Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who Names These Anyway?

You know it is funny the names "things" come up with.  You wonder who names them and how do they come up with the names?   There is a poem or saying that says a Rose by any other name would still be a Rose.  Now I could get carried away with this, but for the sake of Christmas I will not.   Maybe. 

I am on a cooking roll, that time of year where you hips say no and you mouth say YES !!!! I do  hope you don't get tired of looking at some of them. 

These treasures are called New Zealand Holly Cookies, so that made me wonder do they really eat these in New Zealand?  Are they a tradition and Santa won't come see you if you don't make them?    It takes a while to make them, so I only make at Christmas and only if I have time and not mess around with anything else that day.   You make a sugar cookie kind of concoction and gotta have tops and bottoms, then jam between the layers , then frost and top with Red Hots and then the fun part ----- paint the holly with a little brush.   Oh I know it is a job and doesn't make many but they are good.  The crunchy cookies soften to wonderful goodness with the jam in the middle. Well you are suppose to use raspberry jam but Eldon likes strawberry and I had a little of that and a lot of Apricot jam so a combo of all.  No not all flavors on one cookie but each 1/2 teaspoon of jam on each cookie.  

So I had to show them to you they are so pretty.  I put them on a plate I had china painted years and I mean years ago.   I had hoped to do a whole set but by the time I finished 12 plates I thought hooey with that. 

There they are, now it makes more that this but I didn't want you to have Holly overload. 
Now if you want the recipe just tell me and I will post here somewhere. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what going on in Annette's World today.  xoxox


  1. Mmmmh, yum yum !! They look so delicious!! :-D And so artistic!! I'm hungry now, haha. Thanks for sharing and for your nice comments, dear!

  2. Annette they look delicious! 10 seconds on your lips and 10 years ( ?) on your hips...terrible it has to be that way!! Today I wanted to bake some typical Danish christmas cookies, but just like you, I need to have nothing else to do, they do take some time , and there were too many other christmas things to do, so in the very next days ..a must do! Tradition is tradition :-))
    And if it isn't too much to ask , I would love the recipe for your yummy cookies. xox

  3. These look so good!! And when might i expect my cookies???? LOL

  4. thanks Ana come over any time.

    Jane, I have the recipe on the blog now for you and anyone else who wants it.

    Janet, they are in the mail, or the postman may eat them first.

    Thanks for commenting you know how we love them. xo

  5. Hi Annette! Those cookies look soooo yummy!! I may have to try a batch myself! Thank you so much for coming over for a visit and leaving your sweet comment. Have a lovely week and a very merry Christmas!


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