Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Angel with Texas Hair

Well Ho Ho Ho to y'all.  You know Texas Hair is big or so they say, whoever they are.  The big and poofy hairdos?  Now I am not saying we all have hair like that nor do we carry six shooters and ride horses everywhere.  I guess we could if we wanted but our personal  steel stallion has about 405 or 406 horse power,  Now if you think about it you would get a big chuckle of us, I guess like the chariots, riding a metal thingie with 406 horses my goodness that would stir up a tad of dust.

I took a class off of Christy Tomlinson named She Art 2.  Now a sweet friend, gone to heaven now, had told me about this class so when part two came up I figured that was a sign to take it.  A lot of the techniques is what Zinnia on Roses on My Table taught us so it was like old home week for me.  OK enough babbling and wandering.  So where is she you ask? She a comin I promise.   I also took some close ups so you could see all the textures in it.  In the Artful Gathering that Zinnia taught a class in and ramrodded she taught us about lace and textures so I think these gals are all so talented and just share all they know to us. 

Canvas was suppose to be the base of this but I didn't have one so some hard board was the next best thing.  Use what ya got.  Right?  So here in the next few pics are some close ups with the textures, glitters and just stuff.  

There you go, now that is some texture isn't it?  I cut up, gasp, some old Christmas cards and just used pieces of them for the skirt.  I believe Christy said her husband thought of that.  This is just a fun thing to do and certainly won't shake the world but thought you might like a bit of whimsy for today.

Thanks for popping in to see what was going on in my world today.  Wait til you see what Zinnia has cooked up for us this time.  I will be getting back to my painting soon.  A new computer makes things actually flow like it is suppose to.  It is not like a battle royal every time you turn it on.   Course I can't complain it was over 8 years old. 

Thanks again and see you next time xoxox


  1. Hey Sweets! Found you too, hehe! LOVE your SheArt girl! I took that class tooooo!!! Christy is good isn't she? She packs a lot into a class. I actually found and old briefcase at the Goodwill the other day for $5 and figure after Christmas I'll take a shot at altering that!

    You're girl is BEAUTIFUL!! I'm not surprised though ; ) See that silver greenery stuff you have? What do you call that?! I've been looking all over for that stuff! They use a lot of it in the 12 Days of Whimsy on Sugar Lump Studios. Are you doing that? Maybe, I should kept my mouth shut, lol! Every day for 12 days their blog has a new Christmas project. Some really cool stuff! I've done 2 of them. Well, OK, this is kinda long for a blog response isn't it, lol!

    Please keep an eye on my blog, will have some good stuff coming out next week. Make another post and put your blog URL in it!


    Just like that, lol! Texas sized Hugs!!

  2. So glad to see the close ups--some yummy texture here!!

  3. What a delightful blog! Love your new piece. The angel is beautiful just like you:)

  4. Is that ever cute! Be sure to scan it in and use it for your Holiday Cards.

  5. Wow Annette you are so creative , and so funny :-) Must have been real fun to think all this up, beautiful Texas angel! Didn't know you were having big hair there :-) But it's true when I hear the word Texas, I get a lot of associations, mostly about horses and guns :-) But I suppose it is the same everywhere... what comes to your mind when you think of Italy? Or Denmark? Big hug!


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