Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother Nature and Daisy

I thought you might like an update on Daisy, the Dove who rode thru the horrible wind storm protecting her nest.  Well I did get close enough with out scaring her, I hope, and the babies to get a quick pic of them.   She and babies sat still as can be.  Now I have wondered  what she tells them to be so still?   Most little birds when their Momma's are not or are close by are so noisy and wiggle around but not these two. Still as can be. 

So no more suspense for you -------  Here is Daisy and her two babies:

I hope you can see their little heads up front.   Maybe they were posing for me.  I was going to get a ladder but thought better of it.  I didn't want to give the Momma a heart attack me being to close. 
There you go I hope you enjoyed seeing her and will try and get some as they get larger.
Now you know I have discussed Mother Nature lately.    I am drawing my fairies at night and coloring on them also while watching our Texas Rangers play ball.   When I first sketched this next fairy I thought I may make just a young one and see where she goes.   Now Hubby says he can see them transform as I sit next to him in our comfy chairs.  I never know where they take me when I create them. 
I sketch them then this one I thought I would do the background differently than I have been doing.  So glue, aka Modge Podge and scissors and tearing I went to work.    Found some napkins  some of my friends sent me and used portions of those.  I bought some masking fluid the other day to help protect my drawings while I get background on and developing the whole art piece.  
I did the background and then didn't like her nose or lips in the latter part of the work and use some Gesso and  covered them up.   Thanks Gesso for covering what I don't like.  I then went to work on her.   Unfortunately I was trying some different paper I had, don't' use it again Annette for all I do to the paper it did not hold up well.   My girl looked like she had been in a knife fight so I had to use my noggin and figure out what to do for her.
I just kept playing and adding and drawing and this is what I came up with.  I do believe it is Mother Nature.  Or a fairy with a Revlon makeup ad of years ago but I like to think this is Mother Nature.  She is stern, strong  and does have a kind heart.   For some reason I made her a red head, I used ochre and purple and this is what I came up with.   I was afraid to work on her face to much more the poor paper was starting to ball up.  Maybe she would have leprosy by time  I finished with that.   A knife fight would have been bad enough.  Now this is why I put the heart on her cheek.  A knife fight wound. 
Here are the steps  I went thru to  finish off the piece.  She is older and wiser than the other fairies I have created.   I just had to do a close up of the knife wound and her heart.  Of course glitter had to be used somewhere. 
There you go what I created this last few days.  I have two others drawn but on good heavy watercolor paper and will see where they take me and which fairy appears.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.