Sunday, December 2, 2012

Abby with lines

I was thinking today that y'all might like to see Miz Abby with the lines drawn on her face.  Some points to look at.   Now my printer got carried away as printers are know for at times.  The white lines?   Just pretend they are not there.  I drew some lines with my trusty 6 inch ruler that I got in a little art box many many years ago.  It is green and plastic, not that matters but just wanted to give it a little credit for helping me.   I do not draw lines on my faces like this but just have the reference points.  

Here you go Miz Abby with lines.  Notice the horizontal line from the bottom of her left eye( facing you) and how far down it is under her right eye.   I did the angle lines just to show the tilt of the her head.    The edge of her mouth is close to the outside edge of her eye.  Just little things like this is what I look for.    Just thought this might help also.  The white lines are the computer printers addition, guess it wanted to get into the act also.  
Thanks for coming to my world today and seeing what is going on.  Happy sketching


  1. Abby is so funny and bright. I love her character. I could never follow this instructions Annette!!!! I have a hard time following recipes :P hahahaha

  2. Thanks so much Annette! It is so sweet of you to share this information! Right or wrong your way works because your portraits are just awesome!! Love ya sweetie!

  3. Thanks Annette--I added it to my "Drawing with Annette" page.


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