Friday, May 24, 2013


It is Friday already and a Memorial Day weekend to boot, so all have a great weekend and safe also my friends.

Dragons, now in some worlds there are dragons and some there are not.  In my world they are.  Every Tuesday morning a big blue or green one come down our alley disguised as a Trash truck.  Our protective fur babies protect us weekly and we have not had one of the dragons land in our yard and we have been in this house for 4 1/2 years.  So the fur babies are doing a great job we do believe.

Now Dragons are also in the wonderful TV episode, sadly the last season, of MERLIN and one other series GAME OF THRONES.  So dragons have been on my mind.  When I mow the back yard and about July or so Dragon flies just flit around our yard and me when I mow and I visit with them.  I wonder if little fairies are on their backs  and what they are doing.   You know on the riding lawn mower there is lots of time to wonder and check things out that happen in the yard if you are aware of it.  Remember the frogs that we had and the fur babies would dig them up and play with them.  Well on their side it was playing not sure what the frog thought.   They never killed one though.

So the dragon flies were the inspiration of this next fairy.   I am not sure if I am finished yet, I will let it sit a few days and see what else inspires me to create on this piece of art. Seems like I have been bitten by the fairies right now. 

In fact I am working on one right now, had done her wings a light purple and when I went to get the paint to work on her hair and started painting I had picked up the wrong color, was going to use dark brown but purple seem to have won it's way.  So purple it is, the light in here in the afternoons is not the best.

Now I sketched her like the others during a baseball game watching our Texas Rangers play. I mean they have 162 games for a regular season so should get a lot of these gals sketched.

Here is how she started out.  I loved her and I wasn't sure how or what the background was going to be.  I was patient and just let it develop. 

I started with colored pencils and then went to the water color crayons and then thought why not some beads.  You know I like beads on most anything.   So the dragon flies and her head piece  got beads.  
I worked on her face and some water color paint got on her face so gesso to the rescue to save it. 

When I working on her hair I kept picking up the green pencils and finally gave in the used it so guess the green is the reflection of what is around her.  I am not sure if I am finished with her yet.

 Her face is not what I started with, but she is sweet none the less.  Maybe the other fairy will emerge in another painting.   We will see.
Thanks for looking and coming to see what is going on in my world today.