Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Snow

Well Ho Ho Ho to you all.    Christmas day came and went so quickly.  All the preparation  I do believe is half the fun with the baking and decorating and all the excitement in the air.  Sometimes you get an unexpected surprise though.  Something you know might happen but not really really expecting it.      You might even call it a RAK .   I use to know what that meant but now I know it is a Random Act of Kindness.   We try to do this during the whole year just not at Christmas time, making it a way of our lives.  Doing special little things for people even if it is just a tiny something and to total strangers.   I am doing that everytime we go out and one day I will tell you about that.  It is fun and DH just grins when I do it.  

Christmas eve we went to bed and knowing that Santa probably would not come and expect us to help put toys together because he would have a lot more stops along the way.  I know each and everyone of you have probably had to help Santa.   During the night I got up to see if it had snowed.   Nope no snow and I wondered if the weather man missed it, I know they are human and Mother Nature is hard to predict, I guess like a woman.  

Christmas morning came and when I got up DH had just opened the blinds and when I walked in he said Merry Christmas.  What a beautiful site with the Christmas snow.  God and Mother Nature had given us a RAK.   We are here in the panhandle/West Texas part of our world and don't get a lot of snow but here it was several inches.  Nothing to stop this part of the world but the snow was beautiful.   Hearing the crunching on it when you walk on it and the quietness of the fresh cleaned world.  It just seems to clean it all at one time. 

This was the site I saw when I first got up and it was still snowing. 

The site out our front door, now it did snow at Christmas time a few years ago but the news and paper did say it rarely does here.  We have been in this house 4 years now and we have had two white Christmases.  I think that is good odds. 
One of the two concrete little people we have at the front door.  One this cute little boy and  another a little girl. To remind us of the sweet grands we have.  Well and to hold the rug down when the winds get up to their casual 60 plus miles an hour.  Usually it is 15 to 20 miles an hour and we are use to that. 

DH sweeping off the back rug so the fur babies have a dry place to walk on when they first go out.  Now remember they are outside dogs except when it really cold or hot, when the wind blows, when it is snowing or raining or they are just looking cute.  But they are outside dogs, remember that.   They do have their "tropical" hideaway with heaters, baby monitor, smoke alarms and plants and their 6 inch foam beds.   It is really pretty back there. 

Just a pretty view of one of our windows from inside to out.  We do decorate some outside but not like we use to.  
Well the year is coming to an end, seems like yesterday I just said that about 2012.  I have been doing some art work and some Crazy Quilting.  That stuff just gets in your blood and love doing it and collecting the pretties that you can play with when doing CQ.
All of y'all have a safe New Years Eve.  Did you know that the new year comes in even if you are asleep?   Surprising isn't it? 
Hope all have a wonderful 2013 and will be back to posting whatever is happening in my world.  Thanks for stopping by and create something pretty.



  1. A beautiful post Annette- just like yourself! Happy New Year to you and DH! xoxo
    ps On Wednesday,we got at least 12" and it hasn't stopped yet!

  2. wow Annette such an amazing post. And although the snow is beautiful, I do not envy the shoveling.

  3. Good shots!
    Belle foto,tanti auguri di buon anno!
    Un abbraccio!

  4. My favorite photo is the "concrete person"!! Lovely snow in Texas!! Happy 2013 my friend!

  5. Beautiful pictures!
    Happy New Year Annette:)
    Hugs, Heidi:)

  6. Oh, I can hear your excitement about the snow my friend, like a little girl who got a lovely Christmas present :-) It does look really lovely ,beautiful photos, and Christmas is just better when it snows.... well I guess Bing Crosby said that first. Wish you a wonderful 2013 , too ! XOXO


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