Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paths that Cross

Sometimes something can be so simple but beautiful.  It doesn't have to have bling, which I dearly love, or any frills.  Even like a wonderful friendship that you have had with someone close or far away, dear ones that you have met face to face or one of my  beautiful new friends that we have met on the art halls of the Internet.  It is funny how art does bring us together, be it in an art gallery or just sharing classes or sharing the same fun and struggles of creating art or life to be exact.     I do believe we all cross paths in life for a reason and so glad you have crossed my path.

I painted these sweet little flowers many ways and then used a simple and fun approach to them.  I painted them in Corel Painter program and used a fun brush called leaky pen for the splashes of blue color.   No frills with this little painting.  They are just sweet and simple but certainly tell a little story. 

There you go, July is almost over and the toasty days of August will be upon us.  I just thought these sweet little flowers would be cooling for the heat that is upon us.  Now I know my Australia friends are in winter right now, so keep this post and just look at it in the summer. I will post something snuggling  warm for you soon. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  xo  Annette 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


You know sometimes when something just catches your eye and sparkles and looks like so much life is in it ?   Like a little drop of dew in the morning on a leaf of a plant or the sparkling of the stars at night when the sky is clear and they just look like diamonds?  Or even some one's personality across the room or when you are shopping somewhere. 

I was on a quest the other day, one of those things you need to do and just set out in the morning and say OK I am doing this today even if it hair lips the Governor?   There are several fabric stores here in town and I needed some of the brass looking buttons for a blazer that  I was changing buttons  on for Grandson.  I went into one that was higher end that I use to shop at all the time.  Well, it is now a quiting shop, nothing against quilting and quilts I own several of the beautiful things.  I asked about the buttons and the lady took me into the back room  and she said we don't reorder buttons any more, people just don't sew like they use to.  We looked in several boxes and found nothing that I could use.  BUT --- TaDa, there in one box were four beautiful buttons, sitting there in their boring little white box for who know how long.  Thinking, if buttons think that is, is no one ever going to find me and take me home ?  Well, being the soft hearted soul that I am I picked one of them up, they were pricey but thought why not ?  I closed the box and then thought better of it and just took all four of them.  I didn't want one to say ha ha she took me and cause problems in button world.   What am I going to do with them you ask?  I don't have a clue but I bet when I do create something it will have some beautiful bling on it.   I have been surfing the Internet, trying to get inspired and in the back of my mind I do have a couple of ideas. 

I did go to another store and found the buttons I needed and what happened when I was walking down the isle?  Yep you guessed it another little package just called me  -ANNETTE-  peek over here.  So they now join my beautiful buttons.  With the Art Journaling that I am dong now, I know I have a perfect place for them. 

Here they are the whole little collection I purchased, the bling ones, the two art deco looking ones and the sweet little package of vintage looking ones.

The bling ones just need a photo  up close, so you can see all the sparkles in it.  they were made in China and I don't know if they still make bling for us now but here it is shining and still talking to me.   Be sure and click on the pictures so will be larger, don't want you to miss any sparkle at all.  Our beautiful grandaughter use to call them lights when I put them on her clothes or bought any new outfit for her, need lights.   

That is it for today and thanks so much for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  xoxo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Horses of Many Colors

It is funny how names are used on items.   Like in the Wizard of Oz the Horses of Many Colors were some pretty ponies and they changed colors as you watched this wonderful movie.   A coat, as in Joseph's coat of many colors in the Bible. 

 I know little about horses, and don't mind telling you either,  except they are wonderful  and majestic group of animals.   Now I might have told you before that my Daddy use to raise Appaloosa horses.  Indian horses I called them and I checked and sure enough they were Indian horses.  The Appaloosa horse, spotted horses were on the earth before prehistoric times I found out.  Pictures of them can be found in many caves across Europe.  They could be found in China as early as 206 B.C.  That is as close to knowing about horses as I get, well besides baby sitting our grand horse for a few months.  That was a delight for me.  The smell and just watching him was a joy for me, looking out our windows with his tail swishing and just ambling across our back 2 as I called it.   

OK, below is my painting of horses of different colors.  I think my imagination did run a little wild  there, but I did draw the horses , free hand and then just played with color.  

There you go my rendition of a horse of a different color.   Be sure and click on the painting to see it bigger.  

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  I have been absent to my blog but you know  sometimes life just doesn't let us play when we want to.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Down Fairy Lane

You know there are little sweet creatures that live in the gardens and woods.  Well, there could be if you let your imagination run just a little wild.  Pretty little things that flit in the air from flower to flower and possibly fly with the dragon flies and peep around the trees as you walk in the woods.  Now we aren't talking the woods where mosquitoes and flys, snakes and ants live, but the pretty things like butterflies and lady bugs and dragon flies and fairies.  It could happen you know.

I am taking a  little  traditional watercolor workshop off of  Monica Zuniga and it is a fun and fanciful way to paint flower ladies.  Well I let my muse go and this is what I came up with.  Now some of it does have a tad of acrylic on it and most is watercolor.  So thinking as I do sometimes I just let her be a fairy.  I have been playing with fairies in my art  for a while and they are fun. 

Here she is.  This is the third one I have done for the class.  Loved her wings. 

Don't know if we were suppose to do fairies but I don't think Monica would care.  I am a BIT rusty on my faces, but I think seeing thousands of them thru my camera viewfinder had bound to rub off on me. 

That is it for today, just had to share another new adventure with me.  I am loving just being an adventurer in art and seeing what is out there now. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  xo