The following is some of what I have been doing with Acrylic Inks.  They are different that what I usually do but that is great you have to keep doing new or you get dull. Now forgive the watermarks.  Not that this is the greatest work in the world but there are some bandits out there in the world.   I know y'all aren't one of them but you never know who peeks in and cops an image.  Sad but true.  

This is on canvas I think for Hubby's bathroom.   We have some other things going on and this would be great to go with the "other things". This is a dream catcher. Well Hubby says it looks like a shield but it could be a dream catcher and really blocks the bad dreams away.  

Another dream catcher, I need a good name for her.  Mary Patchet where are you ?   Mary is an awesome lady with such a  beautiful way with words. 

Can ya tell this is a Mermaid?     She is splishing and splashing and letting me play with the Acrylic Inks to my hearts content.

This little guy just came to me and said my turn please.  

A cutie indeed and just enjoying the  butterfly and it's beauty.   These are all so not my style, whatever style is but I love the freedom of it. 

This Mandala is maybe finished or not.  Now the circle is hand drawn with not a compass in site so it is a tad wonkie, well sometimes we are all a tad wonkie. 
Now there you go some of my art and loving just playing and doing.
I have not forgotten my CQ.  No sir eeeeeh Bob.   I have finished, well the fronts of the rest of the cell phone/sunglass pouches.  I am donating  10 to a Christmas Extravaganza for the proceeds going to Meals on Wheels. I am also selling 10 of them to all proceeds going to Haven here in Lubbock.  It is a no kill shelter for furbabies.    I have sold 3 on my Etsy shop.  Thank you three angels that have helped. 
Sooooooooo, here are some of the last ones I am fixin to finish up.    Making them a complete little pouch.  Some may be already finished I just make them I don't really count them. I made a few extras for gifts and try to make them all different.  I am using my FAERIES that I have painted and made into ciggies/silkies  the sweet little images in the centers.

That is it for the day, thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.