Monday, December 12, 2011

10 Seconds on the Lips and 10 Years on the Hips

I just love that saying.  10 seconds on the lips and 10 years on the hips.    I believe my friend Jane from Italy said that one.  I actually know who one of the "they" are.   A very talented  artist  also I might add.   It doesn't seem fair that things that are good are either fattening and or not good for you.   Now they have all the good food groups but guess the way they are put together is what makes it bad for you.   Kind of like Chocolate cake,  eggs and milk are certainly good for you but when thrown into a CAKE, it  seems like it turns on you.

OK enough of the rationalization of goodies.   Here is another one that I am not crazy about making and are a time consumer but oh my they are good.  Yes you can buy them ready made but just not the same I am thinking. 

Now candy making and baking is definitely an art, just like cooking and the kind of art that gets the fingers messy with paint and glue.   I love love love to do candy creating and baking but there comes a time, sadly that your body just can't handle a lot of it.  So just enjoy looking at it and no calories will fly off the screen and hook itself to you.  I do firmly believe though that when you lose weight the same little innocent pounds just hover around you like a little cloud and if you let your guard down-poof it attaches itself back on you.  I am not a scientist but do think in my heart that is what happens.

So what is on the agenda for today you ask?   Millionaires.  A good little combination of pecans, chocolate and carmels.  Now that is Eldon's job to unwrap the carmels.  I don't count how many is in the package so not sure if some sneak into his mouth while doing that job for me. 

The shine on them is the combination of melted chocolate chips, shortening and paraffin.  Yes paraffin the kind you can melt and put on top of homemade jelly to seal it.  Don't put to much of the parrafin  in the melting bowl and it will bind the chocolate perfectly. 

I just had to share what the inside looks like.  See no calories at all.  Sorry Santa had to tell a little story there. 

There you go, when it is cold or ugly outside I like to cook and this is my tidbit for today.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today .   xoxoxox


  1. My goodness Annette, one delicatesse after the other, this one looks so tempting , too! But as you say, unfortunately a time comes when the pounds just sneak up on you and you have to show great resistance :-) I love the idea of the lost pounds flowing all around you...just waiting for a week moment :-)) xoxo

  2. oh my also love the name of these lol now are these easy if so receipe please lol and even though we always say it would be good to be neighbours , now im thinkin thats not a good idea lol my hips are out of control.....

  3. No problem!!!
    I will send you my cyber hoovercraft to fill....

  4. Thanks for the receipt now to make or not to make as the bard would say lol


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