Saturday, November 19, 2011

Geometry ? Who would have thought ?

In High School Geometry I remember doing some wonderful designs with the compass.  Now truthfully I don't remember another thing about geometry except the designs.  If you would  have told me that I was making Mandalas I would have said what ? No way.  I wouldn't even have know what one was then.   To me it was making pretty designs and not having to mess with numbers and formulas.

 I am taking a FREE class over at Willowing and friends.  The class is led by Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal, a very talented lady and artist.  She is offering the class on Mandalas and teaching it so well.  She furnished a template for week one but me not reading instructions very well just made my own on watercolor paper.  I first used, probably an antique compass and on my trusty watercolor tablet started creating per her instructions.  Such a peaceful art I thought.   I then used my watercolor pencils and watercolor crayons and just played and played.   I thought it needed some bling so added some tangles to it and it is finished.   My first drawn Mandala.  Earlier in the blog I had done one with a paper painting, where I painted the paper and then tore it up and made the design.   This art way just has a different feeling to it.

Here you go, it just kind of evolved to this. I didn't start out with anything in mind, in fact what I first drew was nothing like what I finished with.  funny how that happens, guess our Muse just takes over.

I also have been getting back to sketching.  I know all these goodies I have been doing are going to meld together and something will come out of this.    I do have to stray a tad here--- melding.  Now when I think of that word I think of Spock in Star Trek mind melding with someone.  OK, just a short subject stray here for me.    

I used a mechanical pencil, never really used one before but now it is my most favorite pencil.  It has been years since I have sat down to draw faces so still a bit rusty, but of course the fairies had to pop in there. 

So there you go my sketching and coloring.  Just some peaceful art play.     Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   xoxo


  1. Annette, your Mandala is spectacular! Beautiful and so creative, must have been real fun and mind absorbing to do.
    And what took you so long? :-) Your sketches are so great with a wonderful sweetness to them, something I think you should keep up.
    Wish you a great trip to visit the family. And I forgot to mention, but the Christmas screen of your blog is just lovely, puts us in the mood! BIG hug!

  2. Great to see your sketches Annette and loving your Mandella. x

  3. Beautiful sketches. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. We're off to D.C. to see our son.

  4. Gorgeous mandala Annette and as usual u made it your own , sketches are great too and love the little birdies im seeing so cute , but Christmas omg lol

    hugz bev

  5. I love mandalas, this one is simply perfect! Congrats :-) The faces are very good too! I love those looks in their faces.

    I send you a very big hug, thanks for your always nice comments at my blog :-)

  6. your drawings are very good, Annette : )


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