Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daisy and the Tree Fairy

Here we go the start to another week.  No wind just sun and loving it.   What a treat for us all including Daisy.   Now I did comment on the wind going on the other day and a sweet momma dove hanging on for dear life.  My new cousin Juanita named her for me.  Daisy.  Today Daisy was facing another direction.  When we looked yesterday she was in the same direction of nest sitting and thought oh no is she dead after all the limb flopping going on?  Her head was held up high so we thought she is fine.  Today with body direction changed all is good in Dove Ville at the Graves home.   I think all will be well with her now.  The Daddy sits on top of the fireplace chimney and does his little song they do.  So peaceful sounding and probably comforting to Daisy.   Now she is on the North side of the tree, and it is sort of leaf bare so to speak being as the North side is getting so pelted lately.  Most of those leaves have been cleaned  up off of the patio. 

Here she is Daisy, big eyed and still and trying to hide from all predators.  She is a ways up and we really had to look to find the nest. 
Now I have been stretching my "wings" lately and thinking of an inspiration of a fairy doing what fairies do.  so "Daisy" was my inspiration.  Sitting in a tree on a sunny day looking over her domain. 
The tree fairy.  I am going to scan her, if I can get the scanner to work : ), then do an Art Nuevo border  around some or all of the piece,  then on another scan and printed of her do some collage type goodies on her.  Just playing but leaving the original piece safe and sound.  She does look more at ease than Daisy does I do have to comment on that.
This is done on the back of a defunk printed piece I did years ago, watercolor, well watercolor pencils and crayons is all I have of that media but work for me. So acrylic and pastel pencils and the colored pencils were used.   I have looked and a lot of fairies have butterfly type wings so wanted to do something a little different. She is a West Texas fairy after all.   
There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. I remember when we lived in Kerrville-I never saw so many doves in my life--their cooing in the spring could just about drive you crazy--it was non stop!! We have a few here, but nothing like in Texas.

  2. oh look at her protecting her babies.

  3. What a lovely shot of Daysy in the tree, she looks scared and alert, but I suppose that's the way birds should look . And she brought beautiful inspiration to you ,that tree fairy is beautiful and dreamy and very feminine. Have a nice and sunny day my friend, here we are back to the rain ! xx

    1. Hi it is funny where I get my inspirations isn't it? Oh send some our way we got 1/10 of an inch, enough to mess up windows and make us remember what the wet stuff smells like. xoxo

  4. Enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog filled with art, nature and enchantments. I shall return!


    Foxglove Hollow

    1. Thanks Lori for stopping by and seeing what makes me perk in life. Will come and visit you. xo


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