Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pink and pearls

I don't know about y'all but I talk to myself and even answer myself and on occasion my pretties that I make talk to me.  My art room gets pretty loud  in there at times with all of us talking, the music playing and TV on.   We are flat having a party in there.  Sometimes the fur babies are in there with me also but they just sleep thru the whole experience.   I know you are saying what?  Yep my pretties  just seem to take over and have a good time and seem to guide my fingers to what it wants to become.  I guess this is my muse taking over.   I do wish she would tell me ahead of time so I don't have to go thru the motions of trying to create.  She could say-"ANNETTE I AM GOING TO CREATE THIS FROM THE START", I am sure she would say it nicely though.

I made four Coptic sewn books and this is the first one that was decorated. 

Sometimes a project will speak to you as you create it.  At first I was going to create this journal one way and as I began to paint the covers it just went in it's own direction.   I had a yellow paint pulled out to paint the chipboard and didn't like it so pink just says here I am. 

Some things are just deemed girlie.  There is no question about it--pink and pearls just says GIRLS.   

I am not sure how to make the pretty spines I have seen on the Coptic binding books but this is my version of it. Lots of fabric scrunched together. 

The inside of the end pages looked a little plain so on the front one and back one I had to stencil this cute bird on here and of course a tad of lace.  Gotta make it girlie.   The pages are great for  our art journal or whatever we want to do to a page of paper.  Man we can add the layers on these pages.  I didn't know, until I started art journal that you can piles so much "stuff"on a page of paper and have fun doing it.   I am a "trash digger" as grandson lovingly calls me.  Nothing gets thrown away until it is looked over to see if it can be recycled into art. 

Close up of some of the  lace I used,  some I just "found" and some is ancient, well was trimming I used in a daughters dress only about 45 years ago. Hey, that is almost an antique.  Isn't 50 years suppose to make something antique?   Of course in age that just makes one  wiser and full of sage advise.   The larger pearl button is no one knows how old, found it in my button tin. 

The finished front of the book.   The ribbon is pink  and girlie but just had to put it on there.  After sewing the book I played and took forever on this cover.  I thought OK, I need to not take so long but this is for fun and it is  permitted. 

Now I forgot to mention there is a site, I can't find it right now , but will hunt some more that the artist makes the prettiest needle cases and that is what inspired me to make this cover.   She has a shop on Etsy and all.    Gotta find it in my blog hopping and give that talented lady credit.
That is it for the day and thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my world today. xoxoxox  Annette


  1. Very sweet Annette, I especially like the lace and pearl and the dainty ribbons. By the way, I think 50 years is Vintage, 100 years antique. No sure, but maybe. Stay inspired!

    1. Thanks Jane good to know and I hope then that I live to be an antique. xo

  2. This is the quintessence of girliness, so pretty and romantic and I just love it ! I ALMOST get inspired to do something myself, 'cause I am a trash lady too, and have loads of lace and romantic stuff in my drawers.
    And my sweet friend you are not alone in talking to yourself, I am embarassingly doing the same ...often totally forgetting where I am, until I realise people look at me in a strange way :-) xox

  3. Oh Annette! So pretty!! I talk to my stuff too!! LOL

  4. Gorgeous Annette looks like something Marie A would have really girly and romantic sure Allex would love this , wish i was more girly and less grungy lol

    hugz bev


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