Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Name

The name, funny isn't it what a name does for you or to you.  I remember there is a song by Johnny Cash about  "A Boy Named Sue", don't you know that young man named Sue had to be tough?   It is interesting to where we get names from , be it from a book of names, named after a relative or named after a famous person or place.   I know everyone has a good story of where their name came from. 

Now our Libby is the rescue dog we have and love her and she is indeed part of the family.   A very very tendered hearted young lady.   You may wonder how we named her?  When we got her  from the pound they had named her Sally, nothing against the name Sally but she didn't look like one to me.  The vet said you might as well rename her because there is no telling what her name was.   I ran a little contest on FB for someone to come up with a name.    My friend Carolyn came up with Libby, we liberated her from the pound.  I do believe she was meant for us, they had had her from June and it was a November that we discovered this beautiful and loving animal.   We have had her I think 2 years now.   So that is how she got her name.   See ? An interesting little story about Libby.

Here is Libby a great and happy fur baby.  Now we have another fur baby Jewel and will talk about her soon.  She and Libby bonded and hunt rabbits and gophers in the yard and always up to something.   We were blessed to have found this baby.

I know that I was named after one of the Dionne Quints that were born on May 28, 1934 in Canada.  Their names were Yvonne, Ceile, Emilie, Marie and Annette.  So hence I was Annette . I bet you were wondering that.  Right? Now my middle name is Juanita and didn't know what it stood for.  Then one day Hubby and I were watching Romancing the Stone and the writers name on the movie was Joan Wilder.  Then they said Juanita when the introduced Joan Wilder to some people on the movie,  so I guess my middle name was after my mother.  

I am taking a class called Life Book on Willowing with Tammy and several wonderful artists.  Week 21 is with Rhomany in mixed media lettering.  Well of course I watched the video and kind of went off on my own direction.  Sort of the lesson but not?  I bet some of you do that also, putting your own spin on it.  

Here is my version of Rhomany's lesson, I had to girlie it up some.  I was going to make it red or magenta but it just formed it's own self this color.   I had this pretty paper in the background FOREVER and never wanted to use it becasue it was so pretty.  I know that is like a silly goose but I have lots of treasures like that.   I don't know if I am saving for a rainy day or what but I did grit my teeth and thought I will use this paper.  In the little box on the bottom right we are suppose to write about ourselves with 10 words that we thought of about ourselves. Good or bad just words.   I could think of words about hubby, the grands and the furbabies but didn't think that would count.  Soooooo I decorated it and just left it blank.  All these little areas you see are cut out.  A true test of patience.  I have one of the cheapie exacto knives that are given out free, the kind that you break off the blade when dull, it worked good.  

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Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  xoxoox
If I don't post until after Memorial Day have a good weekend.


  1. what a lovely read,,,and gguess im a boy then,,huh!! just my luck,,,well actually though i was susanann,,but they couldnt think of a middle name so shortened the susan and ann is my middle name...or sassy to my friends sister is jayne...they wanted a boy being the 2nd daughter that i am and they would have named him wayne (after my dad hero john wayne)....but he was a she so thats why jayne got her name....think i may read up a bitmore sounds interesting if not entertaining lol!!! hugs sassyxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Sassy for enjoying the post, It has been a while and I thought I had replied to you. Don't you love how people get their names? Hugs xoxo

  2. Libby is gorgeous! And I agree, she isn't a Sally:)
    And your work is beautiful. A true test of patience yes:)
    Thanks for a lovely post.
    Enjoy the weekend, hugs:)

    1. Hi Heidi, our Libby is still the sweetest baby and it is now 2014, oxox

  3. Hi Annette,
    Its so lovely to meet you and your lovely Libby, she is adorable. Your card is gorgous too. I also wanted to thank you for your kind and lovely comment about sharing the Dezinaworld button on your blog and am so glad you like my blogs. I couldnt comment until now as i have been away on holiday for a week with my parents who are both very ill. We just got back this evening. I hope you will forgive my late reply and I will add to follow your lovely blog so i can see more
    hugs June

  4. Hi Annette, wow, what a wonderful story. I love giving names to anyone :o) When I got my British Shorthair I wanted to give her a special and mystic name. But when I tried to get contact to that little Kitty I suddendly had the feeling she was trying to tell me that her name was Sunshine, because she has decided to come and share my life and she was here to bring back love into my life. She was so right and I'm so glad she said her name was Sunshine. It fits her perfectly, I call her Sunny Sunshine. And then I rescued another cat, a male cat, big and tabby, and his name was "Mitzi" what would be in English something like "Kitty". This was such a silly name for him and I was embarrassed every time I had to call him. He is such a tender and also strong tomcat with a silly cat-name. So I renamend him. Again I tried to feel what his wishes were and I had the urge to give him a human name that has something to do with "earth". I believed he was saying that he is very rooted with nature and I always had the name "GEorge" in my mind. Then I thought that has nothing to do with "Earth" until my hubby said, that it has the letters "GEO" in it and that is pretty much the same. Or at least in German it is :o) So he is George now and he is fully satisfied with that name. And when I got my bunnies I've chosen names for them until they moved in with us. The names didn't fit at all and so I had to find names that were perfect for each individual! Names are really interesting.

    Your card is wonderful with your beautiful name!

    Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs, Alessandra

    1. thank you Alessandra, you know I just figured out not to long ago that I reply to y'all. So trying to go back and say thank you for visiting. Love the story about naming the kitties and bunnies. We had a Lulu kitty for over 14 years and for some reason it fit her. They train us so well. I hope all has been well and promise to repond back now that I know I can

  5. Interesting and lovely post. I confess I often wondered where you name came from, Annette is a very danish name, and I wondered ( until I knew better :-) ) if you had a danish background.
    Libby is just adorable and sweet, surely a wonderful fur-baby.
    You work is so stunning, beautiful color and bling. Love how you signed the work in such a creative and beautiful way .
    Have a lovely weekend my friend.


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