Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bird Fairy ready to protect

We saw Daisy's babies today.  Remember the birdie I took a pic of hanging on for dear life on the limb of a tree?  Today Hubby said come see the babies and I knew what he was talking about.  Their little heads popping out of the nest and not moving a muscle.  I didn't take pics yet they blend in perfectly with the nest and limb colors but promise will try and get them soon.  There were two of them.  So sweet and just starting out life and they seem to know so much when they are born don't they?  Built into them before born. 

 There are some mocking birds that have set up house in the pine trees we planted in the back.  The other day I saw Libby , the bigger fluffy fur baby , running as hard as she could to the house.  Now this is not new because I have seen her do this when we open the door and they know it is time to eat.  A Mocking bird was diving and swooping down and around and over that poor baby.  Terrified at her own shadow, remember we broke her out of the dog pound and really don't know her history, she had those ears back and eyes were big running fast.   Well the next day we say a little bird with our binoculars in one of the pine trees.  I guess Miss Jewel, our short legged personality plus fur baby, running as hard as she could.  Yep said momma bird was giving Jewel the once over also.  So we are now proud humans of baby Mocking birds and Doves.  Probably some other birds around here also.   in one tree we found three nests that had fallen to the ground in the front of the house.  Even had Libby hair in it.   There you go the scoop of the birds.

Now the other day when I wrote about Daisy I was wishing they had some kind of protector like a fairy or some little thing like that.  One of God's helpers.

So I got my pencils out and just made a fairy of the birds.   So with pastel pencils and Prisma colored pencils in hand I played while watching a baseball game.  Both are pretty good media to sit in a big comfy chair and play while watching our Texas Rangers hopefully win.   We were watching an NCIS L. A. and saw a background arch on it so Hubby stopped the programs for me and I sketched it quickly.  

Here you go my Bird Fairy, protector of our feathered friends.   Almost forgot to leave room for the wings and the blue on the right side is part of a chair I photo in, but other than that and a few swirls in acrylic she is done.   I think.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.