Monday, December 19, 2011

The Princess Package

It is funny how things are changed or re purposed or morphed into something else.  Now I am not talking about the beautiful butterflies that go from a caterpillar into something graceful and light as the wind or how a little black seed turns into a fragrant flower.   It is hard to imagine how all that comes about, at least to me it is.  I know it is suppose to in God's plan of life and I certainly believe in the miracles of God.  It is still a beauty to behold though. 

   I guess how I reuse "things" now is morphing into something beautiful.   We use to call it make do but now it is called recycled.  So what ever it is I am doing some of it now.   One time sweet grandson called me a trash digger with his winning  smile and I just smiled back and said yes I guess that is my new occupation now.   Eldon even puts things by the trash to make sure it is trash or one of my treasures that I must play with. It certainly makes me think of what can I do with this?  

Day before yesterday my friend, Alexis, first texted me and asked was I up and home and then called me and she had found a beautiful site on the Internet.   On the site of Bluepurpleand she had found something to do with old newspapers.  Well I certainly have lots those little critters, they are like rabbits and coat hangers they just multiply like crazy.  We recycle them like good little troupers but still have an abundance of them.  My package flowers are not exactly like demonstrated and I added some pearls and some lace but certainly was a great inspiration for me. 

So wanting to make something pretty for the Princess, I made the package of all packages.  It is truly Princess worthy. 

I first dyed the paper with food coloring but the color wasn't deep enough on the pink/red so I used some of my old photography dyes and mixed with a little water I was a newspaper  dying mad woman.  I was spraying ink and water everywhere.   It took longest for the paper to dry.  I then tore it up in strips and made "roses", now I use that term loosley because I just kind of rolled and wadded them up and thank goodness for glitter, it hides all sins.

So here you go the Princess Package.  

A closeup of some of the newspaper tearing, I guess I liked it because it is  just tearing paper and I can do that like a pro.

The "Roses", I think I need to go to you tube and study a bit but certainly enjoyed doing this and with my trusty stapler, I got it done, well and my B6000 glue.

One more view, I used some of burlap for the base of it and pulled out some of the strings for a little interest. 

Here you go the finished Princess Package, afterwards I thought should have made it Christmas looking but guess the glitter will have to work double time on this one.

Thanks for stopping in and seeing what is going on in my world today.  We even got maybe 1/2 of an inch of rain.  Yea rain.     xoxoxoxo


  1. Annette--the package is just gorgeous--wow, I am impressed with what you have done with newspapers!!

  2. Beautiful work and so clever my friend. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, xx

  3. Lovely package and a lovely story. Busy little fingers, I'd say. Hope you have a lovely holiday. Hugs

  4. Hey, maybe I'll send u my christmas gifts to wrap up this year!! I am boring, wrapping paper from walmart and a stick on tag. :) This year my kids picked the wrapping paper, and go figure, it's Christmas Lightening McQueen paper!! :)

  5. I love this recycling spirit of certainly know how to make good out of ordinary. Beautifully done Annette. xoxoxo

  6. How lovely! The packaging is a gift in itself.


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