Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birds of a Feather at the Water Cooler or Stop and Smell the Roses

There are little sayings in the world which I know everyone has their favorites.  There is one about birds of a feather flock together.  Now I could almost guess that one is semi correct, I am known for not getting the sayings right.  BUT, I think this one is close enough.   Now you wonder what the little things visit about at a water cooler, or you may not have thought about it at all.    Maybe some idle chatter or wondering where they are going to fly when it really get cold.  You never know what the little feathered friends are chattering about.  Sometimes they are pretty noisy about it.

We have a little fountain at our back patio in a close area where we can view it all year.  Water trickles thru it most of the time.  Not that it is like Niagara Falls but the birds love it.  Being as my blog is decorated with little birds for Christmas  I just thought I would post them for you.

This little guy was the first to arrive, perhaps he is just looking for his friends and saying come on over it's good water.  Of course he had to flutter around and take a bath in it also.

Yea his friend came to visit, looks like a female came over to get a drink.   For some reason only two or three come at a time.  The others just waited their turn on the edge of the patio chair.  Really couldn't take their pics because if we moved ever so slightly off they would fly. 

We just had to keep taking pictures of them they were so cute.  We haven't seen them lately I suppose they got to cold and off they flew.  It is good to stop and smell the Roses and enjoy some free things in life.

This sweet little fairy has been part of our life for many years.  She just sits patiently waiting for the seasons to change.  Love her little face.

This is what the pretty Oak trees in our front yard looked this year.  They certainly out did themselves. 

 There you go what is going on in my world today.   I have a fun trip to share in a few days but didn't want to wear your eyes out.  Now off to go and do something else.   Thanks so much for stopping by and hugs to all.  xoxoxo


  1. Such sweet photos! I just love bird watching too,and try to attract them to my garden as much as possible. And that old oak tree is a stunning beauty. Wonderful how some of the most beautiful things in life are for free :-) xox

  2. What a cute little birds :-))
    Ciao,have a great week!

  3. Sweet story and cute little birds. Can't wait to hear about your little trip. Hugs!


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