Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December for Green Paper

OK I am on a roll,  well sort of.   Mary Green has a monthly contest if you will.  We take her furnished images and play with them and then post on her blog.   It is just a fun thing to do and sometimes my muse works overtime and other times it is there and makes me do it myself.   I personally think Muses are little fairies that just play with you.

So we were furnished a little calling card with a hand and roses, a black and white Victorian lady and a world map.  This is my rendition of it.  I also used a stencil with words and keys, printed up the card a couple of times for the hat and bottom of the bodice and some fun feathers I have been anxious to use.  I wanted to play on the idea that she was a traveler or a dreamer of traveling and I think they gussied up.

Where is this smashing lady you ask?   Ready for a grand entrance?  

Taa Daa here she is.

I just had to add some color to the little thing and make her some hair.   I don't have a clue how they could wear those giant hats but they were tough.   

That is what is going on in my world today.  Thanks for stopping by.   xoxo


  1. How fun! Your hats comment is right - must have been heavy.

  2. Love this interpretation! Eyelashes, blush, fancy-schmancy stuff. What a fun collage!

  3. Oh wow this is some kind of a lady! Must have been so much fun to do, you really have been using your creativity here. It must have been quite uncomfortable to dress like a lady those days..just passing through a doorway can't have been easy...:-))

  4. Terrific collage Annette, love it. x

  5. Love the lace look, your image is great!


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