Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saying UNCLE !!!

Happy May, it is warm and the flowers are blooming and pretty. SOMEWHERE!!!!!
I am ready to call UNCLE to Mother Nature, the cold front is here again!!!!  AGAIN !!!! My goodness not only are we getting pelted but looks like the whole North and East part of the US is getting the same storm.  Now I don't know when they started naming the storms and giving they some clout but when they got to Zeus I thought is it over?   Oh no, now they started all over with the A's. 
We have taken plants out of the tropical hide a way and now put them back-sort of.  I know they feel like little vagabonds traveling back and forth.  But it is May.  Hubby said he can remember his parents saying they remembered having snow in May years ago.  
 There is a sweet little young Dove in the tree hanging on with all claws and her nest.  The last wind laden storm she lost her tiny eggs but we noticed a couple of days ago when it was a nice 91 ish there she was sitting on the nest.  This morning that sweet little thing is still hanging on.  I wonder if birds get sea sick?  the nest is in the thin limbed part of the tree and just flopping around like a fish out of water.  I just checked and I know her eyes area probably giant size by now with fear and thinking she is green at the gills from being flopped around so much.   I asked hubby is there anything we can do?  But I guess we have to let Mother Nature run it's course with them
Well Baseball is going on, and again I am doing art and sewing while watching.  I did this little gal the other night.  Just the sketch then ran her, well not her but the pic thru the copy machine and the printed her off on some watercolor type paper.  ( Finally getting smart about that )  So I have been playing the last couple of nights with pastel and colored pencils and came up with this.  This morning I added a little acrylic here and there and deemed her finished.   I am thinking I may not do any just head and shoulders for a while, maybe and now concentrate on them with bodies and up in trees and what fairies do.  Stretching my wings in fairy world I guess you would say.  I know everyone and their dogs do fairies but they are calling to me right now so I will actually listen.  MAYBE!!!

Here you go, they are beginning to all look alike so I figure that is my cue to start doing something else with them.  I do have to work larger though if I add bodies.  My eyes don't think will let me go smaller and with a body also. 

I did pass the eye test at the drivers license though so they should be hunkie dorie. 

Well thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.