Monday, December 5, 2011

A New Tradition?

Sometimes, when life changes things, you might have to cultivate the old traditions and then make new traditions.  Our precious Granddaughter suggested this to be a new tradition.  Even after walking a ways to our car.
After the Amityville Thanksgiving 2010 we thought we needed a treat, so a treat we did do. 

Now I know some about football and especially when Grandson played in high school and before that.  To me they wear colorful costumes and just run about chasing the ball and listen to lots of crowd noise.
Never in a thousand years did imagine this treat would be such a production.  Not one second was dull, not one. I thought hey Annette, you can do this again with Hubby, wonderful grands and 100,000 other people.  At least I didn't have to cook for them.  Just think of all the dishes.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo a picture is worth a thousand words so here goes.  Now I didn't take tons of them but I think you will get the idea of the production and grandure of it all.

Here you go the surprise.   it was certainly an awesome stadium and I think this TV screen may even be bigger than our TV at home. 

Here are the loves of my life.  I just had to get up high enough so you can see the whole shooting match.  We were in nose bleed section but the view was spectacular.   Now Allex is holding her new Dallas Cowboy T-Shirt almost ready to be a good fan with it on.  

Close up of my favorite people. 

the opening ceremonies are just as spectacular as the stadium.  Makes you proud to see our flag and the service men holding it. 

Now this is an entrance.  I can't remember but don't think they did this when we got to the stadium. 

You could watch the field and then see close ups of coaches, players and the Cheerleaders of course.  Oh the game also.  That is why we came isn't it?  Whew almost forgo there for a second. 

The half time show, now what can I say that would top all that we have seen this day.  It was presented by The Salvation Army.   We saw people rolling out all these metal things and thought what are they doing?  Well in about 7 minutes they put this stage together.   I kid you not.   When they announced who the concert artist was Allex and I looked at each other and grined real big and said OHHHHHHH.  Well Eldon and Addison weren't near as impressed as we were.  But they probably enjoyed the Cheerleaders more that we did so was a good trade off.

Here it is the 7 minute stage, had fire and all coming out.  They let the fans in and the ran to the stage.  Had we have known what to do ahead of time Allex could have been down there.   Hopefully next year we can get her there, wonder who they will have next year?

                       Just had to do a close up of him.  Oh and he can sing also

There you go, just had to share with you.  Some people call this Jerry's Place or World but I think it is still a woderful place for the Dallas Cowboys.  Oh did I mention they won at the very last 3 seconds?   I won't mention the game of December 11th. 

Thanks for coming by and seeing what is going on in my world today. xoxoxox 


  1. Sounds like lots of fun Annette! Now the Christmas holidays are upon us, more fun! Thanks for stopping by, hope you can come by Lulu's Lovlies too! See ya at Roses! Marilou

  2. Wow what a great experience this must be, a fantastic show even before the main event starts, and you are such a great 'story teller', you always make me chuckle :-) xox

  3. What a treat and a great new tradition. Great pics from being so far up--you did good! How fun!(We used to Viking's season tickets--is it any wonder we gave them up?)


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