Sunday, March 17, 2013

#2 of Sweet Surprizes

Hello again, now I told you the other day that I received two packages of sweet surprises.   It was hard to know which to tell about first but I flipped a coin and that is how I chose which one to share first.

I am so fortunate to receive "happy mail" often.  It is like Christmas and I think DH  ( dear hubby) is sometimes disappointed because there isn't any in the mail when he goes to the mail box.   Sometimes he will come in and say you have some "Happy Mail" and just grins when he give it to me.   Yes I send some "happy mail" out but again I am so blessed at the sharing everyone does in this day and time.   I have received paintings, material( even from total strangers), beads ( such precious little pieces of glass) and just a many other treasures from deep in their hearts.  Family Heirlooms ( jewlelry and other momentos ) to them and me and they just want to share it with me.   It does make one feel so good to know there are giving souls out in the world.   I love y'all for it.   xooxox

I received a parcel (to us a package and I love the words are the same but different).  We had thought it had gotten lost in the world somewhere.   The look of the package you would have thought it had been around the world 14 times.  I immediately emailed dear cousin Juanita and said it is here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whew. 

I was expecting a letter but inside was a multitude of pretties.   A beautiful card with some snappy high heels and hand written inside, a photograph of her wedding and some beautiful wrapping paper with butterflies all over it.  What was inside I thought?  I could not imagine. 

Well lo and behold was the most beautiful  and delicate Nottingham lace from her wedding gown.  Yes her wedding gown.  Now if that isn't a gift of love I don't know what is. 

I cannot wait for you to see how pretty it is and the memories it must hold for her. A beautiful young bride wearing these with her dress and marrying the most wonderful man in the world.   I am going to make some very special things for us both with these.   I will share but only after she gets them first. 

Here is what was in the package, notice the butterfly paper also.   You know I can use that.  Sweet "sleeves" from the young bride.   I pressed them gently, they were flat as a flitter but not harmed.    I am not going to saw a word and just want you to enjoy what these next few pictures show.  Them beautiful lace and memories that these share.  

Now wasn't that a breath of love and giving?  And to think if I had not shared white donuts with a total stranger I would not have come across any and I mean any of my family across the waters or "Big Pond".  It goes to show we should all think like children and say thank you and share and not to worry about what others think just do what comes to your heart and do it.  AND live in the now.   DH says I do live in the now more than anyone he knows.  So maybe because of my knight in shining armour I can. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Sweet Surprise x 2

Now when you get mail and it is usually bills when something else is in the mail box you get so excited.   Just like Christmas, there is a package and today I got TWO, yes TWO packages.    

I got two packages of love in the mail.  I will do a post on each one separately.  They both deserve a post all of their own.   I cannot wait to share with you all and the kindness still left in the world and that I am so blessed to be the recipient of both gifts.   

I have a dear friend, for many many years.  We have both gone thru a new career change after doing photography for a semi million years each.   Ginger's granddaughter sent me a package with a hand written note and oh what talent this tiny little girl has.   I have shown you the bottle and pillow she made for me last year  and this gift is certainly displaying color and creativity talent.  

I make wedding  sign in books for her GIGI's wedding venue Lytle Cove Cottage.  A beautiful Victorian home to hold weddings and what a reception hall they have also.

Braleigh writes that she made me a flower book.  I want to share all the talent and love put into this colorful and hand created book.    Can't you see this sweet girl, I am thinking 10 now, cutting and gluing and creating this book?  I love watching young children working on a project with all their attention drawn to it.     I do have some art work of a "new" cousin sent me and I bet she won't mind me sharing it also.  Hummmmmm Hope will you mind? 

The back of the book and Braleigh wrote   " on the back of the book is a bunch of flowers.  On the back of the paper plate ( the lower part of the book) is an A for my name, and next to the A is a flower with a stem, roots, ground, leaf, rain drops and sun".   Now isn't that the cutest imagination ever? 
Below is part of the flowers she used on each page and she said osme are plastic and some are metal.    This will be indeed the sweetest journal I will have. 

Each and every page has a seperate and different flower on it.   She knows I love flowers also.    Braleigh then adds I hope you like with a heart smilie face. 
I just had to share this with you.   What a treat in the mail today.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Fairy Dust to the Rescue

Spring is getting closer now, our Bradford Pear trees are blooming their pretty white flowers.  That is a pretty good sign.  But alas Spring around here also means dust is in the air and on everything.  Guess that is job security for me, dusting and vacuuming.   Not complaining but just the facts ma'am just the fact.   Kind of sound like The Dragnet TV show when Jack Webb would say that.  "Just the facts ma'am just the facts." 

I did do some painting of our master bedroom, the third time in four years.  Maybe have it like I want this time.  Maybe.  No exciting news or anything happening BUT that can be good also can't it?

I did do a new ATC card for Roses on My Table and my friend Janet Ghio is the great hostess.  Don't know how she does all the trading and doing but a great job in my book.

Here it is.  The little 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 card.   I used my magical fairy I painted a while ago, she keeps popping up but I love her.  Anyway photoshop and I played with her this time, I still play with photoshop some.   I divided her up in three parts, black and white, mid tones and then full color and wanted the fairy tinker bell to use her little wand and create all the magic that fairy dust creates going from black and white to color.  So here it is.  Of course I had to use some  glitter, a good fairy has to share it all here. 
That is about all the news I have right now.   What is the saying no news is good news? 
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Friday, March 1, 2013


Hello CQ ladies and all that do needle work, want to do needlework or just like pretty books.  We all like sales don't we?  May be a lady thing but maybe we are born with a shopping bag in our hands.  Don't know I was to young to remember. 

   Now this one great a SALE. Tisha of Tisha's Thread works is have a Jim dandy one. Selling her books of our interest basically two for one. Buy one book and the other is free. She has Silk Ribbon books, CQ Books, Creative Doll books, CQ Beads book just to name a few types of them. She says it is going on for the month of March. I have purchased some and promise I didn't buy them all.

So give that little gal a call and see what kind of trouble you can get into. Her store is Tisha's Thread work and cell # is 1-810-678-8191. She will be happy to help you in anyway with titles and subjects.

Also these are not on sale but she has beads, threads and wonderful fabrics and lace and all kinds of pretties. I could go on and on but she has a treasure trove of goodies. Now remember only the books are on sale.

Now remember my motto:


Hugs and have a great weekend. Create and sew to your little hearts content.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.