Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Huck Fin and the Berry Fairy

Now I realize this is one odd title but trust me it all ties together.  The other day while visiting with my sweet Sister In Law we somehow got on the subject of pecans.   I know pecans --but trust me it will make sense.   She said she had a tree, I think one in the back yard that produced the pecans  but they were so tiny and not good for anything.  Now I wonder if a good all American squirrel thought about how large or small a nut is.  It is food-grub to them I would think.   Just a smorgasbord to them.  Can't you see the little squirrels gathering them up and just so excited and chattering amongst themselves-we have nuts!!!!

 Well I then told she and hubby about when we lived in Midland the first time we had two China Berry Trees in the front yard.  Now if you have ever met one of these things they are beautiful in leaves and shape and give lots of wonderful shade in the hot West Texas sun.    The trees  have one nasty side effect though------yep you guessed it, a little hard as a rock "berry"  not just a few but I think a million or so for each tree.

Well I was raking the little things up one day and some kids walked by  and we discussed the "berries" from the tree. I told them I bet they would be good to have wars with.  Sort of like the snowball fights you have when it snows.  Well by the time it was over I had them convinced it would be a blast and they ran home and got some sacks and came and picked up nearly everyone of them.  I did help them.  BUT   the china berries were gone-poof-disappeared.  

Hubby and sister in law and I all just laughed because I pulled a Huck Fin "trick" when he got everyone to paint his fence for him-I got the kids to pick up the china berries for me.   I bet they did have fun with their war.

After visiting on the phone I thought hummmmm this would be a wonderful inspiration for a fairy, being as I have been painting them lately. 

Now her color is a tad bright but here, but not in the reals and truels of life.  She is picking berries and wondering I would think- do I eat these and have a picinic or have war with the other fairies and gnomes ?  I got the pose idea from one of the catalogs you get in the mail but this I promise is not what the model was doing or even looked like this and had on something else.   BUT I sort of used the pose.  Can't see hubby posing for me while drawing this but he would if I asked him to.  He is indeed a good sport and supporter of my art. 

There you go how I got my inspiration for this flaming red haired fairy.   I have flat been on a roll with drawing them.  What are you doing with them you may or may not ask?  Well has been suggested maybe cards?  I don't know .
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.