Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dolls with Ady

Last year, oh my time does fly by doesn't it, I took a series of lessons or inspirations in Life Book 2012.  .   One was from Ady Almanza who lives in Germany.   She totally got me hooked on her Dolls.  Now these aren't the dolls of yester year when you make them have voices and pretend they are you baby dolls. 

 Oh I can remember years, yes years ago when I had this baby doll I bought with my own allowance of what maybe $2 saved up.  I ran to the store ( well mother drove me there and I ran in ) and purchased this rubbery baby doll.  She had painted molded hair and a diaper was her only clothing but I had fallen in love with her.   I had a little friend  who was my playing buddy ( I am not sure where we lived at the time ) and we made our outside house and rooms with cinder block and played all summer with the dolls and the pretend food out of mud, rocks and sticks.  We set up house under a big tree and just certainly kept ourselves occupied for hours at a time. 

This was one of the Dolls I drew and painted with acrylic.   Love those big eyes.    Well, Ady is doing some dolls now on her online classes, love those things.  You can go to class in your jammies and look like you could scare anyone if you saw them.  Anyway she is giving a class in pastels.  The first one is in black and white and I have signed up for it.   I am so rusty with my pastels so I just wanted to play.  

Here are some of my pastels and they are rusty from nearly 30 years of non use.  Thank goodness I didn't take some people's advise and sell them.  Nope under a bed safe and sound they lived and had two moves under their belts.   They are calling my name.  When I first pulled them out I was bored with doing a regular picture with them but now Ady has given me new blood to play with them.
Here are her dolls for the first class.  Love the hair, guess cause I was not blessed with hair like that.  Ya think? 
Her link is one the pic but also here it is
Hope to see you there in her class.
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