Thursday, June 14, 2012

What KInd of Art is She Doing Now?

You know I just love it, even after 51 years of marriage-- hubby and I have the best time over the simplest of things.   It is good that we can laugh and have fun together even after all this time.    Sometimes it is even discussing  what is a building going to be or how the new cotton looks coming up or the formation of the clouds or the red dirt in our sky when the wind is blowing.  The wind blowing in West Texas?  Oh surely I jest.    But today, I loved it.  Eldon came into the living room, we were fixin to go out and mow the yard and said what kind of art are you doing now?  I said what?  He said you know that "thing" you have in the art room bathroom.   I couldn't imagine what he was talking about?  I have paintings and stuff hanging in there but has been there  a while. I went to look and came out just laughing my head off. 

 It was 6 of my bracelets drying that I am making in Mary Jane's class at Artful Gathering.   I just thought putting them on the towel holder and on the neck of a bottle grandson gave me to decorate was the perfect place for them while they were drying.   

There you go just had to share what was going on in my world today.   Have a good one. xoxoxoxoxo Annette


  1. Oh, Annette....What a cute story!! Congrats on 51 years of marriage and still laughing together...that's awesome! We will be married 42 years next month truly is a special gift today to be married to your best friend! Made me laugh about the bracelets in the makes perfect sense to me to have them drying in!! xo

  2. You are Waaaay too young to be married 51 years lady!! Your bracelets look great! Tell Eldon the wild child says hiya! luv ya doll! XO

  3. Hi Annette, Just came bye to say "Hello" and look at your work from Mary Janes class! So fun and I love your background music! This music brings back so many memories! I will be back to visit.:)

  4. How sweet ! 51 years of marriage is like forever and it is so wonderful to be able to laugh together, you ARE a wonderful pair! Wish you a happy weekend ! xox
    P.S. Love your music !!

  5. Dear Annette I look forward to seeing your finished bracelets, I'm busy with Cat Kerr's class - Stencil Frame Pendant & Necklace, have a lovely sunday.
    Hugs Anni

  6. Annette, this is what a dream of, 51 years of marriage and still laugh together.


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